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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 32

Reviewer: catakitDate: 2005-04-08
Reviewid: 118997Chapter: 1
No, they're not usually sweet, but if you throw in a couple tablespoons of sugar, they're marvelous, and 3/4 cup turns them into sweet sweet biscuts, good with strawberries and whip cream.

Reviewer: catakitDate: 2005-04-08
Reviewid: 118996Chapter: 1
No, they're not usually sweet, but if you throw in a couple tablespoons of sugar, they're marvelous, and 3/4 cup turns them into sweet sweet biscuts, good with strawberries and whip cream.

Reviewer: Reader2Date: 2005-03-08
Reviewid: 115869Chapter: 1
Good tale. but - The story is in dire need of proofing.

Reviewer: beckDate: 2004-09-18
Reviewid: 98530Chapter: 1
loved this story to and i thought it was awesome you included the recipe i will have to give it to my boyfriend so he can make it for me =)

Reviewer: IgnisDate: 2004-07-28
Reviewid: 94321Chapter: 1
Good job you've done here with Molly Weasley. This fic seems to have beem written before "Order of the Phoenix", since here Buckbeak is released to the wild instead of staying with Sirius, trapped in a room like he did on the actual book, but I like your solution much better. And I really dislike Molly because of that discussion she had with Sirius on the OotP (he is my favorite character, and I do believe she said some things she didn't have the need to say)and because of her authoritarian-housewifey attitude towards every single person on Earth, but I keep coming back to your fic just because you've portrayed her in such a brilliant way, like not even JKR was able to do. I think your Molly is a true "Mum", that everyone obeys even when she's annoying, while JKR's is just bitchy. Congratulations. =)

Reviewer: nana hedwigDate: 2004-07-08
Reviewid: 91377Chapter: 1
Nice one! I've never searched on sugarquill for fanfics, but it seems definitively worth it! I'll come back to your page! (Actually, from time to time I try to stop reading ff, but I don't succed, as every time I almost pull it trough I discover an interesting story...)

Reviewer: elfianjoyDate: 2004-03-16
Reviewid: 74841Chapter: 1
This was absolutely lovely. You did a wonderful job!

Reviewer: JKDate: 2003-07-29
Reviewid: 44498Chapter: 1

Reviewer: StormDate: 2003-06-17
Reviewid: 37318Chapter: 1
I love it. I really, really like your interpretation of both Molly and Sirius and I think that the whole set up is pretty much needed in the ending of GoF where Molly becomes added to the small circle of people who actually know about Sirius. Im not 100% convinced that she would have kept his secret identity firm Arthur (who she was certainly going to fill in on everything else that had happened and get very involved in the new resistance) but I think she certainly would keep it secret from her children. A very believable presentation of what might happen next.

Reviewer: HelenDate: 2003-06-08
Reviewid: 35941Chapter: 1
That was quite nice. You should write a sequel/epilogue of some type from Arthur's POV when he finds out who "Blackie" really is. I think it would be quite hilarious to have him be all "I fed Sirius Black leftover toast and eggs!?!?" Just my twisted little imagination... *grin*

Reviewer: BeckyDate: 2003-04-04
Reviewid: 26223Chapter: 1
Very cute with two of my favourite characters! One small (and very picky) point - here in Britain, we do have the same thing as what you called biscuits - only we call them cheese scones. And I've no idea what oyster crackers are! We usually have toast or bread with soup. Other than that, awwwww! The cuteness.....

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2003-02-27
Reviewid: 22149Chapter: 1
"plethora of fascinating smells--food and warmth and food and people and food." Good repetition ofthe word "food"; it's both cute and yet sad because it reminds us of just how starved Padfoot is.

"Eggs now are better than pride and food later. Of course, eggs now and more food later is even better" nice dry humor, funny and touching. Good job at getting inside Sirius's head while in Animagus form.

[Either you are going to wash yourself when I leave, or I will drag you into that bathroom by the scruff of your neck and wash you myself.] Very good job portraying Mrs. Weasley; both her maternal kindness and her no-nonsence attitude. I love how she's so set on giving men proper haircuts and feeding people!! You've portrayed her as very kind and realistic. The air of tension building is also interesting and subtly portrayed.

The HOWL League-very creative!!!

[If the only thing holding his old robes together was dirt, he thought grimly, the only thing holding his mind together was the edifice of sheer determination hed built.] What a great line, a very original way of phrasing Sirius's mental state as a result of his condition.

A very sweet scene, extremely well-done, especially your Molly.

Reviewer: Michelle WyffelsDate: 2003-02-25
Reviewid: 21826Chapter: 1
I'm reading my way through your story- so much more fun than my paper!
I got rather hungry. . .

Reviewer: JenniferDate: 2003-02-22
Reviewid: 21472Chapter: 1
I really liked this story! Very good use of Padfoots olfactory senses. I happen to be currently studying dogs and enjoyed how you wrote this story.
Although I am curious why Molly wouldn't tell Arthur about Sirius? Just a thought

Reviewer: lucysnoweDate: 2003-02-16
Reviewid: 20546Chapter: 1
Aww Molly is so sweet. It never occured to me that she would help Sirius out, but after reading this it makes perfect sense. I also like seeing how she is involved in the fight against Voldemort. I always have known she'd do whatever she could. Writing letters is a good idea.

Your Sirius is very well written too. You show his sadness and his struggle to keep himself together very well. It's nice that he has another friend in Molly.

Can't wait to see more from you!

Reviewer: CristinaDate: 2003-01-26
Reviewid: 17852Chapter: 1
That was a great idea! I can absolutely see Molly taking SIrius under her wing! There's no way she could let someone in such a situation go without mothering them a bit, just look at Harry! :)

Reviewer: KatinkaDate: 2003-01-07
Reviewid: 15488Chapter: 1
You know, as a housewitch myself, nothing bothers me more than the argument that "Molly Weasley is just a mother who stays at home and therefore offers nothing meaningful to society". That is why I love, love, love your characterization of her here -- you show Molly as a strong, smart, capable woman in whom Dumbledore places a lot of trust. Yay! The way in which she sneakily gathers her wizarding "intelligence" is a unique and cool idea, and I also think it's a bit fun how she goes behind Arthur's back to look after Sirius. Hey, it's not as if Arthur's never done that before! **cough**FordAnglia**cough**

Wonderful writing!


Reviewer: WerrfDate: 2002-12-06
Reviewid: 11385Chapter: 1
Oh, my...Molly is such a total mother, isn't she?

I like this. Molly and Sirius have only had the briefest moment of screen time in Canon, yet their reactions and interactions here manage to remain completely canonical (with the possible exception of the drop biscuits). I can't really see anything to criticise.

Reviewer: StormyfireDate: 2002-10-14
Reviewid: 6268Chapter: 1
That was a great story. Thanks for the recipie at the end as well!

Reviewer: JobeyDate: 2002-10-07
Reviewid: 5628Chapter: 1
Dear Mincot,

Congrats! Three of your fics have been nominated for Bloody Brilliant! Awards, mainly by Remusjay/Homertown (and quite frankly, with this being the deadlie, I'm so swamped and I'm not quite sure of the third, but I'll get the name for you later if you'd like): A Particular Affinity (Overall Most Touching Fic), Hang the Moon (General), and Just A Lovable Stray (Best Characterisation of: MOLLY WEASLEY).

You've been contacted for two reasons:one, to give you the option of declining the nomination, particularly if you visit our webpage ( and don't wish to be associated. If you do indeed accept your stories will be linked, and, if you do win an award, we will take your acception as permission to post them in our archives. Also if you wish to send a revised and/or beta'd version before the 10th of October of the fic.

There are no further responsibilities involved with accepting, but there is an Award Banquet in a private chatroom on a weekend of November (the 23 and 24). We'd like to have everyone involved and all nominated writers present; we'll beee annoucing the results of the awards and probably just revelling in a bit of cyber HP universe... which is always *cough cough* a perfectly legitimate way to spend an hour, isn't it? We'd be delighted to have you along.

Congratulations again. We wish you the best of luck in all your writing -- long live HP!


Chief Mugwump
The Bloody Brilliant! Awards Staff

'It is our choices who make us who we are... far more than our abilities' -- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Reviewer: ChorneyVolkDate: 2002-09-25
Reviewid: 4724Chapter: 1
You already know that this particular piece made me reconsider (albeit briefly) my harsh feelings towards Mr. Black. ;) That is truly accomplishing something, too! Keep writing, dear friend, and you know I'll beta for you anytime.

Reviewer: StereoMDate: 2002-09-25
Reviewid: 4721Chapter: 1
Ooo, what an original idea! I really enjoyed this story, and especially your characterization of Molly. Very interesting. And Sirius was just so... sweet. :)

Reviewer: UliDate: 2002-09-24
Reviewid: 4702Chapter: 1
Hehe - the recipe topped it all off!
This is a very original idea. I'd never have thought of it! I must admit I've never seen much, say, potential in Molly Weasley, other than being a very loving mother fussing over her kids. Yes, well. How one-dimensional of me. This story is very nice! Love the writing style, of course, and also the change in Molly's attitude towards Sirius. (I found it especially interesting how she treated him when she saw him for the first time as a human, while she had had no reservations at all when seeing him as a dog.)


PS: Thanks for your review.. I'm halfway through chapter 2 :)

Reviewer: MincotDate: 2002-09-18
Reviewid: 4239Chapter: 1
Thanks muchly to everyone who reviewed--Julie, Mr. RobertsIII, Giesbrecht, Yolanda, Kryssy ... if I've left you off the list, thank you, too! I'm glad you liked it--I worked really hard on this one. I have to give credit: THANKS to Alkari for asking hard questions about Molly's emotional responses--I don't think as a character she would have worked as well without the conversations A. and I had.

Gies and Kryssy: hope you enjoy the drop biscuits! The focus on food came out of a WWR thread; soup seems to be the universal remedy for illegal Animagi and recovering werewolves, and I just had this mental picture of Molly mothering Sirius ...

MrRoberts: I think you're right--Arthur will know eventually. I decided against having him know now, though. In canon, Dumbledore is very careful about disclosing Sirius' identity. For example, he does not tell Minerva who Sirius is. That made me wonder whether he needed to have someone he could trust able to convince the Ministry that s/he was ignorant of Sirius' presence and ID, just in case D. was removed as Headmaster. For that reason I figured that Molly might well NOT have told Arthur--yet; Arthur's position in the Ministry can be precarious enough without putting him in an ethically questionable situation. I'm sure he'll know soon, though, and I really want to see what happens when the twins meet Sirius.

Yolanda and Julie--Thanks! I wasn't sure about the level of thought as a canine. I know that *emotions* change and become simpler when an Animagus is in his/her altered form, but I wonder about intelligence. Maybe it is the same, but filtered through different senses, and with instinctive reactions that can take over ... ? That was how I tried to write Padfoot, but then there are some days that I wonder ..... :) The next time I write Padfoot the level of his reported thoughts may change ...

Thank you, one and all (doing a happy dance) :)

Reviewer: JillDate: 2002-09-17
Reviewid: 4132Chapter: 1
EX-cellent! What a wonderful way to spend a quarter hour! I really liked the way the characters were kept true to themselves in this story. I particularly liked all the teeny, delicate details that made the characters themselves. Sirius' wondering about making up the bed was especially good. Percy's coming home to get Molly to clean his robes, her threat to not warm the bathwater again, her bustling efficiency in all she accomplished, her getting Sirius' identity and whereabouts past Arthur - they were all well-done.

The only quibble I would have would be the level of complexity of thought that Sirius would have in Padfoot's form. I don't have the books in front of me now, but I was under the impression that when a wizard became an Animagus his thinking became more simplified. I think that by making the narritive more canine in introducing the story, it would be even stronger.

But this is a REALLY good story! Please write more.


Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2002-09-16
Reviewid: 4047Chapter: 1
Just one minor point - wouldn't Mr. Weasley know that Sirius is an Animagus? I can't see Molly keeping that a secret. Of course, your story works better with her doing so.

Reviewer: JulieDate: 2002-09-16
Reviewid: 4042Chapter: 1
Wow, a Molly story! I really like to see how Molly is so mothering of Sirius, even though she is also nervous at first. Sirius' focus on food is just perfect!

Keep up the great work!

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2002-09-16
Reviewid: 4031Chapter: 1
Excellent! I loved Sirius's constant thinking of food ("For the soup, the robes, the soup, the bed, the soup "). Everyone seemed wonderfully in character - I thought your Molly was wonderful and your cover for her activities was perfect. It was a nice touch to take care of Buckbeak.

My only complaint is that it was too short and only one chapter.

Reviewer: GiesbrechtDate: 2002-09-16
Reviewid: 4000Chapter: 1
What a delightful story! Just a good bit of conversation and characterisation, and lots of good food! (You're making one poor University student hungry...) I loved it.

Reviewer: YolandaDate: 2002-09-15
Reviewid: 3994Chapter: 1
A fun story and a recipe as well! I enjoyed your Molly--you really nailed her down. The most interesting aspect, though, was the man inside the dog. It's a great exploration of how the animal instinct blends with human thought. Thanks for the story.

Reviewer: pubDate: 2002-09-15
Reviewid: 3982Chapter: 1
Good story.

Reviewer: KryssyDate: 2002-09-15
Reviewid: 3981Chapter: 1
That recipe sounds absolutely delicious! I live in the western half of the US and I've never heard of that variation before...hrmm. Anywho, I've copied it and have given it to my mom. Oh! The story! Yes, of course...Excellent! (sorry...those biscuits were making my mouth water) I love your characterizations and HOWL is such a neat idea. Do write more!

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