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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 4

Reviewer: Vega BlackDate: 2008-01-25
Reviewid: 150450Chapter: 1
I wanted to add this to my last reveiw, but I don't know how to edit. I have one small criticism. I give it with the explanation that I always have a hard time reading dialect. I found Filch's words about a third of the way through the conversaton with the twins hard to stay with. I would try to use less ungramatical writing. Though I do know that is how he speaks.

I also wanted to say that I love the last line I think she likes me. Pince was well described for a character we know little about.

Reviewer: Vega BlackDate: 2008-01-25
Reviewid: 150449Chapter: 1
I love a story featuring one of the neglected characters. Filch is certainly a character few have written about. I never could muster any sympathy for him, but you certainly created interest even while keeping him his nasty self. I fear a warm hearted altered Filch when I read a story about him. This Filch was clearly canon but yet he engaged our sympathies. His sad and brutal childhood provides a lot of the fodder for his current behavior. I love his interest in Ms. Pince, her alure to him. She reminds him of his illhumored abusive mother and he loves her for it. The fact that he can see eroticism in her body wrapped in cloth to the neck was very cleverly done. You create a nice bit of mystery over her interest in Filch. They will make a nice dysfunctional couple.

The twins were nicely drawn. I could see befriending Filch would be part of being adults for them.

This is a very fine story which deserves more reviews. I wish I had read it earlier.

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2008-01-18
Reviewid: 150420Chapter: 1
Or perhaps he did. Of all the staff, Severus Snape was the only one who understood the students the way [Filch did. You didn't have to explain your educational philosophy to the Potions master. He knew how clever and sneaky the little buggers could be. He understood the need for rules—and punishment.]

Awww, I forgot how close Filtch and Snape were. I can imagine the events at the end of Book 6 were really hard on him.

[The feisty wench could raise the hairs on the back of his neck just by walking into the room. She made him feel homesick.]

*snert* Poor Filtch! I can imagine he had a harsh upbringing, but this fic has totally made me a Filtch/Pince shipper!

[In fact anything in the school, so long as it was inanimate and incapable of thwarting his will, had his tender, unflagging care and affection.]

Lovely turn of phrase. Your command of language and sentence structure is really funny in a high-brown, John Stewart/Frasier Crane sort of way.

[image with that of Irma Pince, flashing her slim ankles at him in a swirl of petticoats from that rolling ladder she was forever pretending to look for books on. The tart!]

Ha! Madam Pince as a seductress is hilarious!

[He put his hand to his chest, where surprisingly there seemed to be a pain starting, not unlike heartburn.]

Aw, poor Filtch is heartsick. I love how you've given these two such character and personality.

[Out of the dark strutted two figures, alike as two Flobberworms in a dung heap.]

*snert* That must be exactly how Filtch sees the Weasley twins. It must have been something for him to the see the twins when they returned to the castle for visits.

"No, come 'a think of it, the person mussa been a bloke. No… thrup'enny bits. You know what I mean?" Filch mimicked cupping a pair of melons to his chest.

["Tits? I dunno. Did Gin have 'em yet, Fred?"
"What're you asking me for? I don't look at my sister in that way."
"She's sixteen. She's gotta have 'em by now." George gave a sigh of relief. "So she's all right then."]

I feel bad for laughing, but I can just imagine Fred and George discussing Ginny as a Girl and not just a Sister.

This was sweet and funny--I always love fics about the cameo canon characters. Great job!

Reviewer: Poppy PDate: 2007-10-29
Reviewid: 149766Chapter: 1
Oh that was great. The thought of the twins getting drunk w/ Filch is just too much. Loved the Filch/Madame Pince interaction. This was wonderful!

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