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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 6

Reviewer: GinnyAuror00Date: 2004-01-16
Reviewid: 67255Chapter: 1
There is only one thing that I can say: Brilliant

Although I don't agree with why he left for Voldemort, I am astonded at how you were able to take welled up anger into account.


Reviewer: Stacey SimmonsDate: 2003-09-02
Reviewid: 50154Chapter: 1
Ilike you kissme

Reviewer: MaskDate: 2003-08-11
Reviewid: 46596Chapter: 1
well written, it is harder to write a convincing Snape and so all efforts are appreciated. Interestingly I think twarted love had little to do with it, but its a good take anyway. i like the fact you didn't use Lily as the girl he fell for. It's been used too much and I don't like the idea.
I think Snape and the Slytherins in general could do with a 2nd chance (Even though my main man Ron Weasley would disagree). Dumberdore is always right about these things. thanks for the fic.

Reviewer: VanyariaDate: 2003-06-19
Reviewid: 37664Chapter: 1
*eyes well up* poor poor Sevvie. I'd marry him :D

Reviewer: JessanndiDate: 2003-05-28
Reviewid: 34199Chapter: 1
"If he does recover, I shall set myself against him. Not openly, like an idealistic fool, but secretly. I was not a Slytherin for nothing."

I find this line very inkeeping with Snape. I like the way that you get to show that Dumbledore made the promise of the potion Master's position before Snape went to the dark side. You have Dumbledores character correct in that he wouldn't break a promise once made.
You might wish to consider extending this fic to include more of Snapes feelings I also feel you need to work on differentiating between Young Snape and old Snapes tone of voice and phrasing.
Keep going though.

Reviewer: DemelzaDate: 2003-02-04
Reviewid: 18949Chapter: 1
:bursts into loud and noisy sobs: ooooooh my severus!!! I'll always luv u!!!!

lol. great story - short and sweet :D explains why hes always in a grumpfh

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