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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 9

Reviewer: moggieDate: 2007-12-25
Reviewid: 150205Chapter: 1
well done :)

Reviewer: razingthruDate: 2007-11-29
Reviewid: 150041Chapter: 1
Aah.. Nice one!

Brings a smile to your face! Atleast at the end. In the beginning, I just felt sorry for the old man!

And it was again written well!

Reviewer: stubefiedDate: 2007-11-05
Reviewid: 149834Chapter: 1
This is a great story! I never heard the original, but it must have taken some creativity to connect it with a hopping pot. Your tone is perfect, too. I'm kinda tempted to share this story with all the children I know, but I can't tell them it's fanfic!

Reviewer: highwaymanDate: 2007-11-05
Reviewid: 149826Chapter: 1
Now that's a fable! Good use of the Brother's Grimm as your template.

Reviewer: Stellar HawkDate: 2007-11-01
Reviewid: 149783Chapter: 1
What a neat story! I loved it! I too have an elderly relative who tries my patience at times, but I am reminded by your story that what goes around comes around. I could certainly do better. Shame on me!

Reviewer: EmelyeDate: 2007-10-31
Reviewid: 149779Chapter: 1

Even though I've already read it several times, I still get a lump in my throat at the end. :)

Reviewer: B. NonymousDate: 2007-10-30
Reviewid: 149769Chapter: 1

Oooh ooh ooh, tell me another story Ms. Pony!


Seriously, can't you hear Molly reading this out loud?

Reviewer: Professor MDate: 2007-10-29
Reviewid: 149768Chapter: 1
A wonderful story, well written and perfectly placed in the wizarding world. I look forward to other Tales from the Bard.

Reviewer: slytherinatheartDate: 2007-10-29
Reviewid: 149765Chapter: 1
Really great- seems like it could really be a fable in the wizarding world. I wish our stories were as truly entertaining. Good job!

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