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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: The Morning After
Review(s): 18

Reviewer: Alohomora BlackDate: 2007-08-14
Reviewid: 148826Chapter: 1
yay! i love happy fluff!

Reviewer: KittyDate: 2005-11-01
Reviewid: 135593Chapter: 1
Aw! Is poor remus always like this?

Reviewer: hannahDate: 2005-08-19
Reviewid: 130386Chapter: 1
Don't you think the way you describe Remus and Sirius is a little more than friends, maybe for you it's just platonic but sometimes when I read ATE it's obvious to me that it's a bit more than platonic. I'd like to know what you're thinking about that. thanks anyway, I really enjoyed ATE,it's a bloody great story!

Reviewer: Erin LovegoodDate: 2005-07-03
Reviewid: 125952Chapter: 1
I just read this story as a countdown piece to the Half-Blood Prince and it is terrific. I loved After the End and after reading cannon and ultimately of Sirius' death, it's nice to go back and read what could have been; very well done indeed. Theirs is a friendship which runs very deep and you portray that wonderfully. Thank you for letting me reflect back to a time when we didn't know who the next big death was going to be.

Reviewer: doesnt matterDate: 2004-05-31
Reviewid: 85399Chapter: 1
Ummmm...this really isn't about the story, but did you know that the 'Searching' tool is disabled...since you are like the owner of Suger Quill, maybe you should fix it or take it to Jiffy Lube. They fix everything.

Reviewer: Ted M. HammettDate: 2003-11-25
Reviewid: 60659Chapter: 1
Please write a sequel to "After the end" That was such a moving story, and I enjoyed it very much. I laughed I cried I particularly liked the part with fluer her sorrow at the loss of her sister and then finding her again. I liked the "guest chapter with the reporter's take on the Quiddich game, and Ron and Hermione, and of course Harry and Ginny. Beautifully written, all of it, I have read it twice and am reading it a third time.

Thanks for a great story, can't wait for book six to come out.

Reviewer: Lady NorbertDate: 2003-11-17
Reviewid: 60442Chapter: 1
Good job, beta-lady! This was really cute. The drawing is lovely too!

Reviewer: SiRemus'SheWolfDate: 2003-10-12
Reviewid: 56342Chapter: 1

*Finally*, some of the S/R interaction we didn't get in AtE...

"There would always be worry, but there would also always be relief."

*God* how sweet was that...*So* perfect! :D

Reviewer: celestina blackDate: 2003-08-13
Reviewid: 46843Chapter: 1
im sorry. as nicely written as that was, it was just a BIT too R/S'ish for me. asides from that, niceish

Reviewer: RowennaDate: 2003-07-11
Reviewid: 41421Chapter: 1
That was SO cute!!

I was wondering.. i've been looking all over the quill for R/S stories, but i've been doing it completely blindly... just grabbing random authors and looking... Whilst lurking on the One True Way forum, i decided to check Arianrhod to see if she had any stories, and that lead me to this one...

Is there any way to search the quill other than author or story? i've tried putting in "remus/sirius" into the "summary" thing, but it gives me nothing!

i know you're the admin for this site, so any helpful hints or story recommendations?

(i don't even know if you read this little review thingies, but i thought it was worth a try...)

Were all the stars to disappear or die
i should learn to look on an empty sky
and feel its total dark sublime
though this might take me a little time
Remember Sirius

Reviewer: MayachildDate: 2003-07-08
Reviewid: 40905Chapter: 1
Aaaaah. Made me feel all warm and cosy.
I like it that you've left Remus/Sirius relationship quite open ended in 'After the End'- It's nice to be able appreciate their friendship for what it is, romantic or not- it's still love.

Reviewer: Jaime RuckerDate: 2003-06-12
Reviewid: 36358Chapter: 1
Very sweet story that adds to After the End. I'm a huge fan of yours and Arabella's. You are a genious, as well as your cowriter. I read After the End as much as possible, enjoying the great story and lovely image you put into it. Thank you so much for contributing to Sugar Quill so well!

Reviewer: MaryAnnDate: 2003-06-03
Reviewid: 35239Chapter: 1
Well, that's just lovely... good Sirius/Remus fics are so hard to find, but you did a wonderful job capturing the subtleties of their relationship.

Reviewer: EvelynDate: 2002-12-27
Reviewid: 14145Chapter: 1
very sweet! :-*

Reviewer: Incurable RomanticDate: 2002-11-29
Reviewid: 10612Chapter: 1
That's so adorable. Sirius can be a prat sometimes, but he can also be very sweet and you caught that perfectly.

Reviewer: ArianrhodDate: 2002-10-13
Reviewid: 6197Chapter: 1
"Sirius allowed his whole body to recline, reaching for a pillow to put under his head. A moment later, Remus settled next to him, gently sliding one slender arm over Sirius's chest. Their breathing joined into a rhythm, and Sirius finally allowed himself to relax. In seconds, he was asleep."

*siiiiiiiigh* I don't remember if I reviewed this back on EZBoard, but I just thought I'd pop on by and reread this. I still love it to pieces. There is such a sense of relief and calm here, it's almost impossible not to smile. I love Remus's 'have you checked everywhere?' comment - how very him, it seems. I also love the image of Padfoot running around the shed twice, just to release the energy, and then Sirius laughing a real, human laugh. I can hear it so clearly in my head, it's great. And the sugar quill was a wonderful touch. Very sweet. (No pun intended.)

Ahhhhhh... what a wonderful outtake. So pretty.

Worth an AROOOO or two. :)

Reviewer: LizDate: 2002-08-19
Reviewid: 2485Chapter: 1
I am a big Remus fan, and I am always attracted to stories that give us a glimpse of their friendship, even if this one goes a biiit farther than that. The sugar quill makes the appearance that has to make, but it doesn't seem foreign to the story. The feelings ring true, and their is a depth of emotion rather unusual for such a short story.

Wonderful :)

Reviewer: DavidDate: 2002-08-16
Reviewid: 2141Chapter: 1
Mmmm....::happy sigh:: What a lovely story. Gonna sneak my little I-love-everything-AtE comment in here, but I especially love this. It keeps the "human element" that makes the 'parent'-fic work flowing very well indeed, and the line "The dog let out a bark that sounded like a laugh and bounded once around the garden. Then, because he was such a large animal, and the garden was quite small in comparison, he did it again two more times" never fails to make me smile (I say never cause I've read this at least five times). I think outtakes are my favorite kind of fic, actually, because they step back and illuminate more of an intriguing character's life. At least, the good ones (like this) do. Thanks for this lovely story.

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