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Reviews for: Blood Forgiven
Review(s): 8

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2007-08-26
Reviewid: 149022Chapter: 1
I liket he strength you give Andromeda and that she doesn't easily forgive her sister, but in the end she differentiates herself from Bella. I also like that you let Narcissa swallow her pride to take the harsh words her sister had for her--probably because she knows she deserves them. I'd like to see another vignette with them by you!

Reviewer: BeakerDate: 2007-08-11
Reviewid: 148799Chapter: 1
Very nicely drawn. Narcissa would be cast adrift somewhat, wouldn't she? In spite of what Andromeda correctly points out, that the Malfoys are well-connected and will come out on top again, Narcissa will never be the same, because what she truly loves, other than Draco, are her status and wealth. Those are completely lost to her no matter if or when Lucius ever comes out of prison. She's certainly lost whatever company she had, in the form of "friends" who were interested in the status she could lend them. So where else would she turn? Blood will call to blood...

Yes, I can believe that Andromeda would forgive. Clearly, she is a strong and self-confident person who looks ahead, not back, most of the time. But I think it would take a bit longer for this much forgiveness to blossom, even for someone like Andromeda. But the line "You'd best come in before I change my mind" does address this concern, to some extent. Maybe Andromeda knows she'll give in, in the end, so why not now?

Thanks for sharing this!

Reviewer: StarseaDate: 2007-08-11
Reviewid: 148798Chapter: 1
Arya, I love your Andromeda. It's interesting to see Narcissa, who's so strong in the series, become the little sister once again when confronted with this strong and powerful woman. She knows that her excuses are pathetic and she expects nothing. I love that Andromeda invites her in anyway, because she is better than Bellatrix.



Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2007-08-09
Reviewid: 148781Chapter: 1
Seems to me that Cissy's "pretty little head" is already wet, mostly via leakage from the holes in her head she sees with. :-}

But yes, this was quite moving.

I agree with you, in that I think that Andromeda must have had rather greater strength of character than her sisters -- and though the time described in the story isn't the right setting for it to show up, I can't help but think that she & Sirius may well have shared not only a willingmess to rebel, but possibly a certain tendency toward mischief. Besides, raising her daughter must have given her some rather ... different ... experiences from the usual.

And I suspect that to the extent they allow it, she and Harry will have quite a bit of shared grief -- as well as stories to tell one another that may help provide some comfort.

And while Molly may well be Harry's surroagte mother, she's never had occasion to show him how to handle an infant. Although it's been a while for Amdromeda, I expect that she'll help quite a bit as Harry learns how to be a godfather for Teddy.

Well done.

Reviewer: birdsongDate: 2007-08-08
Reviewid: 148770Chapter: 1
Ah, the strength of family! You did a very good job of describing what life might be like for Cissy, of how she'd have no one who would associate with her. A good story!

Reviewer: RhetorDate: 2007-08-07
Reviewid: 148758Chapter: 1
Very nice indeed. Our takes on the Andromeda-Narcissa dyad are different in some ways, but I'm struck by the similarities.

What you caught that I didn't was the older-younger sister dynamic between the two. I knew that Andromeda must be the oldest (despite what the "Black Family Tree" says -- JKR is hopeless at arithmetic), and I knew that her relationship with her sisters must have involved a quasi-caretaker role when they were young, but I wasn't able to fit it in. You captured it really beautifully.

Your Andromeda is a bit more forgiving than mine, but you've absolutely justified it by means of her comparison to Bellatrix.

Very beautiful work. And thank you for your kind review of my Andromeda story.


Reviewer: AshendenDate: 2007-08-07
Reviewid: 148755Chapter: 1
Nicely handled. I'd wondered how Andromeda could possible forgive Narcissa after losing her family. But you've done a good job with this delicate relationship.

Reviewer: AirriDate: 2007-08-07
Reviewid: 148733Chapter: 1

I know this isn't a constructive response at all. But still. Aww!

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