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Reviews for: You Can Never Win
Review(s): 5

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-02-13
Reviewid: 139764Chapter: 1
You are seriously wicked. Thanks.

Reviewer: Dawndelinger/DingleberryDate: 2005-10-19
Reviewid: 134755Chapter: 1
I'm very pleased to be acknowledged in aiding the creation of this fic. It brings warm tingles to my spine . . . no wait, that would be the antifreeze I just drank. Either way, both cause forced hallucinations frowned upon by most religions, even Mormonism. If that's not a compliment then I don't know what is.


Reviewer: tonyDate: 2003-10-31
Reviewid: 58416Chapter: 1
Definitely different. Strange way of letting Voldemort get to Harry.
Sycophant was pretty cool and done right.for some reason this reminds me of
Alladin. Letting the bad guys win is something very rarely seen on sugaruil

Reviewer: NickDate: 2002-12-09
Reviewid: 11949Chapter: 1
I really like this story. Are you going to write more? Hope u continue soon ^_^

Reviewer: Absolutely CorkingDate: 2002-09-18
Reviewid: 4177Chapter: 1
That was very, very, VERY sad story, but you do have a really good way of writing...write more stories, and don't get me wrong, this story was good, but with a good theme? Great story though!

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