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Reviews for: As It Happened
Review(s): 8

Reviewer: MyfDate: 2004-08-20
Reviewid: 98024Chapter: 1
I enjoyed this. It was really effective for a short piece.

The only nitpick I have is the numbers within the text, and your author notes. I'll admit that numbers are better than having the text of the note itself within the story, but I still found it really offputting. Besides, I don't think any of the 'justifications' you made in those notes were really required - they raised things I probably wouldn't have wondered about, until you mentioned them!

Overall, though, I really liked it, especially the ending. Thanks!

Reviewer: Pig/Crookshanks/HedwigDate: 2004-08-17
Reviewid: 97708Chapter: 1
I don't really get this i think it very strange and i like some of your other stuff i just don't get why you write this. it really buge me. also i have the song banna phone stuck in my head.

Reviewer: aliceDate: 2004-08-17
Reviewid: 97669Chapter: 1
I loved this story, it was so powerful and intense please write more of sirius and remus

Reviewer: KaraDate: 2003-07-21
Reviewid: 43154Chapter: 1
Again, another great story. lOl! I already admitted I really hate slash fiction, but for some reason I rather enjoy your Sirius/Remus fics. :D It's odd...I'd hate it if J.K.R herself ever made them a couple, and I dislike the idea of anyone taking a character so gorgeous as Sirius, and as sensitive as Moony and making them...well, gay. But, odd as it is, I love your stories!

Reviewer: StormyfireDate: 2002-10-13
Reviewid: 6192Chapter: 1
Great story. Very amusing - at lease until the end. c",)

Reviewer: TiajodiotenDate: 2002-09-30
Reviewid: 5019Chapter: 1
Very insightful... and denial is a good thing... Keep writing more Remus/ Sirius. You do it well. BTW, I loved your little rudown at the end. Albeit short, but it was sort of bitter and grapsed that life isn't a fairytale as some writers would think. Do you have a site? if you do try and IM me on AOL... my sn is Tiajodioten. I'm on a lot.

Reviewer: Rage PointDate: 2002-09-08
Reviewid: 3488Chapter: 1
LOL what? That's the end? Seems a little abrupt! Nice little one-shot, though, I enjoyed it very much. Plausible take on the dynamic between Remus and Sirius, too. Your writing is witty and has a good flow to it. Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: CatarootayDate: 2002-08-17
Reviewid: 2253Chapter: 1
I love Sirius/Remus stuff, and it's pretty hard to find it done as well as this. Please keep writing more!

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