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Reviews for: Growing Grey
Review(s): 22

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-03-23
Reviewid: 141217Chapter: 1
Brilliant - Well done

Reviewer: TanDate: 2004-12-19
Reviewid: 108110Chapter: 1
Wow, how beautiful!

Reviewer: CornedBeeDate: 2004-05-06
Reviewid: 81444Chapter: 1
Very cool, very cool. Though after reading Nick's comments in OotP I very much doubt Cedric would ever become a ghost.

Reviewer: NigellaDate: 2003-10-26
Reviewid: 57881Chapter: 1
Hi Juliane! I don't know if you'll find this at such a late date, but I thought it was high time I read something of yours, and I enjoyed it tremendously - Madame Coco especially! I wonder if that's why you're my beta - the fairy godmother connection! (although yours is far more entertaining than mine!).

I'm looking forward to your next story!

Reviewer: L. MorningstarDate: 2003-06-07
Reviewid: 35745Chapter: 1
Hee hee hee. Wonderful, wonderful story. It's funny, in-character, and absolutely adorable.

>>Somehow, in spite the disparity of age and historical era, shed developed aacrush on him.
Nick's horror at Myrtle's crush on him is hilarious. And endlessly amusing, I might add.

>>Im stuck here, in glasses and a frumpy dress, doomed to spy on live boys, forever,
You know, when I read this line, I was torn between feeling terribly sorry for her and laughing. I kind of ended up trying to do both at once.

Madame Coco is -great-, by the way. I wish we could know more about her!

Oh! *gasps* I thought of Cedric a few lines back, when Myrtle mentioned spying on live boys, and there he is. It makes perfect sense for Cedric to haunt the Quidditch stands. Poor Cedric.

>>you looked like a lost princess as you wandered towards me, and I forgot to move out of the way.
Do you have a penchant for descriptions somehow relating to royalty? Sorry. It's just some musing on my part. And this sounds exactly like something Cedric -- dead or alive -- would say.

Reviewer: hiDate: 2003-04-21
Reviewid: 28861Chapter: 1
Wonderfl! I likedi!

Reviewer: LarzdinnDate: 2003-02-19
Reviewid: 20929Chapter: 1
*claps hands delightedly* OHHHH! What a ~beautiful~ piece of work. And oh!- I absolutely ADORE the original pairing. Cedric/Myrtle?!?! *sighs happily*

Reviewer: ChambraigneDate: 2003-02-14
Reviewid: 20260Chapter: 1
This is wonderful, very funny and charming. You don't see many Myrtle stories, which is too bad because I for one find her interesting.

Reviewer: heystroodleDate: 2002-11-09
Reviewid: 8586Chapter: 1
that is sweet! it would be extremely weird for harry and cho, though, to see cedric walking with moaning myrtle and everything...

Reviewer: MiliDate: 2002-11-09
Reviewid: 8558Chapter: 1
Hey, I've gotto admit I never considered anything among the ghosts, but I guess that was pretty good!

Reviewer: pubDate: 2002-11-06
Reviewid: 8308Chapter: 1
very glad this won

Reviewer: SreyaDate: 2002-11-01
Reviewid: 7820Chapter: 1
Oh, I've found a new ship... Myrtle and Cedric! *giggling* Okay, seriously, I think it's a very sweet story, and Madame Coco was very funny. :)

Reviewer: Seldes KatneDate: 2002-10-28
Reviewid: 7455Chapter: 1
This is a charming story. Good for Myrtle! It's about time she found a "life" for herself. I can certainly empathize with the fact that she misses chocolate! The contact lenses were a nicely amusing touch, and the appearance of Cedric and his adjustment to being a ghost gave this tale a wonderful twist.

I wonder if Madam Coco could squeeze *me* into her schedule.... ;-)

Reviewer: BooklovrDate: 2002-10-28
Reviewid: 7418Chapter: 1
Ooooh. I like! Hmmm, Cedric as a ghost? I hadn't thought of it before, but it definately has potential...*Thumbs up*

Reviewer: KatinkaDate: 2002-10-28
Reviewid: 7414Chapter: 1
What a lovely story, Juliane! Myrtle certainly needs to have her moment in the sun...erm, dark. I loved Madame Coco (complete with poodle and attendant hairdresser!) -- I think her great-granddaughter, Chanella, may work at Gladrags. ;)

Cedric's thoughtful consideration for Myrtle was so touching -- it might even help get the image of spoiled haggis out of my mind! LOL!

Reviewer: CirceDate: 2002-10-28
Reviewid: 7407Chapter: 1
Awww, Cedric is such a sweetie! I love the little details, like Nick's head flopping and the fact that the rooms change. I like the fact that Myrtle misses Chocolate Frogs and is still really unsure of herself...poor Myrtle, being stuck as a teenager for so long with all those teenage worries. Excellent story and thanks for including Cedric.

Reviewer: JulianeDate: 2002-10-28
Reviewid: 7377Chapter: 1
Thanks, everybody! I had lots of fun writing it.

Reviewer: Murasaki99Date: 2002-10-28
Reviewid: 7341Chapter: 1
Ooh, this was *good*! I was hoping someone would do something for poor Myrtle! (Doesn't the wizarding world have at least ghostly counsellors? I've wondered.)

Um, could Myrtle's Fairy Ghostmother be... Coco Chanel?? With her white poodle and favorite hairdresser at her beck and call? Hee-hee!

Have Cedric come in too, was touching. Are he and Myrtle going to be an "item"? :-)

Good work!

Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2002-10-28
Reviewid: 7299Chapter: 1

This is fun, and lovely. I think you've done a great job portraying the ghosts as very human.

And I love Cedric's appearance. Well done!


Reviewer: Emma DalrympleDate: 2002-10-28
Reviewid: 7291Chapter: 1
Another Juliane story! =D

Madame Coco is wonderful. Just the voice of reason that Myrtle needs--I admire her very much for not just taking that wispy neck and throttling it =)

Cedric is just too cute. What a lovely idea to have him be Myrtle's prince in shining Quidditch robes. Much better him than Nick! He's 500 years her senior!

Overall a very charming story. Well done =)

Reviewer: A.L. de SauveterreDate: 2002-10-27
Reviewid: 7221Chapter: 1
Juliane! Oh, how wonderful! Quite the unconventional Cinderella story. ;) Actually, Pygmalion would be closer. I love your Myrtle and *her date*! He is utterly in character, precisely the type of ghost every ghoul wishes she could have taken to the prom. :P

Fabulous story, as usual!


Reviewer: YolandaDate: 2002-10-27
Reviewid: 7218Chapter: 1
I have to know, is this the ghost of Coco Chanel? We all need a Madame Coco sometimes. I loved the fact that Myrtle found something to make her feel more confident. I have a feeling that the young man she met will get her out under the Quidditch stands. This was sweet and funny and made me think of the awkward stage of life.--I'm still in it!

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