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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Sleeping Dragons
Review(s): 11

Reviewer: skinnyritaDate: 2005-04-01
Reviewid: 118399Chapter: 1
really good mini-fic. really really good. Ok i'm about to return to 'moody slavic men 2' but u've got me thinking how cool a krum/charlie slash fic wld be right now...

Reviewer: TimDate: 2005-01-14
Reviewid: 110923Chapter: 1
Halfway through Moody Slavic Man 2 - very nice work, esecially introducing new characters seamlessly - and realistic details too, nice :D

Reviewer: Newbia the ElfDate: 2003-05-27
Reviewid: 33946Chapter: 1
Dude!I can't believe it!Charlies on drugs!LOL!

Other then that,very nice,very funny.Alandra is so evil >:-)

Reviewer: ArabellaDate: 2002-10-17
Reviewid: 6520Chapter: 1
Bidet. ;alkdjfa;lsdkjfsd

Well, aside from the writing being seamless (how can I not tell which of you wrote what? That's so weird) My favorite thing about this story was seeing your respective OC's make appearances, and feeling very familiar and warm towards them, which I think is the mark of good OC's. You don't go "Oh god, OTHER people." I was more like, yay! Other people I know! And it worked to have them in the same story, even though they come from different series' universes. It wasn't jarring at all. I totally loved Edina giving the "I went to Durmstrang" to Alandra. Good. Somebody has to smax that pointy-toothed _______. The other thing I really liked was the treatment of Viktor's teammates, and how they ribbed him about the Tournament. That poor dude. He can't catch a breax. But it makes sense that that would happen - oh, and LOL that he was reading "RR&W" whilst waiting for Hermione. I can just SEE her face, honestly. Lastly, I really enjoyed Charlie's enthusiasm for flying and Quidditch, and his observation that no one could fly like Viktor and be unaffected by it. I hoped, from that moment, that they'd play around together at the end. And they did. :) Very fulfilling story, girls.

Reviewer: JocettaDate: 2002-09-08
Reviewid: 3527Chapter: 1
What do you mean there isn't any more? Love Viktor. love Charlie. *purrs*

Reviewer: CorissaDate: 2002-08-19
Reviewid: 2522Chapter: 1
I loved this story! This is one of the few stories that doesn't portray Viktor as some sort of villian. Not that he is one of my favorite characters, like Charlie, but he didn't seem so bad in "Goblet of Fire". And I loved the end where the Slytherin Alandra got taken down a few pegs by Edina.

Reviewer: KathyDate: 2002-08-17
Reviewid: 2313Chapter: 1
Fabulous fic. Love it alot. Though, to be honest, I'm a bit iffy about Charlie's favored mode of "celebration."

Reviewer: MolDate: 2002-08-17
Reviewid: 2312Chapter: 1
This was so great! Especially Edina and Ivan - they're classic. And Viktor and Charlie suited each other so well, I never would have imagined. But anyway, this was tops!

Reviewer: Silver ArrowDate: 2002-08-17
Reviewid: 2311Chapter: 1
This was a great chapter! I loved how Viktor and Charlie get to know each other better. And "Weasley Wobble?" I can't wait! :)

Reviewer: ziskDate: 2002-08-17
Reviewid: 2310Chapter: 1
*LOL* Edina is classic.

Very well written, characters all as they should be, I liked the concept too. It makes sense that there would be people looking to make an 'easy' knut where dragon protection may not be up to par.

But Edina and the Clueless Male Ivan . . .hilarious :)

Reviewer: CoKerryDate: 2002-08-17
Reviewid: 2309Chapter: 1
I can't tell you how excited I was to see your names together in the update list!
This story is wonderful - I never would have thought to put Charlie and Viktor together like this even though I love them both, but leave it to you two and it came out great. Your characterizations of Charlie and Viktor are perfect - I think their personalities can be seen clearly just in their attitudes about billywigs :) Viktor was hilarious when he was eyeing Charlie to look for signs of him being stung up. (Now I'm all hungry for Billywig Brownies;))
I was also happy to see Edina and Ivan again - they are so cute together and I was glad when Edina put Alandra in her place.
Go Charlie with asking casually about Hermione. :) Always looking out for Ron. :)
I was also happy to see Charlie and Viktor become friends by the end of the story.
Basically, I loved it! :)

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