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Reviews for: When She Loved Me
Review(s): 41

Reviewer: katz92Date: 2006-05-29
Reviewid: 143094Chapter: 1
sooooooooooooooo sad

Reviewer: grim girlDate: 2005-10-15
Reviewid: 134514Chapter: 1
that was sooo sad
im like crying my heart out
this makes me feel so bad about all the times i told my little sister to go away or i've ignored her
now my eyes are all foggy and i just can't get over this story
Love The Grim

Reviewer: cindy P.Date: 2005-07-29
Reviewid: 128195Chapter: 1
When i read it it made me cry it was so sad .

Reviewer: Carmen MontanaDate: 2005-07-17
Reviewid: 127329Chapter: 1
Oh, it's gorgeous! Songfics aren't really my kind of thing but I really like this one. You wrote the scenes when they were little extremely well -- I've tried that and it's really hard. I love this:

"Petunia hardened herself. 'I think you’ve outstayed your welcome.'"

It's good because you just got it on the page without going on and on. It's a really good story, EilonwyG. I'm very impressed.


Reviewer: SharaDate: 2005-05-17
Reviewid: 122249Chapter: 1
I love it it was a great story and it did sow like the song

Reviewer: love/hate relationshipDate: 2005-04-25
Reviewid: 120655Chapter: 1
This is so sad. I think it touched me because I have a sister, and sometimes I don't treat her as well as I shoul. It was so sad. I loved the story.

Reviewer: EmmaDate: 2004-11-19
Reviewid: 105219Chapter: 1
Awwwww! This is such a sweet story... I wish Petunia had gotten over it and accepted that Lily was different...
Anyways, GREAT story! It's so sweet! I like to think that Petunia loved Lily once...

Reviewer: EmmilieDate: 2004-09-25
Reviewid: 99378Chapter: 1
Wow. I loved it. You said her past so prettily, and I loved at the end, the presence of Voldemort.

Reviewer: ThenaDate: 2004-08-21
Reviewid: 98141Chapter: 1
that was so sad yet well written.. great job!!!

Reviewer: LyDiADate: 2004-07-21
Reviewid: 93466Chapter: 1
That was the most saddest, most beautifulest story i've ever ever ever read! I am still crying, it reminded me of my own fact i can't remember the last time i hugged her...*tear*...we hav kinda grown apart and we ALWAYS depresses me but when im in the moment i hate her sometimes...what a tear jerker!

Reviewer: readerDate: 2004-07-14
Reviewid: 92262Chapter: 1
omg...u hav a thing for writing sad stories...a real tear-jerker...*sniff*sniff*...i neva thought about that b4, what a great idea...i think i need to get a tissue now...

Reviewer: Luna LovegoodDate: 2004-06-10
Reviewid: 86663Chapter: 1
This was a beautiful story! I never thought of using Toy Story to write a Harry Potter fanfic.*tear* *tear*

Reviewer: Luna LovegoodDate: 2004-06-10
Reviewid: 86662Chapter: 1
This was a beautiful story! I never thought of using Toy Story to write a Harry Potter fanfic.

Reviewer: carolina girlDate: 2004-05-26
Reviewid: 84593Chapter: 1
that was so, so beatiful. you made me cry. i know that's sappy, but it was so beautiful. ugh, i can't type because i can't see. *tear*(s) lol

Reviewer: AmberelDate: 2004-03-25
Reviewid: 75872Chapter: 1
This story is an old favorite of mine that I should have reviewed long ago. It's absolutely lovely. :) I especially like how you only give us glimpses of their relationship through the years, leaving us to imagine what went wrong between them. Wonderful!


Reviewer: CassieDate: 2004-03-16
Reviewid: 74888Chapter: 1
Aww, you made me cry with that! Oh, that was so well done! Great job!

Reviewer: hydraspitDate: 2004-02-16
Reviewid: 71046Chapter: 1
this is beautiful *sniffle*. Take it from someone who has drifted apart from a sister, you never really forget them.

Reviewer: MeganDate: 2004-01-10
Reviewid: 66402Chapter: 1
It was so sad it mad me cry

Reviewer: lexiDate: 2003-12-22
Reviewid: 64434Chapter: 1
that was cute!!!!!! the begginin was neat, with the 2 year old lily, i liked that!!Awosome!!!


Reviewer: katiaDate: 2003-11-23
Reviewid: 60604Chapter: 1
This is very, very sweet. I like how you set up the funeral scene...this was good.

Reviewer: tonyDate: 2003-10-31
Reviewid: 58409Chapter: 1
very good but very very sad.

Reviewer: Random UserDate: 2003-10-22
Reviewid: 57489Chapter: 1
Oh! Here I am at work, and I am trying not to cry as I sob into the phone like a moron.

Beautiful story. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for helping me make sure my tear ducts are still functional.

Reviewer: AthenaDate: 2003-08-23
Reviewid: 48399Chapter: 1
I'm literally in tears right now. That story was so beautiful, so true. I can hardly type, because I'm crying. Thank you for writing such an amazing tale.

Reviewer: Wo Ai Ni16 ( name)Date: 2003-07-19
Reviewid: 42913Chapter: 1
Wow, i just have to say that I am very impressed with your story. It truly touched my heart. I am a Lily fan, and I always wondered whatever happened between her and Petunia. Keep up the great work!

Reviewer: tabDate: 2003-07-15
Reviewid: 42204Chapter: 1
i loved this story! it made me think of my older sister and how far apart we've grown since the age of two to the age of 15.

Reviewer: meDate: 2003-07-07
Reviewid: 40552Chapter: 1
I'm crying it was so good!

Reviewer: SalamandraDate: 2003-06-04
Reviewid: 35266Chapter: 1
This story inspired me to submit my own song-story, Drink With Me, and almost makes me cry every time I read it

Reviewer: RalucaDate: 2003-05-24
Reviewid: 33496Chapter: 1
*tears are falling* Oh My God! That was one of the saddest and most beautiful things I've ever read!

Reviewer: Tears Falling From HeavenDate: 2003-05-11
Reviewid: 31564Chapter: 1
Oh. My. Gosh. I'm crying. I'm too sentimental for my own good. It's so sad. You capture the emotions perfectly, it's so sad, so beautiful...

Reviewer: JackieDate: 2003-04-28
Reviewid: 29907Chapter: 1
It's beautiful! I'm holding back tears!!!

Reviewer: AliciaDate: 2003-04-28
Reviewid: 29844Chapter: 1
My vision is blurred from tears right now, so excuse the mistakes. This is so sad, but in that special kind of way. It reminds me of my relationship with my little sister. I've got to go: Crying to hard.

Reviewer: AmberDate: 2003-04-28
Reviewid: 29840Chapter: 1
I had too stop reading this three times to wipe away tears. Now, I know it sounds stupid and corny, but that story is touching.

Reviewer: JewelkittenDate: 2003-04-17
Reviewid: 28346Chapter: 1
Wow, I absolutely loved this story, I've never seen it done before, but maybe it has, maybe it hasn't but any way I have to say I loved this. Sad Sad ending. I'm quite clear what torn them apart htough, work, less time for each other? keep writing

Reviewer: NightRainDate: 2003-04-05
Reviewid: 26406Chapter: 1
Toy Story. Who'd 'a' thunk? I'm ALMOST crying.

Reviewer: lex the lovelyDate: 2003-03-14
Reviewid: 23978Chapter: 1
Maybe it because its 12:34, maybe its because I’m listening to my fav song (you make me feel like dancing, which I manage to see in a sad way) or maybe its because of the last line "I guess we'll never know" but tears are falling like the rain outside! What? I'm not allowed to cry now I' ma big girl? Well to bad! Boo hoo, I want to say please write more fics, but I don't think I have any more tissues…

Reviewer: zigzag487Date: 2003-03-13
Reviewid: 23823Chapter: 1
This is so sad. Aw. I feel sorry for both Petunia and Lily. I think I am about to cry.
Mucho kudos to you.
Love from Jessie.

Reviewer: kayjalDate: 2003-03-03
Reviewid: 22546Chapter: 1
very nice story.. very...very nice.
thats all i can crying.. :(

Reviewer: CrookshanksDate: 2003-02-12
Reviewid: 20042Chapter: 1
*sniff* this was really sweet, but so, so sad. i'm still crying, mind.

Reviewer: kkDate: 2003-01-11
Reviewid: 15861Chapter: 1
When I read this I cried!

Reviewer: Hermione @ HeartDate: 2002-10-17
Reviewid: 6480Chapter: 1
OMG! Only ONE review for this work of art?

Wow, this was so so so so sad. And so so so so wonderful.

Good show!

Keep writing!

Reviewer: AnjerlaDate: 2002-08-01
Reviewid: 508Chapter: 1
You enjoy making me cry, don't you? That was so beautiful. I love it when someone does something a little unusual with Harry Potter fiction, and you seem to have a gift for it. Nice job!

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