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Reviews for: Awaiting Rose's Owl
Review(s): 18

Reviewer: kim kikimDate: 2008-08-29
Reviewid: 151064Chapter: 1
Hey! That was a really nice piece of work! I had only gone through the first two paragraphs and already I had a feeling that this would be a good story. I thought you pictured Ron and Hermione's relationship very accurately. Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: shiikiDate: 2008-03-22
Reviewid: 150638Chapter: 1
That was very cute! I enjoyed Rose's teasing of Ron. She certainly takes after her parents!

Reviewer: kerosinkanisterDate: 2008-03-16
Reviewid: 150624Chapter: 1
That was a nice fic. I liked seeing Ron and Hermione very much themselves but grown up and settled into their relationship. The family dynamics seemed spot-on as well. And I loved Rose teasing her dad about Slytherin.

Reviewer: KarlyBugDate: 2007-11-10
Reviewid: 149882Chapter: 1
This has got to be my favorite fanfic I've read so far. The writing is excellent, and I love the storyline!!!! That's exactly how I pictured Rose: just like her mum, but also completely different, dramatic and knows her parents!!! Thanx, this is AWESOME!!!! WRITE MORE, PLEASE!!!!!

Reviewer: StetchnikDate: 2007-11-09
Reviewid: 149875Chapter: 1
Wow, that was fantastic--I love feeling like the stories didn't just have to end after the last book. Good job. :)

Reviewer: writingirlDate: 2007-11-01
Reviewid: 149788Chapter: 1
Awesome!!!!!!!!!Great suspense

Reviewer: NeanaDate: 2007-10-29
Reviewid: 149767Chapter: 1
Oh, this was so satisfying to read. Thank you so much for writing it! It's so great to hear little rose is such a neat blend of both Ron and Hermione!

Reviewer: HarmoniousDate: 2007-10-28
Reviewid: 149761Chapter: 1
This was sweet, and real, and I thought that this is how they must act and react to Rose's going to Hogwarts.

Unfortunately, I never thought about it until you put it to words.

Good for you!


Reviewer: KateHC2Date: 2007-10-28
Reviewid: 149758Chapter: 1
Yes, it very likely happened like this!

Reviewer: HeadGirlInTrainingDate: 2007-10-28
Reviewid: 149755Chapter: 1
Wonderful story! And I also almost passed out when I saw "SLYTHERIN." Poor Ron...bless the boy, he'd die if it happened. You did a great job painting out just how much Hermione, Ron, and Hugo missed Rose - the stuffed dragon was a fantastic touch.

Reviewer: smokeyDate: 2007-10-28
Reviewid: 149753Chapter: 1
nice story
but you know, Al's initals are ASP

Reviewer: kelseypotter721Date: 2007-10-28
Reviewid: 149751Chapter: 1
This was a very well written story. I thought it was hilarious when Rose tricked her parents and said she was in Slytherin! For a second I actually believed it! Anyways, the story used good humor and showed really well how Ron and Hermione were worrying about Rose.

Reviewer: meganDate: 2007-10-27
Reviewid: 149748Chapter: 1
Aye, Rosie sounds like Ron's daughter. I loved her sense of mischief, and Ron's reaction. Hermione's musings about her own parents were also spot on. JK always overlooked such considerations and dismissed them as "the Grangers are nice people and want the best for their daughter." But it's not that simple, is it? Hugh was rather sweet sleeping with the dragon, and the coded letter is a nice touch between siblings. I liked this glimpse into their lives.

Reviewer: HelenHDate: 2007-10-27
Reviewid: 149747Chapter: 1
Delightful, absolutely delightful!
Ron and Hermione so affectionately drawn, Rose too. So beautiful. You understand the pain of a mother's separation from her daughter so well and describe it so tenderly. And Ron sonds like such a loving dad. Thank you!

Reviewer: birdsongDate: 2007-10-27
Reviewid: 149741Chapter: 1
Slytherin! That was so funny! I think you did a great job showing Rosie's Weasley sense of humor.

Reviewer: Wolf's ScreamDate: 2007-10-27
Reviewid: 149739Chapter: 1
That was exceptioanlly well-written; quite evocative of what I imagine the "empty nest syndrome" must feel like.

I will admit, though, that it wasn't until after a bit of a double-take (on my part) that I figured out that "She knew how he felt." referred to Hermione's knowledge of feeling a need for a reminder of Rose (vs. empathy borne of having had the experience of being recently separated from a sibling). That probably speaks of lack of sufficient attention (the first time around, anyway) on my part. :-}

Reviewer: HossDate: 2007-10-27
Reviewid: 149738Chapter: 1
What a sweet story,With tear's in my eye's from LOL at the trick that rose pulled on ron. She know's her dad well.Thanks

Reviewer: Poppy PDate: 2007-10-27
Reviewid: 149736Chapter: 1
Beautifully done! Just the kind of parents I would imagine Ron and Hermione to be. Loved the image you painted of them sitting together on their daughter's bed. The letter was great as well; naughty Rose, scaring her dad like that! Great job.

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