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Reviews for: Dear Tom
Review(s): 26

Reviewer: weasleybabe24Date: 2007-08-22
Reviewid: 148978Chapter: 8
I absolutely love this story. You have perfectly captured innocence in Ginny's characterization and Tom is spot on. Two thumbs way up! I can only hope for a new chapter soon!

Reviewer: katie BiliusDate: 2005-08-08
Reviewid: 129341Chapter: 8

Reviewer: Dumblydorr729Date: 2005-06-03
Reviewid: 123273Chapter: 8
WOW ...this is powerful writing! And at the same time, I love how you've given such insight into little Ginny, you can really see how she ends up being the Ginny we know in OotP.

"Harry, of course, pretended he didn’t notice this, which was one of the many things Ginny had come to admire about him. He never noticed her, which was sort of bad, but when stuff like this happened, it was very good indeed."


Reviewer: AekhyaDate: 2005-04-06
Reviewid: 118860Chapter: 5
Oh, my GOSH!!!!

Reviewer: CassieDate: 2004-04-21
Reviewid: 79651Chapter: 8
Truely amazing. I don't think I've ever read a story that captures the character of Ginny like that. It was so great. All I can say for any advice is to keep writing, it might get you some where in life. Please write about the other books in her point of view!!

Reviewer: RacquelDate: 2003-12-14
Reviewid: 63210Chapter: 8
Aw, poor Ginny. Please contuine.

Reviewer: Ginny PrydeDate: 2003-11-09
Reviewid: 59510Chapter: 8
Very good!!!! Please write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Fluffy Logo BugDate: 2003-10-31
Reviewid: 58422Chapter: 1
When are you going to finish this story? You've got me hooked!!!

Reviewer: Dracona_heiress_of_malfoyDate: 2003-10-20
Reviewid: 57141Chapter: 8
Oh dear, here I am, looking for the next chapter for this wonderful fic, and there is none:( My dear, you MUST update soon!! I don't want to be imposing, but this is is too good ot let go of!

Reviewer: JulieDate: 2003-10-03
Reviewid: 55282Chapter: 8
All I can say is wow. I've now read all of your stories, and all of them are amazing. Love your writting

Reviewer: SupergalDate: 2003-07-30
Reviewid: 44723Chapter: 1
I think its great!!

Reviewer: Dracona_Heiress_of_MalfoyDate: 2003-07-06
Reviewid: 40366Chapter: 8
Oh it's been wonderful reading this!! You must update very very soon!!

Reviewer: Dracona_Heiress_of_MalfoyDate: 2003-07-06
Reviewid: 40362Chapter: 4
Ginny stared down at the words fading into the pages. Forgive her? What had she done wrong? She can’t spend all her time writing to him.>>

Hmmm, and so it begins.

Really? That’s…that’s great. I’m very pleased for you.>>


(Just my reactions, lol)

Reviewer: Dracona_Heiress_of_MalfoyDate: 2003-07-06
Reviewid: 40360Chapter: 3
Aaaaahhh!! I do love Tom Riddle Fics. And the chemistry between the two is so charmingJ It’s so exciting to read their conversations, and how exciting is the idea, isn’t it? “Hello? Is anyone there?” To have someone when you’re only 11 years old and have no one to talk to, and here is this diary that talks back to you, and listens sincerely to everything you say! Ah, this fic is a delight to read.

Oh, Tom! He was the meanest, most evilest, awfulest person that ever lived! He was really evil! He’s killed thousands of wizards and Muggles for over a decade.>>

Lol ;)

‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ A Muggle once said that. Do you know what that means?">>

Yes, yes.

Reviewer: Dracona_Heiress_of_MalfoyDate: 2003-07-06
Reviewid: 40359Chapter: 2
She swirled the foul stuff around in her bowl, wishing that she would someday learn enough magic to change it into eggs or bacon or anything but porridge.>>

I like that line because it gives an insight into Ginny’s apprehension.

Once again, your writing style is perfect to fit Ginny at the age of 11. You cleverly explain the little things, like why Ginny couldn’t answer Harry when he asked **"Oh, are you starting Hogwarts this year?"** (Awww!) Instead of having her as a girly girl who’s to shy to answer Harry, you added the bit about Mrs. Weasley commenting on buying her books second hand. It adds profundity on her character.

She did not want to have to kill her brothers in front of Harry Potter>>

Aawww again! Ginny’s so cool in this fic !

Reviewer: Dracona_Heiress_of_MalfoyDate: 2003-07-06
Reviewid: 40351Chapter: 1
This story is a delight to read. It’s very real, and she sounds just like an ordinary girl. I like how you portrayed Ginny, not in any extremes. She sounds exactly like she has six brothers. I also like that she admires Harry, instead of making out as having a “crush”.

Reviewer: LozweasleyDate: 2003-02-09
Reviewid: 19631Chapter: 1
Please, I have been waiting for ages for the next chapter... when will it be coming? This is really great, and I am desperate for ginny fanfic, please continue this soon!

Reviewer: Harry4meDate: 2003-01-22
Reviewid: 17290Chapter: 1
Please Please Please finish this fantastic fanfic! It really is one of the best I have read, and I would really enjoy reading more....

Reviewer: SaimaDate: 2003-01-02
Reviewid: 14787Chapter: 8
hey great story...its one of the best pieces ive ever read...the plots extremely intense and fast paced...hurry up and write da rest!

Reviewer: harry4meDate: 2002-12-29
Reviewid: 14317Chapter: 8
Oh, please please please continue, this is one of the best fanfics I have read. So Ginny-like, so Tom, so very realistic. Continue, please!

Reviewer: somethingDate: 2002-12-08
Reviewid: 11865Chapter: 2
pretty good. i havn't read the whole thing yet but i plan to

Reviewer: sophieDate: 2002-11-20
Reviewid: 9647Chapter: 2
wow, this is really great stuff. Please, continue, I really want to hear the rest! You have captured Tom and Ginny really beautifully, it is one of the best fanfics that I have read!

Reviewer: Chocolate MuseDate: 2002-10-07
Reviewid: 5599Chapter: 8
It's nice to see CoS done from Ginny's POV. I am enjoying how you are portraying Tom. I can't wait for the next update.

Reviewer: GreenEyedLilyDate: 2002-09-14
Reviewid: 3914Chapter: 8
OMG, this is soo cool. I think it's a very original idea. This was the first Tom Riddle story I've read. I loved it, so then I started looking for more fics about him. I did find them, but this one is still my favorite.

Thank u sooo much,

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2002-09-09
Reviewid: 3583Chapter: 8
Wow! These stories are great! You've really captured Ginny's voice! Your portrait of the charming but controlling Tom Riddle is also dead on...your portrayal of a psychologically abusive relationship is right on the mark. Very well-done!

Reviewer: ShimmerDate: 2002-08-16
Reviewid: 2160Chapter: 8
Hi Paula!
I've really been enjoying this a lot! Are you going to continue it? I hope so!

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