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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Interlude
Review(s): 77

Reviewer: HedwigDate: 2009-02-10
Reviewid: 151396Chapter: 1

Reviewer: HedwigDate: 2009-02-10
Reviewid: 151395Chapter: 1
there are more chapters here. but not finished. :(

Reviewer: hedwig08Date: 2008-12-30
Reviewid: 151300Chapter: 5
This story is much to good to not see it through and finish it. What more can I say to get you to continue to write this story??

Reviewer: hedwig08Date: 2008-12-29
Reviewid: 151298Chapter: 7
Please please please please please keep writing this fanfic!!!! I don't know how else to implore you, as you have not updated this in almost a year. Oh my goodness please finish this story, and make it lengthy!!

Reviewer: hedwigDate: 2008-08-05
Reviewid: 150925Chapter: 1
Oh, not only is your latest chapter gone but also my review. There seem to have been some database errors.
I only wanted to let you know that there were reviews for your story in case you haven't seen it before the database error.

Reviewer: whizbeeDate: 2008-06-09
Reviewid: 150902Chapter: 1
I hope you're planning on resurrecting this story--it's too good to let fall by the wayside!

Reviewer: Silver PhoenixDate: 2008-06-01
Reviewid: 150878Chapter: 7
Haven't abandoned the story; just took an extended holiday! A new chapter will be up shortly!

Reviewer: HedwigDate: 2008-05-21
Reviewid: 150861Chapter: 1
I hope you haven't abandoned the story? :-(

Reviewer: TaraLuDate: 2008-04-18
Reviewid: 150793Chapter: 1
i just finished what you have so far, and I am really enjoying it. I like that you are not just getting into Harry's head, but ron's and Hermione's as well.

I can't wait to read the rest!

Reviewer: hossDate: 2008-03-23
Reviewid: 150645Chapter: 2
Great start. The Prologue brilliant and the first set a proper feel for the story. Thanks

Reviewer: StarseaDate: 2008-03-22
Reviewid: 150642Chapter: 4
And another great vision of what Hermione would have to face post-DH: namely, her parents and the consequences of her memory charm. I don't wonder they're mistrustful of magic. Grandma Jean is also a great character (and good justification for the middle name!). I'm sorry, but I have to brit pick: there's no way Hermione would ever say "fall", we say "autumn" over here.

I'm curious: what's a diorama?


Reviewer: StarseaDate: 2008-03-22
Reviewid: 150641Chapter: 3
Man, it really sucks to be Ron, doesn't it? A perfect description of his day and his life post-DH. Feels like I was really there. But how could you leave him like that?!


Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2008-03-05
Reviewid: 150596Chapter: 7
So delighted to finally read another chapter.

I am convinced that no other post-DH story of this quality is being written. Always a pleasure to read, always insteresting. Thanks.

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2008-03-01
Reviewid: 150581Chapter: 7
[The clouds overhead were black and plump with rain. The sky was a miserable grey, and the air felt stiflingly muggy. Large, warm raindrops splattered]

That's a really great image of a summer thunderstorm. So many times when people write thunderstorms, they forget that storms differ by season.

*snert* I love that Hermione knows about Ron's book on charming witches. Ha! And I think Hermione's dad could have used that book after he tells his wife that he didn't tell his mother that the two of them had been dating for a year! Ha!

Wow, that must have been really hard for Hermione to hear, but I do love stories like this that explore the tensions between Hermione's Muggle world and her wizard world. I also like that the Grangers brought up the holidays that Hermione has missed with them--that's always bothered me a bit that this issue was never addressed in canon.

Great story! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: HedwigDate: 2008-02-24
Reviewid: 150557Chapter: 7
Oh, I am intrigued.

Just started to read your story and I was very interesting from the beginning to find out what the deal was with the grandmother. She must be somehow connected to the magical world. (If only otherwise she had a huge role in this story which I can't otherwise explain yet).

Very well written and I am looking forward to the next chapter!

Reviewer: GufaDate: 2008-02-23
Reviewid: 150545Chapter: 7
Yay! I'm glad to see another chapter. I like seeing Hermione's point of view...and her parents. I like the way you show how hard it must be, not understanding her but still loving her. ANd Grandma Jean adds spice to it all.
Keep up the good work! :)
Oh - and I love Ron's letter. So...Ronnish!

Reviewer: birdsongDate: 2008-02-22
Reviewid: 150544Chapter: 1
In your Prologue, the descriptions of the clothing was hilarious! How did you come up with this? a kilt over overalls? an inside-out, wrinkled, green blouse? Just too funny! You did a great job of describing bits of the newspaper that Mildred saw and her reactions. Then you topped it off by Mildred believing that they had been stringing her along. Just great!

Reviewer: BarbDate: 2008-02-18
Reviewid: 150533Chapter: 6
Hey there, you just got yourself a new reader! Just to let you know, I just finished reading Bury the Hatchet and Perfect World (I do love to procrastinate...). However, when I got to the end of Perfect World, I realised you hadn't updated in 3 years, which pretty much means that fic is dead. I probably will go eventually and read the rest of it on, but before I do that I wanted to know if you will eventually consider finishing it here? As for this story, I absolutely love it and I'm really eager to continue reading. (I promise I will give you more specific reviews from now on, it's just that it's been a while I read this chapter, and I just finished your last chapter of Perfect World on SQ, so I don't remember exactly what happened here up to now.) So keep on going, your writing is very good and I'm really eager to read more!

Reviewer: Vega BlackDate: 2008-01-25
Reviewid: 150453Chapter: 6
I liked the chess game between Ron and Neville. It was a relaxed moment, in character for both and allowed you to naturaly introduce their conversation. I liked Ron's admiration of Hermione during the game. You did a good job giving the right sort of Job to Neville. People so often can't seem to come up with a vision for future employment in Herbology. I also liked that Neville is taking his Newts in the fall.

The talk between Hermione and Ron about his plans was very affective. His confusion about his future was understandable. Her feelings on the subject were as expected. I like what you have done with the characters.

The writing reads smoothly. Their are no dumps of information. You have a clear and disciplined way of introducing ideas, facts and plot points.

Reviewer: Ylime101Date: 2008-01-18
Reviewid: 150418Chapter: 6

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2008-01-16
Reviewid: 150410Chapter: 2
[“Hang on. They gave you this stuff for free?” Ron interrupted, looking over the basket appreciatively.]

*snert* I love that even after all he's been through and all he's seen, Ron is such a typical teenage boy and gets excited about free food.

The descriptions of life and grief in this chapter are especially moving. The Weasley's mourning feels so real, I got teary eyed.

I loved the details about Hermione's parents and their memory loss. Those little details just make the wizarding world and the rules about magic seem so real and grounded.

[Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw Hermione pointedly slide her chair closer to Ron.]

*snert* I never would have thought of Lavender for a barmaid...but I can see how it would fit.

Loved the glimpse of a magical realor and magical real estate (windows that keep changing position--ha!)

Wow, the end of the chapter is a real heartbreaker. You capture the sense of moving from childhood to adulthood and the aftermath of tragedy so well. It's somber and serious without being sentimental. Beautiful, just beautiful!

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2008-01-16
Reviewid: 150409Chapter: 1
Great description of Mildred! I love how you paint the picture of her--just enough detail so that she's vivid, but you dole it out in little petite four bites so we're not overwhelmed with detail.
Delightful chapter--I just love reading stories where the wizarding world and the Muggle word collide. Even though you're writing about JKR's universe, your voice comes across as very fresh and the story feels very modern. Looking forward to more chapters!

Reviewer: Vega BlackDate: 2008-01-07
Reviewid: 150349Chapter: 1
The chapter is smoothly written. The characters are well executed and the plot is well executed. Ron's character in particular is very well drawn. When will he and Hermione start to make some frank commitments?

Reviewer: neanaDate: 2008-01-07
Reviewid: 150342Chapter: 6
I'm so glad you're continuing this :) I loved every single line of this chapter. Fantastic stuff, and sooo in character as usual. Can't wait for more!

Reviewer: Silver PhoenixDate: 2008-01-07
Reviewid: 150341Chapter: 1
Thanks to those of you who have pointed out a few inconsistencies with canon! I am going to remedy these for later versions of the story.

Also, thanks to everyone who has continued to read and review!

Silver Phoenix

Reviewer: SassetteDate: 2008-01-06
Reviewid: 150335Chapter: 6
Great progression, really like how the story is coming together! Two small points. First, Ron would be 18 by now, if this is Harry's 18th b-day, Ron's birthday is in March, he turned 17 during HBP, 18 right before the Battle of Hogwarts. Second, I believe you meant that Hermione had the practical examination of the Boggart during their 3rd year, which was Prof. Luppin with the Boggart. Thought I would point out the little things, but really, can't point out how much I am liking this story overall. The whole idea of the transition between the battle and finding their happiness 19 years later is so interesting. Great job!

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2008-01-05
Reviewid: 150325Chapter: 6
I'm so thrilled to see this chapter!!

Small note: Ron would be eighteen, not seventeen, wouldn't he?

Reviewer: whizbeeDate: 2008-01-05
Reviewid: 150324Chapter: 6
Yay, another chapter! I've said this before but your chapters follow so logically from what happened in the books and with the interview canon that it's amazing.

I really, really loved your Ron, Hermione interactions; they way they accidentally-on purpose brushed hands (I will admit though, when Ron asked her for a walk, I was going--KISS! KISS!!!), and I thought you handled the going back to Hogwarts issue really gracefully--both their reactions really rang true for me.

Unrelated, I'm very curious to see what you're going to do with Hugh and Hermione's grandma. Hugh especially, since he keeps turning up at random. I'm becoming fond of both of those characters; Hugh's adorable and Granny Granger's hilarious. I'm also curious/apprehensive about the whole attack on Ron thing and where that's leading. Seems the trio can't get any peace, huh?

Well done!

Reviewer: rodiDate: 2007-12-30
Reviewid: 150278Chapter: 5
i really love it.please go on.can't wait

Reviewer: moggieDate: 2007-12-22
Reviewid: 150192Chapter: 4
Thanks once more just a few brit picks :)

"drawing on the sidewalk" : "drawing on the pavement"
"I’m going back in the fall,” " I’m going back in the autumn"
"They walked for several blocks " : " They walked for a while " ( we really don't have blocks )

Reviewer: smokeyDate: 2007-12-22
Reviewid: 150189Chapter: 5
great story
I really enjoyed little Teddy

Reviewer: moggieDate: 2007-12-18
Reviewid: 150174Chapter: 2
Thank you, I enjoyed that I do appreciate it, just a little brit pick "Realty" would be an estate agent.

Reviewer: Sherster87Date: 2007-12-14
Reviewid: 150154Chapter: 5
That was the perfectly stupid, noble thing for Harry to do. Thank goodness we know they end up together. :) Nice chapter, however short!

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2007-12-11
Reviewid: 150130Chapter: 5
WHOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for a new chapter of this!

I think you've captured Ginny very well. She makes funny quips and stands up for herself. She's intense.

Poor Harry. He ruined his make-out moment.

Can't wait for a new chapter!

Reviewer: HelenHDate: 2007-12-09
Reviewid: 150120Chapter: 5
Just - amazing, Silver Phoenix, you've taken my breath away. This is so utterly fabulous. So much I loved, difficult to draw out my favourites, but I'll try: Ginny's teasing retort about Harry having a thick head; Hermione supporting Mr Weasley while he 'repeatedly failed' to make a Muggle card trick work; George, sitting by the pond, unsure what to do at a party without Fred; Mrs Tonks vigilant eye; Fleur striding up to people with Bill in tow to show them holiday snaps (you wouldn't get away easily, would you?); Ron and Kreacher's 'bizarre but effective' house moving team *snicker*; Molly's wistful 'My, you're a beautiful boy'; Harry's reflection on the recent losses during the battle, especially Remus and Tonks, and how they were missing out on their son *sniff*

"The knowledge that they were gone, all of them, often came in painful flashes. Although memories of Sirius still surfaced frequently, over time the grief had faded into a dull feeling in his chest, and Harry had found it easier to allow himself to think of his godfather. The people that they had just recently lost in the Battle, though - that was still too fresh to think about so often. Harry struggled to push thoughts of Remus and Tonks to the back of his mind."

Oh, Harry! I think many of us readers have experienced exactly the same feelings. SP, you speak for many of us, here.

And Harry lousing up his moment with Ginny. Love how Ginny 'adapts' to the change in the conversation's direction with such skill and forbearing. Please unite them soon, SP! Let Harry get some better perspective on the troubles he must face and realise he has a right to some happiness of his very own.
Thank you - awaiting your next update, so make it soon, please.

Reviewer: razingthruDate: 2007-12-09
Reviewid: 150113Chapter: 5
Enjoyed reading the chapter! Always nice to read a story which seems realistic. Again, hoping for a quicker update next time. :-)

Reviewer: LumosDate: 2007-12-09
Reviewid: 150111Chapter: 5
And the tension builds... Sigh, it would have been nice to see Ginny be limitlessly supportive of Harry's dreams, followed by some fluffy flirting and snogging, while Ron and Hermione share a moment out back. But alas, that would make for quite a boring story. I suppose I'll just have to accept what you've got in mind.

Reviewer: Doctor AichaDate: 2007-11-22
Reviewid: 149984Chapter: 4
I quite like this story. Granny Jean is a great character. I love her. Also, way to ampup the tension by NOT allowing them to kiss. :D

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2007-11-13
Reviewid: 149913Chapter: 1

*realises she has no business poking*

*slinks away*

Reviewer: osokinDate: 2007-10-21
Reviewid: 149679Chapter: 1
This is the best post-DH story Ive seen so far. Cant wait.

Reviewer: neanaDate: 2007-10-10
Reviewid: 149573Chapter: 4
Another very enjoyable installment, can't wait for more! I still can't get over how deliciously in character everyone is :)

Reviewer: Alexis CartwheelDate: 2007-10-09
Reviewid: 149563Chapter: 4
Silver Phoenix, this story so far is fantastic! I'm really enjoying the use of multiple perspectives, especially because your understanding of the characters is so complete. The characterizations are excellent, which really left me wanting more! I particularly enjoyed Hermione's chapter and the look into her home life; I think it's this big unexplored area that we got only a brief glimpse of in DH, so it's great that you're taking that up. I can't wait to read more!

Reviewer: whizbeeDate: 2007-10-08
Reviewid: 149548Chapter: 3
Just wanted to say that I'm enjoying the story so far--to the point I've read what's already up twice already. Oh dear. I could probably go on and on about all the things I like from your story so far but let it suffice to say that characterizations are spot on and everything seems to be progressing from the end of the story in such a logical manner that it really appears to be rather seemless.

Also, this particular line from the second chapter really got me where Ron's facedown in a bunch of leaves: "But now he had to be a different kind of brave to run a business he had no idea about, shoulder his family’s grief, maybe never return to Hogwarts and have a great, gaping hole where his future was supposed to be." I just felt so bad for Ron!

Reviewer: GliffyDate: 2007-10-07
Reviewid: 149544Chapter: 4
I just started reading this story and I love it. The characters are really in character (that was very repetitive XP) and the plot is moving at a very good pace. Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: SassetteDate: 2007-10-07
Reviewid: 149541Chapter: 4
Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Cannot wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: smokeyDate: 2007-10-07
Reviewid: 149535Chapter: 4

Reviewer: twirlingechoDate: 2007-10-06
Reviewid: 149527Chapter: 4
I am loving this story! It makes sense that the wizarding world wouldn't immediately experience blessed peace after the death of Voldemort. Harry's theory about ambitious Death Eaters makes sense.

I really enjoyed the bit where Ron and Hermione almost kissed. Making the transition from friends to more is definitely difficult and awkward! That will be fun to watch.

And Grandma Jean intrigues me... hmmmm...

Reviewer: Lorelei LynnDate: 2007-10-06
Reviewid: 149524Chapter: 4
I'm enjoying this very much. I loved both the multiplying Pygmy Puffs and the glimpses into Hermione's home life. Looking forward to more.

Reviewer: Vega BlackDate: 2007-10-06
Reviewid: 149521Chapter: 1
This is actually Zsenya, testing Vega Black's account. But I think this story is wonderful and am eager to read more!

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2007-10-06
Reviewid: 149520Chapter: 1
I just recommended this story in the recommendation thread. I hope everyone reads it. My enthusiasm knows no bounds.

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2007-10-06
Reviewid: 149519Chapter: 4
I'm going to bed now because it is late. But I am so glad I read this, and am anxiously awaiting another chapter. I love all the plot threads you've started: the Granger's mistrust of Hermione, R/H taking it slow, possible Death Eater revenge.

I wonder if Granger Granny knows more than she's letting on?

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2007-10-06
Reviewid: 149518Chapter: 2
Oh my god! Yes yes yes yes!!!!

Silver Pheonix, I can't even explain to you my excitement! THIS is the fic I've been looking for. This is THE ONE.

I'm sorry I can't leave a longer review right now, but I must continue reading. I hope this turns out to be nice and long.

Reviewer: ChocaholicDate: 2007-10-05
Reviewid: 149510Chapter: 2
I'm loving this so far! The idea of everyone having their own chocolate frog cards, especially - that we delightful. Looking forward to reading more.

Reviewer: LumosDate: 2007-09-12
Reviewid: 149263Chapter: 1
"...after all, her niece had gone to the United States on business once and had said that the Americans had horrible fashion sense."
Oh, this was hilarious, the MANDATORY American-bashing, present in any Canadian piece of work. Loved it! :D (I'm joking, of course.)
In all seriousness, I'm very glad to see you're back. I can NEVER get enough of your writing, your style seems so simple, yet is incredible hard to duplicate (yes, I've tried). Keep up the awesomeness!

Reviewer: snowyowl7Date: 2007-09-09
Reviewid: 149204Chapter: 3
This is one of the best post DH stories I have read! The conversation between Harry and Ron at Harry's house was perfect.

Reviewer: mirldaDate: 2007-09-05
Reviewid: 149170Chapter: 3
I have really enjoyed this so far and look forward to more updates. Poor Ron! Poor George!

Reviewer: orangesherbertDate: 2007-09-05
Reviewid: 149169Chapter: 1
Hi! I was just wondering if you were going to finish the sequel to Bury the Hatchet. I noticed that it hasn't been updated in a while and I was just wondering if, now that you're writing again, you were going to finish it. I hope so because I really am interested to see what's up with Harry and Diana. They are such a good couple! SO, PLEASE UPDATE THAT STORY!!!!!!!! :)

Reviewer: TheBrazilianOneDate: 2007-09-04
Reviewid: 149168Chapter: 3
Your characterization was just perfect, as always. =]
Loved how you included the details from the JKR interview, and I have to say, it's one of the most "real" (can I use that word =D), I mean touchable, post-DH-fanfics I have read so far. Thanks for the read, and keep going. =]

Reviewer: CadenzaDate: 2007-09-04
Reviewid: 149166Chapter: 3
Still enjoying this. Light and frothy, with a side of ominous--great. :)

Reviewer: GufaDate: 2007-09-03
Reviewid: 149145Chapter: 2
I'm so glad to have found this story - I'm really enjoying it! I like the way the prologue is seen from someone else's eyes, and I love the trio here, as well as the tidbits about other characters and the WIzarding world. Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: Sherster87Date: 2007-08-31
Reviewid: 149106Chapter: 1
YAY! I am so glad you've returned. I've truly adored your other fics, and I can't wait to see this one progress!

Reviewer: NeanaDate: 2007-08-29
Reviewid: 149072Chapter: 2
Oh, this was a treat to read. I'll be keeping a close eye on this story. Your style is satisfyingly similar to Jo's, trio dynamics and characterization are pretty much flawless and it takes up the story right where I'm most anxious to see it picked up. Cant wait for more!

Reviewer: CadenzaDate: 2007-08-27
Reviewid: 149035Chapter: 2
Nice! I am looking forward to where you're taking this--multilayered and plausible.

Reviewer: StarseaDate: 2007-08-26
Reviewid: 149031Chapter: 1
What a fantastic prologue! It reminds me of the first chapter of PS/SS: starting off with the ordinary world and gradually introducing more and more unusual elements, until the full truth is revealed. I agree with Delilah: Hubert's disguise was terrible, but it provided graet comic value and I loved seeing how Muggles forget magic almost as soon as they hear about it.

Favourite Line: Mildred Kent cheerfully started down the street again, blissfully unaware of the two officials who, in the tunnels below her, were now using their wands to Scour away an infestation of fungus with eyeballs. - classic!


Reviewer: HelenHDate: 2007-08-26
Reviewid: 149029Chapter: 1
Very entertaining, Silver Phoenix; your narrative voice is very engaging and I love the humorous magical details you've created.
I look out for updates!

Reviewer: lilastarDate: 2007-08-26
Reviewid: 149026Chapter: 2
Brilliant! This is exactly the type of fic I was hoping someone would post. The characterisation is so perfectly in line with Rowling's and the post-DH world is very believable.Can't wait to read more.Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: Author by NightDate: 2007-08-26
Reviewid: 149025Chapter: 2
Your wizarding world feels so... familiar in this. It's the world we had in the first six books that we more or less had taken away from us in TDH. I enjoyed reading this for that reason. And your characteristics for the trio are very well done - quite in character.

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2007-08-25
Reviewid: 149020Chapter: 2
“Flavour of the month: Hungarian Horntail! Set your tastebuds aflame!”

This is a great idea, perfect for Rowling's world.

The real estate agent reminds me forcefully of Stan from the Monkey Island series. But that might be coincidence - it's just the salesperson stereotype.

Reviewer: twirlingechoDate: 2007-08-25
Reviewid: 149018Chapter: 2
It makes me very happy that Neville has a chocolate frog card! :-) Thanks for a well-written post DH story. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for updates!

Reviewer: MyKarmaRanOverMyDogmaDate: 2007-08-25
Reviewid: 149017Chapter: 2
I love this; it's just the kind of story I've been looking for to read after Deathly Hallows. Update fast, please! =D

Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2007-08-24
Reviewid: 149004Chapter: 1
Cute; quite well done,too: thanks! :-)

Reviewer: ladytalksalot17Date: 2007-08-23
Reviewid: 149003Chapter: 1
Yay, you're back on sugarquill! I missed you! I loved your other two stories that I read years and years ago! This is great too!

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2007-08-23
Reviewid: 149000Chapter: 1

Reviewer: CadenzaDate: 2007-08-23
Reviewid: 148998Chapter: 1
What a cute outsiders' point of view. I like the things that Mildred can get away with (and how I'm not sure whether that makes me like her or really, really dislike her)--I think you got the tone of this spot on.

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2007-08-23
Reviewid: 148995Chapter: 1
This is an excellent start. I'll be keeping an eye on this story.

Reviewer: LilyofthevaleDate: 2007-08-23
Reviewid: 148990Chapter: 1
This is really well written - it definitely leaves the reader wanting to continue reading the story!

Reviewer: Sticky BunDate: 2007-08-23
Reviewid: 148988Chapter: 1
A great start! A very clever prologue. I've always liked your stories so I'm really excited for this one. And I'm so happy your writing about the Voldemort aftermath. I've been craving a fic like this every since DH. Keep it up and update soon! Your a fantastic writer!

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