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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Carpe Diem
Review(s): 65

Reviewer: Mz.MalfoyDate: 2008-03-14
Reviewid: 150622Chapter: 9
awesome absolutely brilliant (but practice is spelled with a c)

Reviewer: HPlovaforeva16Date: 2006-06-04
Reviewid: 143211Chapter: 21
omg!! that was sooo good!!!!

Reviewer: iviolinistDate: 2006-05-12
Reviewid: 142751Chapter: 21
I've always known "Carpe Diem" is an amazing piece of writing and responsible for the now infamous Sock!Stealing!Ginny, yet for some reason I never read it. Until now.

This was wonderful! Even though my first time reading it is post-HBP, I still loved it. The characters were all so well written and I loved the bond between Harry and Ginny as well as its physical representation in the form of their matching scars.

Wonderful writing and I apologize for not leaving a more comprehensive review. :) I'm excited to read the rest of the stories in your universe.

Reviewer: KylaDate: 2006-04-19
Reviewid: 142061Chapter: 21
That was such a good story! It was really different from most of the stories on this site. It actually had a plot! Rather than righting about a perfect relationship between Harry and Ginny, you wrote a real story where they actually had problems. I think you are a really, really good author ( probably my favorite author on this site ) and I can't wait to start reading the sequel. My only worry is that I might start thinking that all this actually happened in the books. ( and I wish it did! ) Thank you for writing this story. It was just like reading a Harry Potter book but with a happier ending, and I absolutely loved the part about the socks. :D
PS. I hope you continue to write stories and hopefully get them published someday. I look forward to reading them.

Reviewer: ViperXIVDate: 2006-02-21
Reviewid: 140129Chapter: 21
Just read the whole thing, first chapter to the epilogue, and it was great. You portray the characters very well, it almost sounds as if Rowling wrote this.

Reviewer: june luttrellDate: 2005-09-19
Reviewid: 132864Chapter: 21
fantastic i certainly hope you will continue writing!

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2005-06-23
Reviewid: 124892Chapter: 21
Extremely good work. Brilliant.

Reviewer: hollyDate: 2005-04-11
Reviewid: 119218Chapter: 10
in chapter 10 u metion the scorecers stone, but you call it the pholosophers stone, why is that?

Reviewer: AmyDate: 2005-03-17
Reviewid: 116855Chapter: 1
im off to the next chapter!!

Reviewer: ClaudiaDate: 2005-03-12
Reviewid: 116333Chapter: 21
Wow, just wow.
GOD i hope there is a sequal

GINNY"S SAFE!!!!!!!!!!
This one has got to be on my top 3 fav's list

Reviewer: misslopezDate: 2005-01-24
Reviewid: 111975Chapter: 21
I just thougt the whole story every last bit was wonderful.You have a gift

Reviewer: bmanDate: 2005-01-19
Reviewid: 111509Chapter: 21
holly crap was that good.......thanks so much for writing a great TO ALPHA AND OMEGA!

Reviewer: bmanDate: 2005-01-19
Reviewid: 111405Chapter: 12

Reviewer: brandonDate: 2005-01-18
Reviewid: 111266Chapter: 8
"Oh Im sure its been very cosy practising that Imperius Curse every Thursday," he snapped back spelt cozt wrong...."Spinnet passes to Bell. Nice swerve there around Davis, the Ravenclaw keeper. Easy does it. Watch out for that bludger, Katie! Good, she takes aim, and yes! Cleanly through the hoop. 20-0 to Gryffindor."and also..unless Gryffindor scored 2 would only be 10-0...its a great story so far!

Reviewer: QuietPurpleStrawberryDate: 2005-01-06
Reviewid: 110007Chapter: 21
If I've said it once I'll say it again. Wow. I have now read the whole thing through about a hundred times, and still love it. Too bad it can't be published. Sorry for the over-muchness of my reveiws, but I love this story sooo much. (And for the last time) WOW!

Reviewer: QuietPurpleStrawberryDate: 2005-01-06
Reviewid: 110002Chapter: 19
Wow. That chapter is the most beautiful thing I have read in my entire life. Keep up the good work.

Reviewer: QuietPurpleStrawberryDate: 2005-01-06
Reviewid: 109993Chapter: 9
Cool. You have so much imagination. I love Bludger Tennis.

Reviewer: MichaelDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89609Chapter: 16
Aside from saying that this is an awesome story, I've just got to ask, is all the alliteration intentional, or does your brain just do that on its own? If the latter, that's pretty cool.

"...slipped and slid on the slime as they silently struggled...."

Reviewer: hossDate: 2004-04-28
Reviewid: 80461Chapter: 21
That was great fun. Thanks

Reviewer: Dave HarrisDate: 2004-04-19
Reviewid: 79540Chapter: 21
Absolutely fabulous piece of work. It really made me feel as though I was involved in the story, and the interaction between the characters was excellent.

Emphasis on the relationships between Ron and Hermione and Harry and Ginny was good, and the way that it interwove with the background plot provided an excellent counterpoint.

This story made me wish that JKR had placed more relationship context between these four in OOTP, rather than concentrating on Harry's relationship with Cho, but also made me realise that it was a totally different type of story. This focuses strongly on the romance element rather than the more complex plot and specific threat that emanated from Umbridge in OOTP.

Fantastic read. Thankyou VERY much!

Reviewer: HannahDate: 2004-04-11
Reviewid: 78123Chapter: 8
This is progressing to be a really good story. It's very believable. It's not one of those rushed Harry/Ginny romances. I love it.

Reviewer: MiaDate: 2004-04-10
Reviewid: 78021Chapter: 21
Hey, Imogen...I think you're one of the best writers here. Though I've just started reading your work, what I really like is your descriptive style of writing. I also love the fact that everybody has stayed in charachter. Ron's funny, Hermione's missish, Ginny's feisty, and Fred and George are their usual selves.
Overall, we have a very well-rounded tale with no loose ends...a must for any good story, Sometimes it's almost like reading JKR herself! Good job! Please continue writing...
Your spanking new fan ~Mia :)

Reviewer: MiaDate: 2004-04-10
Reviewid: 78020Chapter: 21
Hey, Imogen...I think you're one of the best writers here. Though I've just started reading your work, what I really like is your descriptive style of writing. I also love the fact that everybody has stayed in charachter. Ron's funny, Hermione's missish, Ginny's feisty, and Fred and George are their usual selves.
Overall, we have a very well-rounded tale with no loose ends...a must for any good story, Sometimes it's almost like reading JKR herself! Good job! Please continue writing...
Your spanking new fan ~Mia :)

Reviewer: CarrieDate: 2004-03-03
Reviewid: 73055Chapter: 21
I really, really enjoyed reading this. It was well written and the characterizations were spot on and very consistent. Ginny, in particular, seemed to fit well with what we now know of her post-OotP. The Harry/Ginny romance was sweet and believable. Great story and now I'm off to read the sequel!

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-03-02
Reviewid: 72931Chapter: 21
Uh oh! We need to split the Harry Potter series.

Seriously! Add some filler (maybe Lavender, Dean & Co. could make some appearances, and Malfoy has been unusually quiet) and you've got a full-fledging book there.

Reviewer: MelodieDate: 2004-01-04
Reviewid: 65800Chapter: 14
"an emerald green sweater." GASP!

Second time reading this through xD

Reviewer: claireDate: 2003-12-22
Reviewid: 64304Chapter: 1
you're stories are amazing! you sound just like JKR and capture the charachters just as well as she does. you also have the same talent for making the plot flow together. amazing... if only they could be published.

Reviewer: katieDate: 2003-10-25
Reviewid: 57854Chapter: 9
nice hangover,u meanie

Reviewer: ImogenDate: 2003-09-08
Reviewid: 51398Chapter: 1
Would just like to thank everyone for the reviews - really kind! And I'd also like to mention that this story was written waaaaay back in March 2001, well before 'fandom Ginny' developed. This Ginny was original at the time, although I can understand the criticism that two and a half years later, she's no longer so.

Reviewer: celestina blackDate: 2003-09-08
Reviewid: 51284Chapter: 21
this was very well written, and the concept was original enough to make the whole story interesting. i still think that ginny was a little bit... fandom ginny... but other than that, it was very realistic (as in, similar to canon writing :-p) and very well done. im off to read... the rest!

Reviewer: cbDate: 2003-09-08
Reviewid: 51281Chapter: 20
best coming-back gift ever.

Snape disapprovingly stroll to an area nearby to rescue, and instantly conceal, some of his black socks which appeared to be covered in attractive little pink hearts.

oh man.

Reviewer: cbDate: 2003-09-08
Reviewid: 51278Chapter: 19
scared the life out of me.
good line
but, as i am morbid, i was kinda hoping that she actually died. theres not enough REAL stories out there.

Reviewer: cbDate: 2003-09-04
Reviewid: 50774Chapter: 8
im sorry.
that was a really weak quidditch scene.
i eman, i LOVE this story, but that was a really short and not very interesting match

Reviewer: cel blackDate: 2003-09-04
Reviewid: 50771Chapter: 7
your ginny is a little bit too... fanon ginny.
you knwo what i mean?
like, "has finally come into ther own, stunnignly beautiful, wise, far smarter than her own good, practically perfect in every way" ginny.
or, as said by the murderous hussies,
FANON GINNY. You know the one that titian-tressed, ivory-skinned, freckle-free, True Seer, Wielder of Untold Magical Powers, Feisty Redhead! The sassy spitfire with the cayenne/cinnamon/paprika mane of cascading waves who pines for her hero, Harry the Magnificent.
i mean, yours isnt nearly NEARLY so bad
but still, a little bit TOO.... that.

Reviewer: MelodieDate: 2003-08-27
Reviewid: 48907Chapter: 21
Brilliant! I loved it =) The H/G moments were so sweet... what a great fan fic

Reviewer: MelodieDate: 2003-08-27
Reviewid: 48902Chapter: 13
Awwwwwwww! I'm enjoying reading this so much! Terrific, absolutely.. wonderful wonderful job. It was funny, it was touching. =D

Reviewer: EmilyDate: 2003-08-18
Reviewid: 47703Chapter: 21
This book was very, very good. It's only the second fanfic I've ever read and the first was AtE. Very tough competition! But you fared very well against that epic. Thank you for your amazing work!! I look forward to reading more of you work. Keep it up!!

Reviewer: darlockDate: 2003-08-08
Reviewid: 46108Chapter: 21
you had me in tears more than a few times ..

this is the greatest aside from the books i have read .. thank you for writeing it

Reviewer: Paige Knorr (The Muggle Hermione)Date: 2003-08-02
Reviewid: 45047Chapter: 21
Dear Imogen,
Wow. I had to leave this story several times for chores but I wasn't pleased. My mom even had to shut the computer off before I would come and do the dishes. And mind you, I LIKE doing dishes. During the explanations of Harry's erm... antics in chapter 12 I literally fell off my chair. That was quite painful as I'm recovering from a broken leg.. but I didn't care. The part where you had his elbow in the butter was so ironic. Due to Ginny's uh.. similar accident years ago. I'm sure you meant it that way, and it was perfect. Fred and George's 'present' at the end was.. special. Who would have known Ginny had such a fascination with socks? The moment Ginny 'died' I started sobbing. Really sobbing. The way you wrote Harry's feelings for her so genuinely and heartfelt made me feel that it was I who had lost a loved one, not he. Your poems and quotes reflected on Ginny's new found love of muggle poetry and I loved that. Carpe Diem... it has forever been my favorite saying and when paired with this story, it couldn't be more true. You have to get out there and live. Seize the day, make sure people know how you feel and make sure YOU know how they feel. Imogen, your writing is right up there with Carrie's. (Do an author search for more info on her) Yours is as well written as Carrie's is true and emotional. Your story deeply touched me... Carpe Diem.. the phrase to sum up almost anything. Thank you.

Paige Knorr

Reviewer: JonDate: 2003-08-01
Reviewid: 44980Chapter: 21
I rest my case!
write more and more and never stop

great work

Reviewer: rainDate: 2003-07-31
Reviewid: 44831Chapter: 21
Unbeliveable. That's one of the best H/G romances I've read. I especially love all the poems and quotes you put in there. That's a great idea. Write on!


Reviewer: DanielDate: 2003-07-30
Reviewid: 44634Chapter: 21
This is a splendid story. I'm going to start reading the sequel right now!

Reviewer: *Ginny Starre*Date: 2003-07-26
Reviewid: 43992Chapter: 21
*That's cool! The characters were out-of-character sometimes, I thought, but pretty good usually. I loved the way you wrote Gred and Forge, also the scene where they summoned all the socks.*

Reviewer: ArleneDate: 2003-04-21
Reviewid: 28957Chapter: 21
Very very awesome story!!! I really enjoyed the whole thing so much! I just wanted to let you know, you are an awesome author and I really like your writing style! Well done!!!

Reviewer: JayneDate: 2003-04-20
Reviewid: 28704Chapter: 21
I can't believe you only have 20 reviews on this. You write brilliantly. I came to this because I read the first few chapters of Hope's story, and I liked it so much, I decided to view your other work. Oh my, is all I can say. The whole story is absolutely beautiful, but the scene between Harry and Ron in the bathroom of the hospital choked me to tears. Oh my. I hope that the good people of Sugarquill have had the honor of reading your work, but I doubt it, because they would have felt compelled to respond. Simply awesome.!

Reviewer: NikeDate: 2003-04-01
Reviewid: 25878Chapter: 21
awesome!! :c )

Reviewer: kelliDate: 2003-03-01
Reviewid: 22271Chapter: 21
WOW! That was really good. I especially loved the quotes at the beginning of the chapters. The poems were good too and they seemed to fit the moment. Well written! Thanks for entertaining me for a couple of hours. I am about ready to start counting down in seconds the time until the fifth book comes out!

Reviewer: SparrowChildDate: 2003-02-28
Reviewid: 22252Chapter: 21
waaahhhh now im gonna go read the sequels! You do H/G SO perfectly. its exactly as it needs to be. And your Ginny is just right too. All the characters are so well done. Very in charater. I love your Harry/Hermione relationship too, nice and platonic, and very sisterly/brotherly. R/H is perfect too. Ok, fine, sum it up, the story was perfect. Bravo.

Reviewer: MeenaksDate: 2003-02-28
Reviewid: 22221Chapter: 21
Hi, I greatly enjoyed your story. Neat weaving of H/G fluff into the story, but I must also say it pushed the more important angle of Harry vs Voldemort into the sidelines. Would have also loved to see more R/H intimacy. But, it was a very good effort. I appreciate every word of it. Thanks.

Reviewer: RockapDate: 2003-02-20
Reviewid: 21165Chapter: 20
That was HILLARIOUS!!! This whole story has been really entertaining and I can't wait to finish.

Reviewer: JohnDate: 2003-02-01
Reviewid: 18614Chapter: 1
Its been a while since i've read anything where I cared so much how it all turns out.
The scene with Ginny and Harry in the dungeon facing Voldemort had me on tendhooks as did most of the story come to think about it.
Congratulation are certainly in order.

Reviewer: JKBDate: 2003-01-27
Reviewid: 18004Chapter: 21
This was great!! I really enjoyed it! So glad it's finally finished and I got to read the whole thing at once.

Reviewer: Mikau A. KaiouseiDate: 2003-01-25
Reviewid: 17720Chapter: 21
It's really cool. I love this fic. At first, I was thinking, "These chapters are so _short_!" But then, I'm used to reading stuff like AtE and HQoW, plus my own chapters tend to be fifteen-plus pages, so. It got a lot better at the end, I must say. Good job, Imogen!

Reviewer: southern chickDate: 2003-01-15
Reviewid: 16354Chapter: 21
This story was amazing! It has truely helped me fill the unbearable void of "Potter-land" between the 4th and much anticipated 5th books. I enjoyed the amount of time you spent developing character depth and relationships. Your writing has a beautiful flow to it and a well organized plot. I just recently discovered this web site so I was able to read Carpe Diem from begining to end. It is something you should be proud of. Thank you for the exciting read.

Reviewer: Daniel RichmondDate: 2003-01-03
Reviewid: 15032Chapter: 1
This was as good as any of the official Harry Potter books. It has great description and incredible feelings are put into it. I could not put this book down and would instantly recommend it to anyone.

Reviewer: pepperDate: 2002-12-29
Reviewid: 14328Chapter: 21
carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero


this is something that i will remember, what language is this anyway?

Reviewer: pepperDate: 2002-12-29
Reviewid: 14326Chapter: 21
i must confess something, at the scary parts, i start to tremble. thats how good that you write, imogen. i'm still shaking. for real, my teeth start to chatter, like i'm out in the cold with no jumper. i only do that if i'm reading a very scary part(or watching, if it's a movie)-i start to tremble-writen by a very good aurthor(or director, if it's a movie). i can give you no higher praise than that. bye for now.

Reviewer: deeDate: 2002-12-20
Reviewid: 13439Chapter: 21
It's realistic the way you made Harry and Ginny closer. Plus, I love the poem! I actually read the whole version and it's beautifully heart-wrenching *wiping a tear while nodding head* very apt for the plot.

Reviewer: KatieDate: 2002-12-05
Reviewid: 11242Chapter: 18
uh, can you say AWESOME

Reviewer: ImogenDate: 2002-11-20
Reviewid: 9655Chapter: 1
Thanks everyone for the wonderful reviews :)
This is just really a note to let you know that I've disappeared to and my sequel to 'Alpha and Omega' is only being posted there, for now at least. It's called 'Home is where the heart is' and you'll find some of my original stories getting posted there too if you're interested.
Hope you'll drop by at some point, and thanks to Zsenya for giving me the ok to leave this note!

Imogen :)

Reviewer: Yui SetaDate: 2002-09-28
Reviewid: 4926Chapter: 21
Wonderful story. Really enjoyed it. ^_^

Reviewer: RoShFDate: 2002-09-20
Reviewid: 4330Chapter: 20
Well done! It has helped while waiting for OotP to come out. I had heard
a lot of speculation about Harry and Ginny "getting together" but I just
couldn't buy into it. After reading Carpe Diem, I can see it happening.
I don't know what JKR has in mind but now I wouldn't be surprized if she
does put them together. As per your version, they do make a great couple!

Again - well done!

Reviewer: LeeDate: 2002-09-12
Reviewid: 3796Chapter: 1
I loved this fic! My favorite part was the sock thread running throught the entire piece, especially Fred and George's "gift" at the end! Very clever, very touching. I also liked the Bloopers based on this story and the out take fic of Ginny actually taking the socks. Looking forward to Alpha and Omega. Also, I really love the various ways you describe Ginny's red hair and her feisty temper. Absolutely lovely.

Reviewer: ErasmasDate: 2002-08-24
Reviewid: 3032Chapter: 21
I love this story, thank you.

This is my second reading -- the first time through I was a bit caught up in reading lots of stories and didn't leave many notes of appreciation.

Gotta love the Ginny-centric fics. I'm constantly amazed by the different shapes her character can form while staying true to the scattered hints provided in cannon. Your Ginny is lovely.


Reviewer: RyanDate: 2002-07-29
Reviewid: 238Chapter: 21
This story was so awesome, i loved reading this...good job!!!

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