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Search the Sugar Quill's Flourish and Blotts Fan Fiction Archive!

December 9, 2005. As our story archive has grown, our search feature has become a little less useful to our readers. We wanted to offer some tips and alternatives.


Google. Yes. Google. Use Google's Advanced Search page to search the Sugar Quill's stories. There are just two steps:

  1. Enter the search term or phrase that you are searching in the "Find Results" section of the search screen. For example: So You're the
    Daughter of a Death Eater
  2. In the Domain field, enter


Below are a few tips when using our local search box below. To search by...

  • Story Title: This will only allow searching one word in the title. For example, if you know the term "Death Eater" appeared in the title, you may only search "Death" or "Eater." Not both
  • Author: Type in the desired author name. If you only know part of the author name, you may enter it here. For example, searching "enya" returns three authors: Zsenya, Arabella and Zsenya, and Menya
  • Summary: This will only allow searching one word in the story summary: For example, if you know the term "kiss" appeared in the summary, you may only search "kiss"
  • Characters: This is a very "loose" search. You will be searching character names that are inputted at the time of submission. For example, searching on "Squid" returns one story that has "Squid" listed as a character. Not all characters are entered, and you may have to search for R/H and Ron/Hermione as separate searches
To search, enter a word, select a criteria from the pull-down menu, and press Go
Search keyword(s):
Search criteria:

Please be patient. The database is very big so the search could take a moment.
The Sugar Quill was created by Zsenya and Arabella. For questions, please send us an Owl!

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