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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 4

Reviewer: HeadGirlInTrainingDate: 2009-01-05
Reviewid: 151315Chapter: 1
How interesting! Great job, great research. This was a very academic look, and I enjoyed it immensely!

Reviewer: GufaDate: 2008-10-24
Reviewid: 151191Chapter: 1
I read this with great interest - you've put an exceptional amount of thought into it. It gave ma a lot to think about.
Thank you!

Reviewer: Vega blackDate: 2008-10-02
Reviewid: 151140Chapter: 1
I enjoyed reading this on the quill and I also enjoyed reading it earlier when I read it on the net in another location. (I can't remember where.) I've found this very helpful in sorting out my thoughts on the background of the characters when writing fanfiction, especially since I'm not British. Thanks.

I have a question. Why do you say that Susan is alive at the end of the book. As far as I can tell she is merely absent from the battle. She is a Bones and a member of a family with many martyrs to Voldemort.

I have a disagreement with you over blood status. I hope you don't mind. The words pureblood and the slur mudblood imply a racist belief in background as contagian. I feel these operate in a similar way to other forms of racial classification, where one drop of the offending blood excludes the person from the higher status no matter how many generations have passed. Under Apartheid a coloured person might look like a white person and he might have children with a white person but his children would still be classified as a coloured person as would the grandchildren. Similar rules applied under Nazism about jewish blood and in the united state under old laws governing miscegenation. I feel comments that I read by JKR support this view. A pureblood would claim that they never had known muggleblood. (This might be faked as it is in real life. I read studies that claimed significant percentages of white people in the american south and South Africa shared DNA traits with Black people. They kept past mixing hidden and feared it being revealed because they would suffer a loss of status.) Harry's children would be half bloods because Harry is a halfblood. By my reading Harry's grandchildren would be halfbloods as well even if they were the product of a marriage between Lily and Scorpius Malfoy. By my reading a halfblood could have parents, grandparents, and greatgrandparents in the wizarding world by would still not be considered pure if they had a muggleborn at some known point in their ancestry. (Obviously the further back the less likely it would be known.)

This would explain why Purebloodedness enjoys such status and is described as rare.

I feel the whole feeling of the beleif system is a racist one and as such carries the myth of being unchanging. The whole idea of blood being tainted, and permanently so. The idea that the dirt could not be washed away is inherent in the Blacks obsession with heredity, the use of the word mudblood and the cruelty of the DE. The need to purge the muggleborns from their midst all implies this kind of contagian and dirt mentaltiy. The idea lacks the fluidity of class status. They aren't patronizing to inferiors, but murderous to them.

Such talk is offensive but then so is the idea. I feel we should recongnize how absurd and offensive it is.

I hope you don't mind me voicing my disagreement. I loved reading this and found it gave me insights.

And it was an amusing read. I loved this line: "So I will tentatively submit that Lil Moon is in Gryffindor and that she is a Catholic who feels sentimental at Christmas carol services." I enjoyed many others as well. Thanks for adding this to the archive.

Reviewer: nunduDate: 2008-10-02
Reviewid: 151139Chapter: 1
Brilliant, as always!

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