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Reviews for: Nibs and Plumes
Review(s): 10

Reviewer: Paige, The Muggle HermioneDate: 2003-12-03
Reviewid: 61673Chapter: 1
Wonderful topic for an intreaguing wondering story! I had always mentally debated over what those wonderful sweets our dear site is named after would be like. I think you've captured the Creeveys very well; Dennis, in particular. Their confusion about eating habits is quite in character, for their hyper-active, Pig-like at times, behavioral patterns. Superb job!

Paige, The Muggle Hermione

Reviewer: JessanndiDate: 2003-04-08
Reviewid: 27021Chapter: 1
A really nice piece, you've found an angle that I wouldn't even of thought about. Why should they know what to do. I like to reference to seaside rock it places them firmly in a Muggle upbringing without slapping us in the face with it.

Great Stuff.

Reviewer: googligooDate: 2003-04-08
Reviewid: 26968Chapter: 1
omigod! this is cute! it's pretty funny, how dennis and colin are trying figure out how to eat them! really, reading this makes my mouth drool. i luv sugar.

keep on writing!

Reviewer: RichardDate: 2003-04-08
Reviewid: 26951Chapter: 1
I really admire people who can write an effective one-shot. This is a fun bit of verite - the brother's voices are great - as hyper and breathless as the real thing! Of course, I shudder to think of what those two would be like on a sugar high!

good job

Reviewer: TrishaDate: 2002-10-25
Reviewid: 7071Chapter: 1
This is cute, I like it. It fits well with Canon, too. Good job!

Reviewer: Milldred LembertDate: 2002-09-23
Reviewid: 4595Chapter: 1
I've never taken the time to review before, but this story was just to good! I'm glad someone finally wrote a really good story about the Creeveys. They're some of my favorite characters. I was laughing so hard. You brought up a really good point, too!

Reviewer: pubDate: 2002-09-12
Reviewid: 3776Chapter: 1
Great story! :)

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2002-08-28
Reviewid: 3413Chapter: 1



Reviewer: ManuDate: 2002-07-31
Reviewid: 471Chapter: 1
Oh! It's like a missing scene! How wonderful! I ADORE missing moments with all my heart. And I love this! I've always had a soft spot for Dennis (Colin's always annoyed me, but he's cute, too. =P), and this was just TOO cute. I luff it. Luff it, luff it.

Reviewer: EllaDate: 2002-07-28
Reviewid: 97Chapter: 1
I loved this story! I thought it was hilarious.

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