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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 8

Reviewer: SchwaDate: 2008-12-22
Reviewid: 151281Chapter: 1
Your story was very well written. However, it seems to be that Neville knows a lot more about Lupin than it would seem possible, based on the amount of exposure he had to the man. When he talks to Teddy, he sounds a bit like Dumbledore. It's not necessarily a bad thing. Just different.

Reviewer: WhisperwordsDate: 2008-03-23
Reviewid: 150644Chapter: 1
Very good! You have very good ideas on the effects a werewolf father might give to his son and I love the way you put in that bit about Teddy's hair turning red for a moment. Brilliant!

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2008-03-08
Reviewid: 150603Chapter: 1
This was great! There are a lot of similarities between Neville as a boy and Teddy. I like that Neville helped Teddy much like Lupin helped Neville when he was a boy. The lesson with the wolfsbane was really effective and I love that Teddy is sensitive to lunar cycles but not a real werewolf [he'll be *very* understanding toward his female friends and fututre girlfriends ;) ] I do wish we could have seen Neville and Snape face off one last time, but the end was still just lovely.

Reviewer: madame enDate: 2008-03-07
Reviewid: 150602Chapter: 1
This is a lovely story- you did a wonderful job with the characterizations and plot, and especially in drawing the similarities between Teddy and Neville and Neville's abilitiy to pass on what Remus could not to his son. Well done- I hope to read more.

Reviewer: rhoswenbudDate: 2008-03-04
Reviewid: 150591Chapter: 1
This is a really nice, sensitively written story, I really liked it!

You have captured Neville really well, he is able to take things that he learnt at school, especially things learnt from Remus and pass it on to his son, which was really sweet. Like you said, Andromeda and Molly etc don't tell him the nitty gritty things about his Dad, and he needed that, it's nice that Neville could draw from his own life and experiences to put across advice and help that would normally have come from remus, and in a sense, it sort of did...

really lovely, again xrhoswen

Reviewer: KateHC2Date: 2008-03-04
Reviewid: 150590Chapter: 1
Well done! Neville is perfect to reassure Teddy.

Reviewer: mrrobertsiiiDate: 2008-03-03
Reviewid: 150587Chapter: 1
Very sweet and nicely written. I liked how you showed the similarities in Neville's and Teddy's childhoods. Having Neville teach that spell had a very good 'full-circle' feel.

Reviewer: vega blackDate: 2008-03-03
Reviewid: 150586Chapter: 1
This is a very sweet story. I like the symmetry of Professor Longbottom teaching Teddy Lupin how to fight a Boggart. You highlight a lot of their shared experiences. You do a good job with Neville's nervousness and the contrast with Teddy's view of him as jolly and fearless.

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