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Reviews for: R/H Songfics
Review(s): 26

Reviewer: Gred And FeorgeDate: 2007-11-21
Reviewid: 149974Chapter: 6
Very nice hint with the "Bridget Jones' Diary" thing!!!

Reviewer: EmerikaDate: 2006-06-27
Reviewid: 143766Chapter: 6
Wooo! Yay Ron/Hermione!! I love those guys! Look for my fic coming soon! Remembering to live.

Reviewer: Maria M.Date: 2005-05-26
Reviewid: 122733Chapter: 2
"Ron, if you believe my judgment is that poor, then it's a wonder you still speak to me. I certainly shan't speak to you until you apologize for that remark."
Ouch! Good one! Hermione's letter is spot on too.

Reviewer: PalméDate: 2004-11-05
Reviewid: 103523Chapter: 6
It has a great beginning but the end is's like it wasn't suppose to be like this...sorry!

Reviewer: amyDate: 2004-10-29
Reviewid: 102899Chapter: 6

Reviewer: TessDate: 2004-08-24
Reviewid: 98392Chapter: 1
Heh, I love that song...I don't diss your taste in music one bit. Good story idea.../what/ will Hermy do? -scary music-

Reviewer: ~Nikki~Date: 2004-06-24
Reviewid: 88537Chapter: 6
good story!!! i like it its short and cute and not 2 bad keep going!

Reviewer: doesnt matterDate: 2004-04-17
Reviewid: 79181Chapter: 6
i like the ginny and harry raising eyebrows. now...what would happen to them? please write one of these for ginny and harry. thanks

Reviewer: kocho_kwaloDate: 2003-12-08
Reviewid: 62454Chapter: 6
Wow smashing concept! Hermione, a temptress? Now that's a great twist from the Hermione that we're used to. Great ending, loved it and the songs I love even more. You're work is hilarious!! Keep on writing!!

Reviewer: 7777777Date: 2003-12-04
Reviewid: 61831Chapter: 6
I like the letter form krum!But i gotta say that the whole part at the end with Hermion seducing ron was too much. She just isn't that kind of girl. This is sensible HERMIONE we are talking about. YOu might wanna stick to somethin a little less intense for R/H next time.

Reviewer: 7777777Date: 2003-12-04
Reviewid: 61828Chapter: 6
I like the letter form krum!

Reviewer: EthelDate: 2003-09-07
Reviewid: 51267Chapter: 6
Oh, so romantic and lovely but not at all seedy. Love Ron being such a gentleman and Hermione being a temptress. Love it!

Reviewer: SarahDate: 2003-08-16
Reviewid: 47333Chapter: 1
That was really good! And I love your taste in Music.

Reviewer: celestina blackDate: 2003-08-14
Reviewid: 47101Chapter: 6
hee hee hee
overall, a cute r/h progression of life story.
very nice
and a songfic full story again, is a great concept

Reviewer: c.bDate: 2003-08-14
Reviewid: 47098Chapter: 3
"you knw what the solution is to that" and "i facny you" shouldt go together in an excalimation.
i wpoudl have had her drag that bit out a bit mroe to make those 2 sentecnces connect. like:

"Don't tell me what to do, Ron! If you don't want me to date him, you know what the solution is, don't you? And I'm NOT dating him ANYWAY! I don't like anyone the way I like you!"

a connecting sentence seemd to be missing.
thats all tho!

Reviewer: c.b.Date: 2003-08-14
Reviewid: 47097Chapter: 2
continual songfic. major cool.
multiple songs to play out a namy chapteres story
awsome concept

Reviewer: LineDate: 2003-07-07
Reviewid: 40585Chapter: 6
Great story...
good idea about the song....

write more........

Reviewer: Deidra DragonheartDate: 2003-04-25
Reviewid: 29445Chapter: 2
Sorry for my review of the last chapter. Completely missed the fact that all of these songfics are related. I keep forgetting that everyone isn't as random as I am.
In any case, another great chapter.
Nice ending. Can't wait to read what happens!


Reviewer: Deidra DragonheartDate: 2003-04-25
Reviewid: 29443Chapter: 1

Well, this was a new side to Viktor.
Kind of sweet actually. I was hoping that Hermione would get to send a letter back (confessing her undying love and devotion to Ron, of course -R/H all the way!). Yeah. But, good fic otherwise. Can't wait to read the other chapters in the series.


Reviewer: kayjalDate: 2003-03-15
Reviewid: 24063Chapter: 6
this story is nice.. but i never thought
that hermione wld get so intense
it seems a little out of character for HER to seduce him.. and ron seemed alittle too mushy
i dunoe...maybe its just me
aniwae.. other than thats nicely done

Reviewer: Fidelius FemmelaDate: 2003-02-17
Reviewid: 20733Chapter: 6
fantastic! superb! mag-freakin-nificent! and all those other nice wordy things! lol, i SO love that hermione seduced ron... i s'pose i always thought it'd be t'other way round. poor krum! agh, i can't be a proper r/h shipper if i believe that krum has FEELINGS. and btw, these are a few of my favourite songs. kudos!

Reviewer: lorilynneDate: 2003-01-03
Reviewid: 15088Chapter: 6
Holy Quidditch, Batman! You are an *artiste* - I salute you. Even BEFORE the last scene this was a wonderful story. Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: RenDate: 2002-12-26
Reviewid: 13986Chapter: 6
Oh, my goodness...*bursts into laughter* You deserve lots of reviews...*wipes away tears* I'm laughing so hard...I'm absolutely touched. All three of your stories are beautiful and heartwarming and touching and uplifting and funny. Thank you so much. Lots of deserve many, many reviews. Everyone, review! This author here deserves reviews! *gathers in reviews and gives them to Doctor Aicha* Thank you so much for sharing your gift. *laughs* Excellent. Beautiful and absolutely brilliant...*goes off in search of reviews*

Reviewer: JulieDate: 2002-12-15
Reviewid: 12681Chapter: 6
I didnt like it. it sucked. R/H should never do that, unless their wedded first! what kinda person IS hermione in this? a slut? nvm...i already know. sorry, if this is offending you, but I'm only speaking my mind, cuz this was NOT a nice fic.

Reviewer: Adal MalfoyDate: 2002-12-07
Reviewid: 11710Chapter: 1
Hello! I'm a brazilian guy and i'd like that you can give me authorization to translate your songfics to portuguese. Reply me.


Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2002-08-27
Reviewid: 3344Chapter: 6
Funny, I liked it.

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