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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Journey to Reality
Review(s): 32

Reviewer: queeniorekDate: 2006-06-07
Reviewid: 143282Chapter: 10
This story is so amazing and original and wonderful. I love it very much and it is one of my favorite stories. It's so sweet and sad, and the characters interact with each other very well. The only thing I was wondering was why there are two girls sharing a room/cell/whatever with a bunch of guys, but hey, it's your story. :)

Reviewer: Hpgirl42095Date: 2005-12-22
Reviewid: 137540Chapter: 10
That was a great makes me sad that some of them died. * Sniff *

Reviewer: RachaelDate: 2005-07-06
Reviewid: 126153Chapter: 10
Wow. Thats about all I can say. This was amazing. Your whole perception of what happens to the characters of books when the author is done writing them is very creative. I loved it. The end made me cry, simply because Fred and George are my favorite characters. Loved it.

Reviewer: AnnaDate: 2005-04-17
Reviewid: 119820Chapter: 10
That was a beautiful ending - it sent shivers down my spine. Thanks for sharing this fic with the world - it's a great idea and has been beautifully executed.

Reviewer: graceDate: 2005-04-02
Reviewid: 118443Chapter: 10
Oh,my. This was such beautiful and touching story. It made me cry! It was really bloody brilliant. *tear*;^)

Reviewer: dragongirlgDate: 2005-01-09
Reviewid: 110302Chapter: 10
Wow, that's such a creative story! It's so interesting as well. I love the concept of the characters living somewhere else when they're not in the books. This is impressive. Thanks for writing!

Reviewer: Dark KariDate: 2004-08-08
Reviewid: 96360Chapter: 10
Excellent story! Very original idea. Got a bit teary-eyed at the end. Great job, keep it up!

Reviewer: Ivy ElizabethDate: 2004-08-03
Reviewid: 95512Chapter: 10
This is probably the best and most interesting fanfic I have ever read. It's so sad and adventurous. I love your writing style, but I'm very sad so many people died!! This is a wonderful story, and I hope the characters make it in reality!

Reviewer: AlexDate: 2004-07-30
Reviewid: 94781Chapter: 10
This is the second time I've read this. I LOVE it! It's so original, you have a great talent for writing. The last line always gets me teary-eyed.

Reviewer: AstridDate: 2004-07-08
Reviewid: 91245Chapter: 10
This was wonderful. I cried first when George died and again when Fred died. You have an amazing imagination to have come up with something this unique.

Reviewer: TarynDate: 2004-05-16
Reviewid: 82945Chapter: 10
This is by far the most intriguing and interesting story I have ever read. I had no idea what to think when I first started reading. Your story is so different from the other 5000 Iíve seen, and itís very refreshing. You are an amazing author, with a great talent for detail, and creating plots. Every chapter was amazing. Every line was amazing. The most outrageous and fantastic story I have ever seen. It was a little sinister, a little romantic (a good amount of R/H), very inventive, completely ingenious, and I really donít know how to describe in any more words just how much I enjoyed it. Bravo!

Reviewer: kacieDate: 2004-04-14
Reviewid: 78665Chapter: 10
wow. I've often closed my favorite books and wondered if these people were really created and what happened. this just captured my attention from the beginning and really got me choked up by the end. it was so awesome, it rocked the cazba. nice work!

Reviewer: ?Date: 2004-04-02
Reviewid: 76923Chapter: 10
Holy shit

Reviewer: celestina blackDate: 2003-08-29
Reviewid: 49330Chapter: 10
oh wow. know. in their OWN fiction land, they could use wands. whydidnt they, like, stage a rebellion against the Guards?
and, also.when the baby woke, the dream dissolved, right?
so were those Guards also... dissolved?
this, overall, was chilling.
keeping story characters under lock and key until they can be used again.
but, i wonder, what about after the 7th book?
couldnt they all go free than anyway? like kiara? in her own home, since the Tolkien books are finished?

and finally....
was this fic your way of explaining just WHY the fifth book took SO damn long in coming out??? as in, the characters went on a rampage, and jk couldnt write them? :)


Reviewer: cbDate: 2003-08-29
Reviewid: 49321Chapter: 8
"I keep trying to tell myself," he said suddenly, softly, as if he didnít even notice Kiaraís presence, "that he wasnít really my brother. My twin. After all, She created us. She made us. Weíre just Her...inventions. We werenít really brothers."
that made me shudder.
"not really my brother. Her creation"
thats horrid. forced to be someones brother, family, not even having a say.... and then all of this.....

Reviewer: cbDate: 2003-08-29
Reviewid: 49318Chapter: 7
as HORRIBLE as it sounds, im really glad it wasnt fred.
for some reason, ive just always seen fred as......... i dun even know

Reviewer: cbDate: 2003-08-29
Reviewid: 49314Chapter: 6
i very much like how this is all in freds POV

Reviewer: celestina blackDate: 2003-08-29
Reviewid: 49310Chapter: 1
this is..... odd.
very odd.
im intrigued.

Reviewer: qDate: 2003-08-07
Reviewid: 45951Chapter: 10
Wow. Bloody brilliant.

Reviewer: GhostDate: 2003-05-24
Reviewid: 33405Chapter: 10
Whoa...this was amazing. I never thought of what happened to the characters outside the books.
You really are a very talented writer. This was great!

Reviewer: nikiDate: 2003-05-23
Reviewid: 33312Chapter: 10
very original story idea! There were a few moments when i thought this would be a happy story . . . looks like i guessed wrong. Makes one thinks about the value of freedom. ugh, how terrible to have evything decided for you

Reviewer: Matthew BerardDate: 2003-04-21
Reviewid: 28781Chapter: 1
Wow, is all I can say. This is truely a great piece of writing. Hell, it brought me to tears, and there are few things that are able to do that. A great read, and I am extremely pleased that I was able to stumble upon this story.

Reviewer: RockapDate: 2003-03-10
Reviewid: 23481Chapter: 10
Wow, that was a great story. The concept with the Corporation and Reality was very original. Even though the ending was kind of sad, I really loved it. Its a shame Fred and George had to die *sniffle*. Oh well... Anyway, I REALLY loved the story, it is one of my favorites.

Reviewer: NicoleDate: 2003-03-07
Reviewid: 23117Chapter: 10
Wow, the story was really great. One of, if not the most, original Harry fic that I've ever read. Your imagery is wonderful as well as your concepts. I especially love the ideas of the different worlds, useing stories for each*sigh*,i'll never be that clever hehe. So again, GREAT JOB! I loved it!

Reviewer: NicoleDate: 2003-03-07
Reviewid: 23116Chapter: 10
Wow, the story was really great. One of, if not them most, original Harry fic that I've ever read. You're imagery is wonderful as well as you concepts. I especially love the ideas of the different worlds, usuing stories for each*sigh*,i'll never be that clever hehe. So again, GREAT JOB! I loved it!

Reviewer: HP_fan #908372934Date: 2003-01-31
Reviewid: 18501Chapter: 7
OH MY GOD!! That was one of the most amazing fics I've ever read. This chapter, #7, this is Les Miserables right? This is like Harry Potter and Brazil put together. If you liked this fic, but haven't watched Brazil, I recommend it. I think you can find it in most movie stores.

Reviewer: MegDate: 2003-01-30
Reviewid: 18340Chapter: 10
wow..... kinda depressing, but much better than any other fic's i've read like it.... it was wonderful, in a "pearl harbor" kinda way, ya know? well any way, i loved your characterization of the weasly twins. it was wonderful that you put fred in charge instead of remus or harry or sumtin. congratulations!

Reviewer: SerpentinaDate: 2002-12-31
Reviewid: 14620Chapter: 10
Good story! =)

Reviewer: sylvie greyDate: 2002-11-03
Reviewid: 7972Chapter: 1
fascinating story. absolutely marvelous. i was sorry when it ended, but it was a perfect ending.

Reviewer: RowennaDate: 2002-10-31
Reviewid: 7711Chapter: 10
love the fic! never seen this type of pov-- interesting. Most other stories are happily-ever-after stories-- it was a nice change

Reviewer: gloryDate: 2002-08-29
Reviewid: 3444Chapter: 10
Wow...the last 3 words got a tear out of me. The treatment of the Characters reminds me of the Holocaust, but I absolutely refuse to put JKR with the likes of Hitler in my mind.

Superb story

Reviewer: Queen of the Tinfoil FishDate: 2002-08-23
Reviewid: 2931Chapter: 10
That was amazing. I've never really thought of the characters beyond the books, only what happened *in* the books. Now I have a whole new outlook. And this may help cure my Writers Block.

But I can't do that...put more Characters in the barracks. Sigh.

Wow. I'm getting deep thoughts now. I must go investegate them.


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