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Reviews for: Danse Macabre
Review(s): 32

Reviewer: GrimClawDate: 2005-08-06
Reviewid: 129049Chapter: 1
Bloody brilliant! Loved it. I knew I liked the twins for a reason. :-D

Reviewer: katie BiliusDate: 2005-07-31
Reviewid: 128312Chapter: 1

Reviewer: SamDate: 2005-04-17
Reviewid: 119791Chapter: 1
That is too priceless. Brilliant job!

Reviewer: aRCDate: 2005-03-31
Reviewid: 118236Chapter: 1
That is it???
He fainted?
oh, my god!!!!
Anyway, good job!

Reviewer: Miriam NaquiDate: 2005-02-26
Reviewid: 114996Chapter: 1
Absolutely awesome! I love it! Very hilarious, very original, and you immitated Snape's personality perfectly. Had me doubled up with laughter after reading it. Great fic, keep it up!

Reviewer: reader2Date: 2005-02-11
Reviewid: 113582Chapter: 1
May you always have oodles of bunnies.

Reviewer: HBDate: 2004-12-02
Reviewid: 106665Chapter: 1
very good. cant realy think of much to say but that.

Reviewer: CasDate: 2004-12-02
Reviewid: 106630Chapter: 1
Fantastic! I do so love Trelawney's line. *laughs*

Reviewer: angelina weasleyDate: 2004-04-02
Reviewid: 76770Chapter: 1
HAH!thats all i have to say....HAHHAHHAH....(ETC..)

Reviewer: MissMaladyDate: 2004-02-15
Reviewid: 70820Chapter: 1
Did you get the title from an essay written by Stephen King?

Great story. I can't look at towels the same way.

Reviewer: AmyDate: 2004-01-05
Reviewid: 65944Chapter: 1
really enjoyed this!!! it's fantastic!!! I have read a lot of your stuff...and I love reading it.
This one is great though :) will keep me amused for ages...

Reviewer: Cheyenne CoteDate: 2003-12-01
Reviewid: 61378Chapter: 1
Well, I never really thought that snape would even POSSES a pink towel. But this story makes me see a new side to Severus Snape, an embarresed, much more entertaining side. I like this story alot.

Reviewer: LucyDate: 2003-10-15
Reviewid: 56590Chapter: 1
I think this story if fabbity fab fab!!! Absoulutly double kool with knobs!! Hillarious, and yummy scrumboes!!
Much love.

Reviewer: krazigurl3991Date: 2003-09-22
Reviewid: 53963Chapter: 1

Reviewer: ErinDate: 2003-09-06
Reviewid: 50943Chapter: 1
LOL! That story was hilarious!! Nice job. Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: VanyariaDate: 2003-06-19
Reviewid: 37663Chapter: 1
lol! this was great! Snapes characterisation was fantastic! go you! Hope you write some more snapish adventures :D

Reviewer: ArnelDate: 2003-05-28
Reviewid: 34123Chapter: 1
Poor Sevie! He must be mortified! I love this story. Please write a sequel and keep this tale going!

Reviewer: AzaelianDate: 2003-05-16
Reviewid: 32363Chapter: 1
That was an absolutely BRILLIANT Snape story! Comedy with Severus always brightens my day, and this one really gave me the boost I needed. Thank you for writing it, for it has provided me with much heart-lightening laughter.

Reviewer: Dawn ZabiniDate: 2003-04-23
Reviewid: 29253Chapter: 1
That's bloody brilliant!
A real danse macabre... but wait, where has my towel gone?! :D

Reviewer: BethDate: 2003-02-28
Reviewid: 22192Chapter: 1
OMG!!! ROTFLMAO!!! I'm never using a pink bathtowl again! That's definitly something Gred and Forge would do. Now I have mental images of Trewelany and Snape. Why did you have to do that to me? Heehee! It's amazing!

Reviewer: kazzaDate: 2003-02-26
Reviewid: 21995Chapter: 1
Although I do think that Trelawney would have thought that all her Christmasses (or Halloweens) had come at one and taken advantage of the situation. ;)

Reviewer: texas chickDate: 2003-02-17
Reviewid: 20598Chapter: 1
Hello - that was hysterical! And I am not a laugh out loud kind of girl. I love Snape and his prissy little ways make me giggle. That was the perfect prank. Thanks for the fun.

Reviewer: NebrideDate: 2003-02-16
Reviewid: 20494Chapter: 1
LOL!!!! Brilliant, bloody brilliant! :D

Reviewer: ErnestineDate: 2003-02-11
Reviewid: 19842Chapter: 1
That was so hilarious! I love the song Danse Macabre, and I will think of this story whenever I hear it! Well done!

Reviewer: Rachael SuttonDate: 2003-01-01
Reviewid: 14671Chapter: 1
That was funny! I'm glad that my sister showed me that!

Reviewer: Fawkes101Date: 2002-12-10
Reviewid: 12146Chapter: 1
I should have read this sooner! It is amazing! I hope everyone reads this. Prof. Snape, pink, memories of Black in school.... perfect

Reviewer: L V BlackburnDate: 2002-12-05
Reviewid: 11337Chapter: 1
Thank you for making me smile today - I needed that. Very nice story.

Reviewer: FeldmanDate: 2002-10-15
Reviewid: 6367Chapter: 1
Bloody Weasley twins! I'll have them, I tell you, I'll get them!

Reviewer: LilacDate: 2002-10-13
Reviewid: 6186Chapter: 1
Very funny! I've seen Red Scharlach's picture of this on her website and have been intrigued ever since of the story behind the pink, fluffy towel. I've always thought that the movie's music was very familiar, and then one day I realized it was because it reminded me of Danse Macabre, with it's lilting melody. Thanks for putting a new image in my head for the next time I hear D.M.!

Reviewer: AellinDate: 2002-08-20
Reviewid: 2606Chapter: 1 towels.... I own.....

Reviewer: enchaDate: 2002-08-04
Reviewid: 845Chapter: 1
What a brillant story!! not only do you get a picture of snape in a pink towel, but its believable too!! nice twist ^_^

Reviewer: (6)Date: 2002-08-01
Reviewid: 548Chapter: 1
this little story is soooooooooooooo funny!!!!
this is soo snape.....and sooo griffyndor!!!!!
it discribes perfectly how much they hate eachother......hehe ;)

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