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Reviews for: In Defense of Ron
Review(s): 21

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2005-12-26
Reviewid: 137670Chapter: 1
Good arguments

Reviewer: VixxDate: 2005-09-07
Reviewid: 131921Chapter: 1
This has some very good ideas and is very well supported, but you need to do some serious editing and rereading. There are spelling errors, grammar mistakes (including my pet peeve; the misuse of the apostrophe), and punctuation problems. If you cleaned this up, it would be a very good essay.

Reviewer: XedraDate: 2005-08-29
Reviewid: 131172Chapter: 1
Amazingly well thought out and well written. Very interesting insights into Ron's character. I really enojoyed reading this. :)

Reviewer: LumosDate: 2005-07-09
Reviewid: 126649Chapter: 1
Wow, a wonderful view, and very well thought out. I agree completely with you on this subject, and too often do people try to look deeper into what things truly are. In this case a boy's struggle with growing up, and finding out what kind of person he wants to be.

Reviewer: love/hate relationshipDate: 2005-04-06
Reviewid: 118876Chapter: 1
How right you are.....

Reviewer: ellieDate: 2004-11-10
Reviewid: 104168Chapter: 1
You should be a lawyer! (If you're not already!)

Reviewer: ellieDate: 2004-11-10
Reviewid: 104167Chapter: 1
I love it, it makes everything come together, and Ron is my favourite character, and it was such a relief to find out that someone feels the same way I do, about the way Ron acts. I agree with everything you stated here, and it was very well written. I really appreciate this piece. Thanks!

Reviewer: AllisonDate: 2004-08-10
Reviewid: 96638Chapter: 1
Wonderful observation, really! I can't believe there were people who thought Ron would betray Harry! This just proves how good of a friend Ron really is, and how Harry would be lost without him. Very well done, I'm glad someone spoke up for this wonderful character. :D

Reviewer: loraDate: 2004-06-18
Reviewid: 87624Chapter: 1
oh never mind i miss understood i thought you meant ron wouldnt give up his life in order to save harry but i understand now.

Reviewer: loraDate: 2004-06-18
Reviewid: 87623Chapter: 1
"Deep down, Ron would never trade his life for Harry's." I think you meant deep down ron would trade his life for Harry's.Ron would do anything for his frineds

Reviewer: wee meeDate: 2004-02-21
Reviewid: 71622Chapter: 1
i agree wholeheartedly, but then, i never disagreed. but thanks for posing the argument for me.

Reviewer: kayjalDate: 2004-01-07
Reviewid: 66090Chapter: 1
i love this. i love it i love it and if anyone ever thought ron would turn Judas they should go and get a nice little thing called an X-RAy in muggle speak to check if thier skull is alll nice and intact

Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2004-01-06
Reviewid: 65994Chapter: 1
I was very surprised when I read this (not because of your opinion, I totally agree) because I never knew anyone thought that Ron would turn Judas. That is so ridiculus that I don't know what to say. I mean, Ron?????? If you know how to contact any of these people, please tell them from me that I think they're crazy.

Reviewer: wilaniaDate: 2004-01-05
Reviewid: 65968Chapter: 1
Just one word: AMEN!!!!

Reviewer: hydraspitDate: 2003-09-05
Reviewid: 50817Chapter: 1
Hear Hear!!! Although you have to admit it would be interesting if Ron turned evil and betrayed Harry. It would be a great plot twist. Or would've been I should say, it wouldn't be anymore since some people are expecting it.

Reviewer: LoonieDate: 2003-06-12
Reviewid: 36347Chapter: 1
What truth!!! I cannot believe i missed this fic when i was browsing through the Sugarquill but i'm glad i found it now!! Wonderfuly writen and very poised, i must say. You proved the point very well and i just have to hope that you share more with us--SOON!!!!!

Reviewer: Care BareDate: 2003-06-12
Reviewid: 36345Chapter: 1
This is a simply loveley piece of work! Every portion of hit a mark and i must say, if you have seen all those "I Hate Ronald Weasley" sites (like i have) this might have changed their minds--truly. This is briliant, so please continue with more!
*Care Bare

Reviewer: RonaldroseDate: 2003-06-06
Reviewid: 35663Chapter: 1
This is the first time ive stumbled across this story
and i think it is excellent. I agree with you 100 %
Ron is not nor will he ever be evil or less than harry.
He's a human being, we all are, so we know that the
way he acts, he is justified in doing so. Hes a loyal,
selfless person, who just wants to be known as Ron and nothing's wrong with that. U got the point across in
an absaloutely brilliant way. Or, as Ron would say, Bloody Brilliant!

Reviewer: Marie ArouetDate: 2002-10-23
Reviewid: 6940Chapter: 1
I really liked this. I never believed Ron would go to the dark side, but this really strengthened my opinion because of your well-incorporated proofs from the text. It really makes me appreciate and admire Ron.

Reviewer: pubDate: 2002-09-16
Reviewid: 4002Chapter: 1
I'm glad someone defends Ron. He's an amazing character. Write one about Hermione, it'd be nice to see on, as you can really write well.

Reviewer: SamanthaDate: 2002-08-12
Reviewid: 1771Chapter: 1
You prove your point very well! Hey, are you a lawyer? If that was a case, you'd have won!

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