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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 16

Reviewer: MarcellaDate: 2005-04-15
Reviewid: 119662Chapter: 1
Pretty good!BUT how could you stop there??????????There is so many things left unanswered,like the whole Bernie the dead house elf thing!!

Reviewer: emmaDate: 2004-05-22
Reviewid: 84032Chapter: 1
This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooostupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: HermieDate: 2004-02-17
Reviewid: 71069Chapter: 1
Make hermione faint more. its good

Reviewer: xonyDate: 2003-09-05
Reviewid: 50814Chapter: 1
ehm sorry, no coments, guess It needs a sequel to make clear all the Benny stuff...

Reviewer: lineDate: 2003-09-02
Reviewid: 50270Chapter: 1
I loved the end....


Reviewer: Sour CookiesDate: 2003-07-15
Reviewid: 41971Chapter: 1
Okay, this is a really, great idea and I wish you could develop it further! I mean, Berny, the Frosticine Poison... I know you're limited in words, but things start out fine, then rush out at the end, when Ron and Hermione share their little kisses together. We haven't really found out why Berny is... now, er, re-instated to his body, and Hermione would definetly NOT just jump out anf kiss Ron like that before giving him a chance to finish his sentence. But like I said, great potential for a great fan fic!

Reviewer: squibDate: 2003-07-05
Reviewid: 40196Chapter: 1
i really liked it although the ending was a bit hurried if you ask me. write more please because...just,because.

Reviewer: PyroDate: 2003-07-03
Reviewid: 39964Chapter: 1
I want an unpoisoned piece of that cake. *drools* Chocolate...

Reviewer: RyokoDate: 2003-07-02
Reviewid: 39681Chapter: 1
Ah. It was a bit silly house elf coming back from the dead and voldemort trying to kill Harry with a poison cake but still Ahhh. It was so sweet at the end

Reviewer: LenitieDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39473Chapter: 1
Loved it!!

Reviewer: BooklovrDate: 2002-10-28
Reviewid: 7277Chapter: 1
*giggles* That was cute! A tad, er, random (Voldemort's dead House-Elf?) but very funny! *Thumbs up and wave*

Reviewer: ..Date: 2002-10-28
Reviewid: 7272Chapter: 1
*grin* Wonderful!! I love this one!

Reviewer: LourdesDate: 2002-10-27
Reviewid: 7267Chapter: 1
This has potential. Good start.

Reviewer: ÁlanDate: 2002-10-27
Reviewid: 7238Chapter: 1
Evil, very evil...

Reviewer: Hermione @ HeartDate: 2002-10-27
Reviewid: 7190Chapter: 1
That was pretty cute! Good work!

Reviewer: pubDate: 2002-10-27
Reviewid: 7171Chapter: 1
This was an excellent story... what happens next?

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