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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Clouds Over Snow
Review(s): 119

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-12-14
Reviewid: 146441Chapter: 29
You have a wonderful way of blending characters to create a most wonderful tale. Thanks

Reviewer: AdamDate: 2005-08-16
Reviewid: 130097Chapter: 5
This is pretty good, but being an obsessive fan of The Lord of the Rings in addition to Harry Potter, I feel the need to correct you. I pretty sure that The Silmarillion says that Morgoth's forces destroyed Gondolin, because I remember Balrogs. Sauron had no Balrogs. And Sauron made the rings after Morgoth was captured by the Valar. The fall of Gondolin was in the First Age, with Sauron and the Witch-King in the Second/Third Age.

Reviewer: Maria M.Date: 2005-04-09
Reviewid: 119058Chapter: 28
Wonderful! Wonderful wonderful! One of my favorite things about Tolkien is that every horse has a name. Every one. I love Snape, and while I rather enjoy Snape/Hermione shipping stories, it's probably better for him not to get involved with a student. Lovely work. From the first line of the story I was like "This is what I want to read." Strong description and dialogue. Love, Maria

Reviewer: DemelzaDate: 2004-10-19
Reviewid: 101915Chapter: 1
Hello, I've just started reading this story, actually I havn't got past reading the first 2 paragraphs, but there is a mistake somewhere that has made half the page italicised. I just thought you should know. I'm looking forward to the read. Your fic comes well recommended.

Reviewer: TyanaDate: 2004-08-20
Reviewid: 98095Chapter: 29
Intriguing, believable in its implausability, well written. Great job staying true to characters, which is difficult to do when you put them through events like this. I'm glad there's a sequel!

Reviewer: ByrdDate: 2004-07-29
Reviewid: 94499Chapter: 28
I absolutely love this story (this is my second time reading it). I just noticed though, that in the little drop-down menu of the different chapters, you have chapter 27 in there twice. And of the actual chapters, you have Chapter 28 twice (once under the title of Chapter 27 in the drop-down menu). Well, I'm off to read the rest of the series again, ciao!

Reviewer: BeeDate: 2004-07-27
Reviewid: 94257Chapter: 1
And i am not a member of Sugarquill...but anyways
i maybe a member but only maybe. (i am not super good at writing stories but i think i am okay)

Reviewer: BeeDate: 2004-07-27
Reviewid: 94255Chapter: 24
One more thing: Please give more desbription of horses
I simply really adore horse though i do not know how to ride one. If anyone(sentimental or sensitive person) likes reading books about horses, i recommand you all to read the Heartland series by Lauren Brooke. The 1st book to the 3rd one is v. sad but after that it's okay...
So read it!!
From Bee *~^_^~*

Reviewer: BeeDate: 2004-07-27
Reviewid: 94253Chapter: 24
Wonderfully brilliant!! This is the best fan-fiction i had read so far. I will repeat again: wonderfully brilliant, wonderfully brilliant, wonderfully brilliant, wonderfully brilliant , wonderfully brilliant, wonderfully brilliant, wonderfully brilliant, wonderfully brilliant, wonderfully brilliant, wonderfully brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wonderfully brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!
Best Wishes,

Reviewer: BeeDate: 2004-07-23
Reviewid: 93808Chapter: 1
I really like the horse, though i would i like thisd story even more if u did a little bit more description of the horse. i love horses though i do not know how to ride one:)

Reviewer: WhiteWolfDate: 2004-05-30
Reviewid: 85224Chapter: 1
So far this looks like a wonderful story. I was especially interested in the Wild Hunt, as I've read of them in another book, The Dark is Rising (set in Wales, I believe) and believed them to be created by the author, Susan Cooper. I'm going to stop now so that I can finish the rest of the story.

Reviewer: Jennifer PickerillDate: 2004-05-13
Reviewid: 82482Chapter: 6
Ok first of all WOW. Im an lord of the rings freak and i'v never ever read a beter fan fiction and i'v only read to chapter 7. well i have to say Aiya (hail in elven)

Nararie (farwell in elven)

Reviewer: AnnieDate: 2004-02-28
Reviewid: 72530Chapter: 1
I love this story! I really like the idea of blending the Harry Potter books with some of the characters from The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. The Race for the Sun was really interesting, too.

Reviewer: rabid lola :)Date: 2003-12-28
Reviewid: 64974Chapter: 1
i found your story cool...and the way you write is...well, not deep and completely story-fashion, but it's good. and nice. :)

Snape seemed a LEETLE not himself, though...not acerbic, or mean, as he usually is. and Sirius suddenly seemed a lot nicer to Snape than he usually is. but i enjoyed your story a lot.

Nox is cool. :) yeah.

i like this blending of LoTR and HP. it's cool. and to think Snape could be descended from, too. :) hehehe.

I notice that you mentioned the Bataan Death March. are you a Filipino, or familiar with Philippine history? :)

again, great story! i'm going to start on the sequel right now... :)

Reviewer: CanopusDate: 2003-12-17
Reviewid: 63659Chapter: 10

I'm just reading your story for the first time and I'm only partway through it, but I loved this chapter with Snape on the longe line! It brings back nasty memories of my own trainer-inflicted torture sessions. And I have a feeling that an elf might be of that same impassive sort of 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' mentality. *snort* Snape in pain. Not Dark Mark-inflicted broody pain but good, wholesome, character-building pain. I like it. ;) Snape in breeches is a nice perk as well. Heh.

Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2003-12-15
Reviewid: 63407Chapter: 23
I've been scouring the net to find a truly well written HP/LOTR crossover. You have acheived it. I'm not even done reading this story and I'm completely hooked! I look forward to reading all your stories. Great work!!!


Reviewer: Myster webDate: 2003-11-16
Reviewid: 60259Chapter: 28
What a rousing tale! You blended Middle Earth with Harry Potter perfectly and showed us a side of the Nazgul that we had never seen before. The ending was great, I'd been wondering if they were going to go head over heels for each other. Good job!

Reviewer: DianaDate: 2003-10-30
Reviewid: 58358Chapter: 28
My, my. That is some advanced magic. Most complicated indeed.

*sings* "My heart is trying to still lie. You will be on myyy mind foor-ee-ver. I fe-el empty as a drum. I don't know why I didn't come. I-I-I don't know why I didn't come."
-From the radio.

You've done a very nice job in combining the magic of Lord of the Rings with the magic of Harry Potter. I've seen LoftheD movie. After I've watched it, I began to theorize how wizards came into being after the battle of Middle Earth (even with the founders of Hogwarts), with a hobbit like Frodo and what-I-call'em battle-mage elves, like Legolas. I believe that all these ancient magic battle happened around the Vikings time, where wars during the time were most common. (That's what I believe, for surely)

Reviewer: Lexell CassiniDate: 2003-10-09
Reviewid: 55946Chapter: 1
I love your fanfic, how can I put it on my web page?

It's a mexican page:

Reviewer: birdsongDate: 2003-09-27
Reviewid: 54498Chapter: 1
I've read your story and have thoroughly enjoyed the blending
of Lord of the Rings with Harry Potter. Well done! I'm
going to start reading your next story immediately! Keep up
the good work!

Reviewer: technetiumDate: 2003-09-13
Reviewid: 52230Chapter: 17
I'm glad you explained about the race. At first, when you said it was a race with the sun, I assumed the goal was to travel around the world ahead of the sun, which, at Scotland's latitude (57 degrees, 9 minutes for Aberdeen) would have meant traveling at 562 miles per hour (yes, I did the calculation, avg radius of the earth(6371km)*cos(latitude)*2*pi radians (for a complete circle)/24hours*.6213711922 to convert to miles). I'm not sure exactly what you mean by the shadow of the sun, though.

Reviewer: technetiumDate: 2003-09-13
Reviewid: 52217Chapter: 4
The Black Knight Always Triumphs! The would-be-dark-lords aren't quite dead yet. 'Tis merely a flesh wound! Sorry, I like Monty Python way too much for my own good. Anyway, this is very interesting so far, and I've been looking for a good LotR/HP story for ages. Yours is shaping up nicely, although I hope it doesn't turn into a soppy romance.

Reviewer: HiroDate: 2003-08-22
Reviewid: 48206Chapter: 5
Sorry, I have to nitpick. Are you messing up Tolkien history on purpose for the sake of the plot, or are you just not entirely familiar with it? Or am I forgetting the name of a King of Eregion?

btw, I love 'Eregion" of "Hollin". Heehee!

Reviewer: lqwampyrDate: 2003-06-14
Reviewid: 36793Chapter: 28
Iloved this story, I was not able to stop reading until I was done. Your work was suggested ti me by a friend of mine (Vlad Tepes), and I must say that I was amazed. This story was even better than he led me to beleive. I know that he has asked you if Dumbledore could be related to Gandolf (or even Gandolf reincarnated), the question I have posed to Vlad and now to you is could he be related to the Valar? Once again I loved this storry and I look forward to reading Stars in the River tomorrow. Until next time.


Reviewer: Sweeney AgonistesDate: 2003-05-13
Reviewid: 31859Chapter: 2 I want an LJ icon with a picture of Snape looking sour with the caption 'Still Not King'. :D

Reviewer: Sweeney AgonistesDate: 2003-05-13
Reviewid: 31858Chapter: 1
I'm finally getting around to reading all the fics I should have read a long time ago. *cringe*

Isn't 'daro' a mild curse in Welsh? And when one combines that with the Wild Hunt...interesting. :D I'm looking forward to reading more. Moving on!

Reviewer: KazaeraDate: 2003-04-05
Reviewid: 26568Chapter: 29
This is brilliant. Without a doubt the best LotR/HP crossover I've ever read... not that that's saying a lot.
I did, however, notice possible mistakes. Are you going by Silmarillion canon or HoME? I'm not that well acquainted with HoME, so what I call mistakes here may simply be a different version of Tolkien's work... however, as far as I know
1) Morgoth was defeated at the end of the First Age, not the Second.
2) Gondolin was destroyed in the First Age as well, long before the War of the Rings.
3) Eärendil wasn't human - his father, Tuor, was.
4) The High King during the Second Age was Gil-galad.
5) Isn't it Ilúvatar and not Illúvatar?
As I'm a Silmarillion purist, these oddities interrupted the flow for me a bit. Apart from them, the story is, as said above, truly brilliant.

Reviewer: NightRainDate: 2003-03-28
Reviewid: 25561Chapter: 28
Okay! Now that I've actually finished reading this thing, I can review it for real! For the third time! : )
Anywho, I think this is the best fan fiction I've ever read, and I read a lot of them ; ) You do a decent job of crossing-over the two stories, which not a lot of people can do. I've got to say, though, that all those footnotes REALLY started to get on my nerves. I can't believe you wrote one for "A Elbereth Gilthoniel..." Come on! Any self-respecting LOTR fan can recognize that.

Reviewer: NightRainDate: 2003-03-27
Reviewid: 25396Chapter: 8
I've just got a question-- if Eregion is an elf, how can she have white hair? Elves don't age...they're born with a young adult appearance and then they just don't change, right?

Reviewer: NightRainDate: 2003-03-23
Reviewid: 25015Chapter: 4
Hmmm...just finished Chapter Four, and I have to say, it never occured to me that the Death Eaters might have been Tolkein fans. : ) Who knew they could have such good taste?

Reviewer: Madeline ElsterDate: 2003-02-20
Reviewid: 21150Chapter: 24
Excellent chapter; I appreciate how you gave us a little trip through history. I must confess, though, that for some reason your description of Mandos as a "handsome young man" suddenly gave me the mental image of Christian Coulson. >.<

God Bless,

Reviewer: Jedi SkysongDate: 2003-02-12
Reviewid: 19952Chapter: 26
BWAHAHAHAHAHA! LMAO! For the first time, a decent LOTR/Harry Potter crossover! Obviously, you love Snape but while you let him take center stage in this story, you haven't made him too OOC or diminished the other Harry Potter characters for his sake. You did a good job of adding depth to the character and it was a nice touch to have him as a descendant of Numenoreans. Weaving in other elements from books and the real word was very nicely done. BRAVO!

Reviewer: hawaiiDate: 2003-01-17
Reviewid: 16558Chapter: 29
So very cool! I really loved it. Best crossover story of any type I've read. Can't wait to read your continuation.

Reviewer: MikeDate: 2003-01-08
Reviewid: 15564Chapter: 29
I always meant to review, but it seemed that every time I was going to something distracted me. In any case, I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVED this story for your gorgeous integration of HP and Tolkien's world.

Reviewer: AnneDate: 2002-12-24
Reviewid: 13845Chapter: 29
I loved it!

Reviewer: Murasaki99Date: 2002-12-19
Reviewid: 13324Chapter: 29
Thank you to everyone for reviewing!

Percival - would Snape "allow" someone to kiss him in public like that? No way! Notice that he didn't have much choice in that matter - beyond the ill-considered choice of words that set Eregion in motion. :-D Also notice Dumbledore didn't give Severus any advance warning about the awards, etc. Albus is nobody's fool. If he'd had any idea, Severus would have packed up and gone looking for Voldemort just to stay out of 'harm's way' so to speak.

Sharon - we aim to please (or something like that!) Of course, this may be the only kiss Eregion gets this year, LOL.

Julie - sequel is being written. Two pages and growing, and I hope to keep to the same production schedule (with a delay around the holiday). Yes, Severus hit new heights (or lows?) of embarassment that night... but hey, now he has a basis for comparison when he gets into other 'fun' situations!

Aicre - Yes, he fainted, most absolutely. Next chapter starts off with his reaction to the whole affair.

Catherine - LOL, I love how you say "gets what he deserves", that covers so many bases!!

Sunsethill - yes, he got plenty of fun things, and what is he dwelling on? The horror of a public spectacle. *chuckles* Dumbledore is a most thoughtful wizard - he sees more than most of them (which probably explains why he's Headmaster?)

Ozma - HAD to put Filch and Mrs. Norris in there! And no, Severus still hasn't fully comprehended what's going on with his physical status. (At least no one will drag him to see 'Aliens' or some other bodysnatching movie.)
I love Dumbledore - he's just prescient enough to keep everyone on their toes. And yeah... Severus is a charter member of 'Gryffindors Anonymous', LOL.
Eregion insisted on that kiss... I'm only the writer, it's these characters with opinions that make it all fun.

Ara Kane - uh... I can't see Severus with a harp... if he ever went for an instrument it would probably be something like a black Stratocaster, just to be totally perverse. LOL.

Reviewer: percivalDate: 2002-12-18
Reviewid: 13255Chapter: 29
the worst thing about this story: "The End"
the best thing; "Next story"

the final kiss was a huge surprise, but a bit - soppy?
I can see that Snape is going down in a maelstrom, but would he ever allow
someone to kiss him in front of the whole school? finally allowing him
to feel good and warm, finally being the hero would be unsettling enough.

I really liked the Classroom Snape, btw, especially in light of recent discussions

Reviewer: SharonDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13120Chapter: 29
WOOHOOO!!! *flings some confetti around in wild glee* YES! I had been WAITING for that kiss! I was going to PESTER you for a kiss in the sequel, but thank GOODNESS I don't have to! AHAHA!! YES! *stops screaming hysterically, and very calmly sits down* Erm. Yes. Bravo. This is most definitely my most favourite chapter. It has Severus kvetching, Severus embarrased, Severus startled as all heck, and most importantly, Severus in luuuurve. Dang! What more could you want?! I'm so happy I saved this for a bit of goof-off time, I'm trying to de-stress before my first two exams... (Don't worry, science and english, terribly easy, I know everything.) Whoo. Yaiy. *cheers s'more for THE KISS*

Reviewer: JulieDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13103Chapter: 29
Wow! And that's the END?!? At least you have a sequel in mind!

I don't think I mentioned before that I don't really LIKE Snape. I almost never read stories about him. So the fact that I'm following this story means it must be really good.

"He was beyond being appalled. Now he was far into uncharted regions of astonished embarrassment on his Mental Map of Momentous Occurrences." plus I LOVE the way you describe Snape and his feelings. Great job!

"Distract you? How?" "Any way you please." ROFL! Saw that coming! I'd love to see the students' reaction to that kiss.

Now that it's done, I'll be adding this story to my list of fics to reread straight through. Of course, that will take place in the mythical "someday" when I have free time, but I LOVE rereading stories without having to wait for new chapters.

And, of course, I'll be looking forward to the sequel! Keep up the great work!

Reviewer: Acire SadeurDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13101Chapter: 29
::sputters:: but what happens??? he won the order of merlin...finally...he nearly faints...or did he? oh, i want to know more!!

Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13093Chapter: 29
Nicely ended. It's good to see Snape get what he deserves in so many ways. :)


Reviewer: sunsethillDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13067Chapter: 29
Oooh, yes! The Order of Merlin, 10 thousand galleons, and Eregion. Nice prizes. <g> But I don't like those two little words at the end "The End." I almost cried until I saw the A/N. I also especially enjoyed Severus' rant about not being a foolhardy Gryffindor--for another two weeks, and Dumbledore's remembering to save some of the dark mark in a medallion so Severus can continue his fight against Voldemort. Great details.

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13007Chapter: 29
YAAAAYYY!!! Filch and Mrs. Norris!!! I always love seeing them!!! Filch's comments about the goings on in the Potions Classroom while Severus has been ill were very funny! And I loved Mrs. Norris's warm greeting for the Potions Master and Severus's reaction.

Speaking of Severus and his reactions, his response to Eregion's news about every cell in his body being replaced was adorable. I have the feeling that he still doesn't fully understand what's happening to him.

Dumbledore proved his wisdom yet again, with his making sure that he preserved the essence of the Dark Mark, to help keep his friend and comrade safe.

No, he's not going to go after the Nazgul right away... that will be foolish and Gryffindor-like. He's going to wait a couple of weeks. Now THAT'S sensible. Uh huh. He's so cute.

I loved the trophy, and both Eregion's and Severus's reactions to it. "Hideous." They made me laugh. Severus's reaction to the money and Eregion's reaction to his reaction was also lovely. And the Order of Merlin for his courage!!! (Try to deny how brave you are now, Severus!) and A KISS!!! Oooh, I loved that Kiss!!!

Can't wait for next chapter and more Gobardon!!

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 12986Chapter: 29
I forgot to express disappointment over Snape's failure to go harping about under the trees. Maybe in the next installment...? *blinks hopefully*

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 12984Chapter: 28
Hurray! They won! The hideous trophy was funny -- Snape was smart to figure out a way to get it out of his face :D

I loved this story, Murasaki, and can't wait to read the sequel!

Reviewer: SharonDate: 2002-12-11
Reviewid: 12153Chapter: 27
It's thundering outside - stupid Georgian weather - and it took me an awfully long time to read this because the words were jumping around because I had a migrane this morning, but dang, was it worth it. Brilliance! Now I -will- have to redraw an Elvish Snape, minus goatee, in his usual Hogwarts clothing, looking horribly annoyed. Bwehehheeee... Severus acting like Severus again is also duly hilarious.

"You spent the night! That means we've got to get married!"

I laughed out loud for a good minute and I think I scared my parents downstairs...

Reviewer: Acire SadeurDate: 2002-12-10
Reviewid: 12144Chapter: 27
You have no idea how excited get when i see Murasaki99 on the list of updated favorite part: "I owe a wizard's debt to half of Hogwarts!" Just like Severus. This is too awesome for words...I can't believe he's an elf! And now I've got to hurry and finish my homework, because I just had to stop and read this!

Reviewer: ClaireDate: 2002-12-10
Reviewid: 12115Chapter: 27
SQUEE! *joins in New Chapter dance*

Humph: someone else pointed out the Varda/Yavanna flint - I wanted to make a correction. I'm all disgusted now because I can't find anything I could possibly criticise ;-).

Severus the Elf! Which kindred? (Please be Noldor, please be Noldor, please be Noldor...) I have a beautiful mental picture in my head of his eyes now.

This ROX! *squees, and runs off to read it again*

Reviewer: Murasaki99Date: 2002-12-10
Reviewid: 12082Chapter: 27
Ara Kane and Ozma - The "we've got to get married!" bit just happened when I set the scene up. Severus does have a sense of humor, he just doesn't often let it out to play (which may be a good thing?). Don't know if we'll ever see Severus harping under the trees... he *might* however haul out an electric guitar just to be difficult... since when has he ever done anything the easy way? :-D I remember this wonderful split-screen Far Side cartoon: "Welcome to Heaven, here's your harp. Welcome to Hell, here's your accordion!" LOL

Giesbrecht -- augh, I wanted Varda!! You are absolutely right. Siigh. Will upload a corrected version after I get the next chapter done.

And yes, I think Severus may find he has a very long time indeed to work out his life-issues. My beta reader pointed out the difference between human thought and elf/Valar-thought. Elves and their kin think holistically and can see all paths before they make a decision, and they tend to assume everyone else can, too, whereas most humans are pretty one-pointed about things. They can follow one series of potential actions/consequences pretty well, but present them with ALL of them and they get lost. So, Eregion's deductions about Mandos' intent regarding Severus' fate was quite clear to *her*...

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2002-12-10
Reviewid: 12052Chapter: 27
"You spent the night! That means we've got to get married!" LOL I loved the "morning after" conversation between Sirius and Severus :D The deviation from Snape's usually desiccated sense of humor was priceless!

The idea to have all the Quidditch teams switch off on Snape was touching :) I also loved how you've captured Hagrid's speech.

And Elf!Snape! I'm really excited to read more about that! "I'll believe I'm an elf the day I start harping under the trees." I'm hoping that's a hint that he will later on in this story! :D

Reviewer: GiesbrechtDate: 2002-12-10
Reviewid: 12050Chapter: 27
*ahem* First, a correction. Yavanna was the Giver of Fruits. The one known as Elbereth was Varda, Star-kindler.

Second, a commendation. You handled the elf thing wonderfully. I've enjoyed this fic to the end and look foward to the sequel. So it seems that Snape might really find redemption! Rock on!

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-12-09
Reviewid: 12005Chapter: 27
"You spent the night! That means we have to get married!" LOL!!! That entire scene between Sirius and Severus, when Severus woke up made me laugh out loud! I loved the way that Harry and Sirius left so they wouldn't have to tell Severus what had become of his clothes!

Ooooh! Severus the Elf!!! His utter cluelessness was adorable. I completely enjoyed the way that Eregion walked him up to the subject slowly and carefully, and broke the news to him as gently as she could. It was so cute watching Severus being concerned about all the wrong things. Where his clothes were, owing wizards' debts to half of Hogwarts and Gobardon(!)too. Is he immortal now? This is so cool!!

Reviewer: Murasaki99Date: 2002-12-09
Reviewid: 11946Chapter: 26
Julie - glad you got caught up with the story & that you enjoyed the writing *happy grin*. Next chapter goes into some of the "side effects" of Severus' medical treatment (and some side effects of getting way too close to a Nazgul).

Ozma - consequences coming up next chapter. Plus a few more once Severus has some time to process everything he's encountered. He hasn't had time to integrate everything in his own mind.

Yes, we hear from Filch in the chapter after next. He was most aggrieved by Severus' absence. :-D

Sirius is a very good fellow indeed.

Ara Kane - Severus was very good about not screaming at finding he was sharing space with Harry... of course being mostly out of it didn't hurt.

Sharon - do your Latin! LOL. And the title was inspired by those news shows.

Reviewer: JulieDate: 2002-12-04
Reviewid: 11174Chapter: 26
Wow, I was obviously really behind. I just caught up on chapters 18-26, and wanted to let you know I'm still really enjoying this.

I can't wait to see what Eregion's "filtering" has done to Snape. And his reaction when he finally realizes that a large number of students have been in bed with him. Not to mention Sirius. LOL!

Also, I like your way with words. I kept running across sentences I like, and finally started copying them into Notepad. There are at least 2-3 per chapter, so I won't post them all here, but just a few of my favorites. I just like the way you phrase things, and you really show a lot about people's characters (Snape especially) in just a few words.

"Severus made a quick posting to his mental notebook on the matter"

"He called upon that training now to keep himself still, rather than running away screaming."

"Severus found warm liquid trickling from his eyes. Blasted allergies are going to bother me now? he wondered, momentarily distracted."

There are lots more, but this post is long enough already. Keep up the great work!

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-12-03
Reviewid: 11000Chapter: 26
YES!! Severus is awake, and he appears to be mending. Poor man, I'm sure he'll have plenty of consequences to adapt to later. The changes in him probably go deeper than his eyes.

Harry was endearing as he recounted the events that Severus had missed. I especially enjoyed Snape's flashes of impatience with the boy, followed by his own self-scolding.

I always enjoy seeing Eregion and Dumbledore together. And I loved it when she kissed his hands. It was an especially fine moment.

Dumbledore's account of the goings on in the Potions Classroom made me laugh. Ooblek! Poor Filch!! Snape's reaction to Dumbledore's news made me laugh.

Awww, Sirius is adorable in protective-puppy mode. I felt a strong desire to scratch him behind the ears.

Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2002-12-03
Reviewid: 10968Chapter: 26
Yay! Snape is awake! And to his credit, he didn't scream at finding Harry, erm, *in bed* with him. I'm glad to see his biting humor wasn't damaged in the least; and the change in his eye color is cool! :D

My favorite part, though, is Snape trying to get out of bed to teach. If he wasn't tied down to Snape, Sirius would probably sit in on the Potions classes (in dog form) and regale Snape with the more spectacular incidents therein just to annoy him! LOL

Can't wait for an update!

Reviewer: sunsethillDate: 2002-12-03
Reviewid: 10966Chapter: 26
I liked how you used Harry's talking both to catch us up on the story and to awaken Snape. And you are being very sneaky with Eregion and Snape. Are they or aren't they? Only future chapters will tell. This story feels like it is speeding up, and I'm eager for the next installment. Will we find out exactly how Dumbledore fits between the two stories?

Reviewer: SharonDate: 2002-12-03
Reviewid: 10961Chapter: 26
SHREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! NEW CHAPTER!! Thank goodness poor Sevvy is finally awake, and worrying about his job. I sniggered aloud. And he even gave Eregion a hug, awwee... *sniff* He can be a sweetie when he wants to. I'm going to have to attempt to draw that now, if I can only decide what sort of furre Eregion is. Errrmm... Horse? Oo;; The title made me think of some cheesy news show, the kind you here five seconds of before rolling over and smacking your alarm clock into submission. Except with Harry instead of the usual annoying people... Oo;; again. *goes off doing the New Chapter Dance, ignoring her need to learn irregular Latin verbs*

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2002-11-30
Reviewid: 10657Chapter: 25
"Right, then. Who goes first?" Gotta love that Ron :)

I'm curious to see who else volunteers for Snape-sitting duty, as well as what happens to Eregion and the Nazgul poison. Hope to see more soon!

Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2002-11-29
Reviewid: 10513Chapter: 25
Lovely work with all the musical references.


Reviewer: AngelDate: 2002-11-28
Reviewid: 10441Chapter: 25
More!! I really like this story. Never read LOTR, but this is magical.

Reviewer: Murasaki99Date: 2002-11-28
Reviewid: 10433Chapter: 25
Cindie - I think I messed up chapt. 24 by trying to upload a corrected version (with working footnote links) and somehow I uploaded chapt. 25 twice. I sent in the proper version of chapt 24 earlier this evening, check for it tomorrow - hopefully it will be there.

Giesbrecht - glad you are enjoying the story! I've been passing part of my evenings rereading the Silmarillion and paging through LoTR. It's been so long since I've read Silmarillion that I'd forgotten just how much mind-blowing stuff happens in each section. Yes, hearing the Ainulindale sung by an elvish bard would just be wonderful. I get happy thinking about it. :-)

Sharon - Excellent Q about chocolate! I hadn't even thought about that. Right now, getting Severus to eat *something/anything* would be a good thing. Why do I get the feeling he isn't a chocolate fan?? Would the Headmaster have to stand there and make him eat every bite? :-0

Ozma - I do love Gryffindors for the reasons you point out. They've got tons of bushido. Heh, Ron's reaction just came out very spontaneously, I could hear his voice in my head. As for Severus' condition after treatment... it IS a big question for Eregion, who then has to decide on what she should tell him and when. And she's really not positive about what might have happened. It's not as if Earendil ever had a transfusion & none of the Valar ever had to deal with a fusion of modern medicine and elvish magic, so she's definitely into terra incognita. I think she may be taking to heart the old adage, "sin boldly"!

Next chapter is more than half done. :-)

Reviewer: CindieDate: 2002-11-28
Reviewid: 10405Chapter: 24
Help! Is Chapter 24 there? I seem to be getting Chapter 25 twice? If I didn't love this story so much I wouldn't care but I don't want to miss *anything*.

Reviewer: GiesbrechtDate: 2002-11-27
Reviewid: 10397Chapter: 25
Another excellent chapter! Just seeing your name on the list of updated authors is enough to make me excited. Your blending of Middle Earth and Harry's world is getting even cooler -- I honestly didn't think it could be done before I read this fic.

You've obviously done your research for the ME half. Your references to LotR and The Silmarillion are excellent. I should let you know that The Ainulindale is my absolute favourite part of ME history, and that hearing it sung by an elf would be incredible.

Do go on soon!

Reviewer: SharonDate: 2002-11-27
Reviewid: 10382Chapter: 25
SHREEEEEEEEEEE!! NEW CHAPTER! NEW CHAPTER! *does the New Chapter Dance* Poor Eregion, being used for a giant filter. Oo;; Severus had better thank her lots for this, I expect it doesn't feel very pleasant at all. *gives hugs and teddy bears to both* Oh - odd idea of the moment - if chocolate is a good cure for Dementor-freaking-out-ness, what does mass quantities of chocolate have on Nazgul-sickness? When Severus finally wakes, is Dumbledore going to be shoving bars of Honeydukes chocolate down his throat? XD Somehow, I find that altogether too amusing. And if this is the first review for this chapter, I _AM_ going to go celebrate. Oh yesh.

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-11-27
Reviewid: 10371Chapter: 25
Poor Severus! You're demonstrating the finer qualities of the Gryffindors so well. The Potions Master isn't exactly a friend to them, but he's a comrade who's both honorable and worthy. Sirius, Harry, Ron and Hermione will do what they can to safeguard him.

Ron's reaction to Snape's condition was so endearingly Ron.

Eregion's blood transfusion opens up all sorts of intriguing possibilities. I wonder if Snape is going to be completely human after this, assuming that Eregion saves him from becoming a Ringwraith? Maybe he'll be part Elven? Poor Severus... that'll be a difficult adjustment.

Yes, it does sound like they're going to need more people to keep Severus alive. Surely, his Slytherins will be willing to help, including Draco. The image of Sirus hiding under the bed so he won't bite Malfoy is funny!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and please write more as soon as you can!

Reviewer: SharonDate: 2002-11-18
Reviewid: 9499Chapter: 24
JOY!! Story!! Does this mean the get-well-soon teddy bear I want to give Severus will have to go to the Elves? *imagines an Elvish teddy bear, blinks* Ehrrr... Actually, I was really happy to see this chapter because it actually gives me an sort-of-excuse to scan something - I'm really pathetic, I've drawn fanart to this fanfic. (Fanfanart?) It was one of those doodles where I didn't know quite what I was doing until it was too late, and then I pulled back and said to myself, "Oh, dear, it's an elvish Snape." He looks evil. Oo;; Oh dear again. Anyhow... if you care, I'll scan it and let you know, but I thought you might be amused that someone has drawn you fanfanart, ROFL.

Reviewer: Murasaki99Date: 2002-11-16
Reviewid: 9285Chapter: 24
Hello, thought I'd post a few answers here to questions in the latest reviews. Thank you so much to everyone for reading and commenting!

Wolf550e - Hang in there, this IS one WIP that'll get finished. So far, I've been managing to produce a new chapter a week, altho this week's may be slightly delayed due to CoS movie madness. I foresee another 3-4 chapters for this particular story. Of course, the sequel is already burning a hole in my brain (this is a problem with writing stories with both elves and wizards, both are incredibly persistent!)

Is Severus immortal? His fate is unknown at this point. I'm not sure when Eregion will talk with him about the different fates of Men and Elves and what it might mean to him - Severus is blissfully ignorant of all that right now.

No, Severus was not dreaming. The sequences with Gobardon were basically history - things that could not be changed; but the part where he ends up in the Halls of Mandos was real. If he had decided to be "finished with doing", he would have stayed there and his body would have died. Did Mandos bother to explain any of this to him? Nooooo.

S/E might be a ship, but it's a slow one! LOL Elves are hardly ever in a hurry.

Giesbrecht - You know, in all my research, I never found the proper name of The Witch-King of Angmar. Khamul, huh? I don't have all the Lost Tales books. I have book 2 and it's heavy wading. I did reread the Silmarillion, but didn't find any ringwraith names there, hence my little tribute to LeGuin. I thought being named after the Rune of Ending was rather appropriate for a Nazgul.

As for Failivren - the various books named at least two ladies with that name, and I decided if there were two, there could always be more... So she's no relative to the king of Nargothrond that I know of, unless he's a Noldor? I don't remember. Anyway, her full monicker hopefully lets the reader know she's not closely related to any of the canonical LOTR folks, except distantly. She is technically kin to Feanor, but he was long before her time, so she skipped all the fratricidal fighting, etc. Good thing too, considering she spent her youth hacking up orcs with great enthusiasm.

"Indorion" is translated as meaning something like "noble son" (according to my admittedly bad memory!)... I think Eregion's sire wanted a son & named his child accordingly.

Percival - Glad you picked up on the fact that Snape has a choice each time. (Of course, he may not *appreciate* the choices...)

Catherine - thank you... Epics R'Us! :-D

Sunsethill and others - I honestly did not set out to make 4 cliffhanging chapters in a row, but none of these had stopping places that were good. It did give me incentive to get the next chapter done, at least.

Mincot -- I'm picky about cross-universes myself, so I'm trying to be pretty picky about this one as I write it. Glad you enjoyed it so far.

Ozma - Gobardon refuses to be left behind, so I'm going to have to do something with him (darn Nazgul are as stubborn as elves - and don't tell him I said that!) I'm not sure yet what Eregion's reaction will be when she learns that the Nazgul in the modern world is the same one that killed her so long ago... it would give ME a pretty weird feeling.

As for the Dark Mark... heh. Kind of comes under the category of, "I have good news and bad news..."

Sharon - You left Terry Pratchett for this?? Ooo, thank you! *blush*

Thank you again to everyone, and more to come! Seeing CoS was inspirational!

Reviewer: Wolf550eDate: 2002-11-16
Reviewid: 9273Chapter: 24
Drat, another WIP! Anyhow, I love this. Is Sevvy immortal now, or was this whole thing a dream? Is S/E a ship?
A very nice twist on both the LoTR crossover theme and Snape/OC.

Reviewer: GiesbrechtDate: 2002-11-15
Reviewid: 9198Chapter: 24
I KNEW "Agnen" was from LeGuin. It's the Rune of Ending. And "Gobardon" is a star in the southern sky, and the name means "Crown." Clever usage. As only one Rider is ever named (The Witch-King is called "Khamul"), I can see how you could draw from LeGuin.

But wasn't "Failivrin" specifically Finduilas, daughter of the king of Nargothrond, so named by Turin?

Excellent chapter.

Reviewer: percivalDate: 2002-11-15
Reviewid: 9197Chapter: 24
just as I was working late - several more beautiful chapters,
drawing the LOTR world and the HP world ever closer together.
I really like your emphasis on Snape's CHOICE not to become a Nazgul.

Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2002-11-15
Reviewid: 9186Chapter: 24
I finally get here !

M99, you've really researched, and used Tolkein to great advantage. I salute you! You took the time to integrate another whole source effectively and skillfully.

And all I have to say is Go Snape! You are well on your way to being an epic hero, in this universe anyway.



Reviewer: sunsethillDate: 2002-11-15
Reviewid: 9139Chapter: 24
Very interesting chapter. But what a horrible place to leave us hanging! ;-)

Reviewer: mincotDate: 2002-11-14
Reviewid: 9094Chapter: 13
Ahhhhh, I have been stupid! stupid! stupid! As I wrote you, I had resisted this fic because I was highly suspicious of running into a Tolkien knock off. Instead, the punishment for my stupidity is that I have waited too long to read a well-written, well thought out, and emotionally charged WONDERFUL FIC. Had to leave you a note, even though I haven't finished yet .... I truly like Eregion, and what you are doing with Snape is very revelatory of his character while still doing no violence to his canon character. Nice work!

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-11-14
Reviewid: 9031Chapter: 24
Hoooray!!!! To think I was nearly about to turn the computer off and go to sleep!!!

Poor Gobardon. A decent, honorable man who wanted to protect his kingdom and his legacy...

I really REALLY am enjoying this exploration of the Nazgul's long-lost humanity! (I loved Gorbadon's reaction when Severus said that he must be lonely. He wouldn't have been so angry if Severus wasn't right.)

I also like the fact that Gorbadon and Eregion have personal history between them, he's the one responsible for killing her.

Severus continues to delight me, he's so much braver and stronger than he realizes. I love his determination to return to where he ought to be in order to protect his students and the Castle!

Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Reviewer: SharonDate: 2002-11-10
Reviewid: 8653Chapter: 23
Wow. Do you know I ignored my sister's now-relinquished-from-her-power copy of Terry Pratchett's "Night Watch" to read this?


That tells you how dadburn good this fanfic was.

Keep it up, and give poor Sev a hug for me. *sneaks in and places a teddy bear by his bed* Awww, poor Sevvy...

Reviewer: YolandaDate: 2002-11-07
Reviewid: 8405Chapter: 3
I wanted you to know that I'm finally into this and will probably catch up between errands and housework. Eregion's initial appearance was fun and mysterious. I loved the way she just took over and Severus went along. I don't know how you've done it, but you've managed to convey very powerful magic. I've instantly grown to like her and trust her as much as the inhabitants of Hogwarts. I also thought the removal of the mark was touching. Of course, Severus would be grateful to the person who relieved his pain. See you at the end of chapter 23!

Reviewer: GiesbrechtDate: 2002-11-07
Reviewid: 8387Chapter: 23
You're doing marvellously. I've not seen a crossover done so well. Do keep writing!

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2002-11-07
Reviewid: 8355Chapter: 23
Wow! Another great chapter! I loved how you described Hogwarts in the sun :) I swear I could see it! The sight and feeling must have been heavenly after the interminable cold.

Poor Squeamish!Sirius...I'm sad he had to feel so rotten but it was certainly a more human touch than if he had tried to keep Severus conscious through verbal sparring :) And now Harry & Co. will have to help keep Snape warm? That should be interesting.

And don't think I didn't miss Sirius growling, even in human form -- I was playing around with dog puns last night so those were still fresh in my mind! :D

Great job as always!

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-11-07
Reviewid: 8341Chapter: 23
The operating room scene was quite intense! Realistic too! Again, I applaud the wonderful way that you handle Sirius, and his feelings toward Severus. Ooh, the description of the Dark Mark draining out of Snape really made my blood run cold!

Eregion's description of the Nazgul and how Sauron had tricked and enslaved them made me feel almost sorry for the terrifying creatures. Bravo! I never thought anyone could make me pity a Nazgul!

Will we get to see Harry, Ron and Hermione next chapter? I'm looking forward to the eventual meeting between the Ringwraith and Voldemort!

Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2002-11-05
Reviewid: 8235Chapter: 22
I remember seeing this intense little snippet in the Snape's first kiss thread, and I thought it was interesting and well written there.


Reviewer: MichelleDate: 2002-11-04
Reviewid: 8095Chapter: 22
This is an awesome story- as long as it doesn't turn into a romance. PLEASE write more soon!

Reviewer: GiesbrechtDate: 2002-11-03
Reviewid: 8051Chapter: 22
Another excellent chapter! I'm eagerly awaiting more.

Reviewer: sunsethillDate: 2002-11-01
Reviewid: 7869Chapter: 22
Very enjoyable interaction between Severus and Sirius, and I really loved how Severus fought off the Ringwraith by thinking of his duty and Hogwarts. And Buckbeak was a great surprise!

Reviewer: ClaireDate: 2002-11-01
Reviewid: 7862Chapter: 22
Noooooooo! *bangs head off keyboard* What'll happen? What'll happen? Noooooo, don't answer that! Noooooooooo, I can't say anything without drawing out the vooooooooweeeeeeels 'cause there's so much tension!
That last sentence is chilling. And the whole final part is a bunny invite for sequel. Please? *big doe eyes*
Go Severus/Padfoot/Buckbeak/Nox/everyone else! And most of all, go you! You - as they say in the forum - ROX! *starts knitting a Murssaki99 sized Weasley jumper*

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-11-01
Reviewid: 7823Chapter: 22
Noooooooooooo! You can't stop there! (Bites nails, which is hard to do while typing...)

Once again I applaud you for how magnificiently you portray both Sirius and Severus, and the relationship between them. "People will think I didn't love you." ;-) You've captured just the right combinations of antagonism and banter! And you've shown their strengths so well; Severus's courage and honor, Sirius's bravery and recklessness!

I thought Severus was done for right there! He's so brave, defying the Nazgul!Sirius's (and Beaky's and the Thestral's) clever rescue made me gasp with delight, though I know it's only a temporary one. It's Eregion who will have to stop Severus from becoming a Nazgul.

And your depiction of the Nazgul continues to give me shivers of delight! His praise for Severus gives him an interesting humanity. He's terrifying in his calm patience. Eagerly awaiting more!

Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2002-10-28
Reviewid: 7388Chapter: 11
Oh my!

There's some (sexual?) tension there? I'm interested to see what happens next between Snape and Eregion.


Reviewer: GiesbrechtDate: 2002-10-26
Reviewid: 7083Chapter: 21
Goodness! What was Sirius doing there? And I think it'll be plenty interesting to find out what the Black Breath does to Snape.

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2002-10-25
Reviewid: 7026Chapter: 21
Two chapters in two days! Wow! :)

That dark rider was mean to hit Snape in the back >:( I'm not glad to read about his getting hit, but your descriptions of the effects of the dart were appropriately -- dare I say it? -- chilling.

Aha, Sirius is on the scene. I'm pretty sure things will get really interesting from here on out (not that they aren't interesting right now...anyway, you get my point...)

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-10-25
Reviewid: 7017Chapter: 21
EEEEEEEEEEK! From one hanging cliff to another!!! Poor Severus!!! Surely Eregion will be able to heal him, and Sirius will get Severus back to her safely so she can do this... won't he? I hope that the Nazgul doesn't get both of them! (Gulp!)

Your descriptions of the way that the wound was affecting poor Severus were really chilling. I ached for the poor man. And Nox is such a wonderful, wise horse. The care that she has for her rider is wonderfully described.

A lovely touch was Snape thinking "what would Potter do?" Marvelous!!!

I can hardly wait for more!

Reviewer: CindieDate: 2002-10-25
Reviewid: 7004Chapter: 20
Murasaki, You've managed to make Voldemort seem like a rank amateur. Wonderful story! I hope you don't keep us hanging on the edge of this cliff-hanger too long.

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-10-24
Reviewid: 6965Chapter: 20
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! Cliffhanger!!! Oh, you can't end there, you CAN'T!!! Poor Severus, BRAVE Severus, thinking of saving the other contestants, risking his own life in the process!!!

Your description of the Black Rider and his effect on the wizards is utterly chilling. And so is the way that he can sense and activate Voldemort's Mark. Poor Severus!!! Oh, I can't wait for the next chapter....

Reviewer: shellebelleDate: 2002-10-15
Reviewid: 6376Chapter: 19
This story is so wicked! (That means really good if you're from New England.) I love how you weave Tolkein and Rowling together and your characterization of everyone's favorite Potions master! Good work!

Reviewer: GiesbrechtDate: 2002-10-14
Reviewid: 6255Chapter: 19
Never thought I'd say this but, GO SNAPE! And I'm really curious about the People in Canada...

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2002-10-14
Reviewid: 6247Chapter: 19
*sigh* For a while there, I thought I was flying! :)

I really enjoyed your recounting of Snape's experiences during his ride so far. (There IS more riding, right? *blinks hopefully*) He had some very interesting thoughts, but at the same time he had a good look around -- for some reason, even though it was nighttime in Canada, the images of the People Snape met there really stuck with me! And the warding charms from the Slytherins were sweet. *huggles the Slytherins and they all rush off gagging*

I wonder how Sirius is going to fare when he runs across Snape in this sort of happy mood? :D He probably won't let Snape hear the end of it!

Reviewer: Acire SadeurDate: 2002-10-13
Reviewid: 6217Chapter: 19
I liked this chapter. I really like your description of colors, particularly the aurora borealis in Canada. It sounds very magical. Amd the People are interesting. I'd like to meet them too. For some reason, though, Severus seemed a tad out of character towards the end. I was reading quickly, though, and it's been awhile since I read the first chapters. But I hope he wins. I'm pretty sure he will, right?
Quick post to his mental notepad, that's great. I love mental notepads. Best things since sliced bread.

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-10-13
Reviewid: 6198Chapter: 19
The description of the race-courses, the different terrains and the other mounts were all wonderful. I especially liked the glimpses of The People in Canada. How sad to have run out of chapters to read!! Please write more soon!

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-10-13
Reviewid: 6196Chapter: 16
Ooooh! Shudders with delight!!! The ability to get inside a ringwraith's head so well is a bit scary, you know...

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-10-13
Reviewid: 6195Chapter: 14
It's morning and I'm back again to read. You write a lovely Sirius; boyish, vulnerable and endearing. It's rare and wonderful to find both Severus and Sirius handled so well in the same story. And Eregion continues to delight me. (The chapter with the house elves listening to Eregion sing was awesome!)

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-10-13
Reviewid: 6167Chapter: 6
I'm enchanted by this marvelously skillful blending of Rowling's world and Tolkien's. And Dr. Eregion is a complex and fascinating character. Her interactions with Severus are a pleasure to read. I wish that I could go on reading until I'm out of story, but it's late. So, I'll be back as soon as possible tomorrow....

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