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Edited by Asia, Jane, and now power-packed with Magoo! 
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ARGH! - Phrase used to express utmost disgust or frustration.

AtE- Acronym for the fic After the End by Arabella and Zsenya. (See "Headmistresses", "UberFic".)

AU - Acronym for Alternate Universe.  (A favourite Star Trek trick, like when, you know Worf and Deanna were having this thing? and..., well never mind.)  A story in which one factor in a time line alters the rest of a story. Ex. "What if Harry and Hermione being interested in one another?" or "What if Dorco, I mean Draco, is sorted into Hufflepuff?"


Baby Remus - The name given to Alphie's baby before he was born a healthy little cub on July 31, 2002.  Notice his birthday coincides with the great Joanne Rowling's?  Talk about taking her HP addiction a bit too far...

BADKATS - Acronym for: 1. Beautiful Adoring Dames Keeping Adoration Towards Sirius. 2. Boring Association of Dames Klustered At The Sugarquill. 3. Brilliant Association of Darling Keepers, Amazing Teachers and Students (or at least that's what we're telling you). It's a girl thing.

Beta Reader - Computer jargon for proof reader. The term originated in the 1960's at IBM (Just call me Hermione...) and referred to the company's practice of releasing a product that was not quite fully functional to a select few for a trial run.  These days Beta Readers have acquired Muse-like status by correcting grammar, spelling, typos and a whole host of other writing sins.  Beta Readers ROX.

Billywig - A sapphire blue insect whose sting giddiness followed by levitation.  Originating from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Billywig Addiction - The habit formed from the abuse of Billywigs. Also known as "stinging" or "wigging". (See Reading, Writing, and Wigging: A Wizarding Parentsí Guide to Billywig Abuse in Children: A Free Publication brought to you by Wizards and Witches for a Drug Free Britain.)

Billywig Brownies - Chocolate concoction served at Summit Meetings. (See "Billywig", "Billywig Addiction", "Summit", "Loincloth".)

Blog - A web log, or on-line diary.  Like Live Journal, though slightly less KEWL,  but without that "code" thing. (See Moey's blog: Thought You Ought To Know.  Though it probably hasn't been updated. 

Brb - An acronym for Be right back.  A term frequently used in chat when a chatter needs to leave for a moment.

Butterbeer Extra - Butterbeer with a higher alcohol content. Created by Vapid.  (See Broken Bottles, Broken Hearts.)


Canon - The original works of J. K. Rowling.

CoS - Acronym for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

CRAX - What prevents non R/H-ers from seeing the error of their ways.  Like FREAX, KEWL, SMAX, SUX, and ROX, it must be written in capitals only.


Deputy Headmistress - Moey.  Oh, how do you solve a problem like Moey?  How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?  She is gentle! She is wild!  She's a riddle! She's a child!  She's a headache! She's an angel!  She's a pirate! According to Zsenya, a Deputy Headmistress does way more work than her title gives her credit for.

The Dork Lord - Fumbled attempt by Wormtail to express the return of Voldemort, as depicted by DennisCh in TAHPCWNS2. (See "The Joke Lord", "TAHPCWNS".) 

Dran - Another word for darn.  Used most often in chat by people who can't type very well.  Coined by Jnae, I mean Jane.


EZ Board - A message board with lots of pop up ads where the SQ boards used to be hosted. Now we have Invision Boards. (Thanks to James and Instorn, who are KEWL.)


Fanon - Works of fan fiction which have become pseudo canon to their fans  i.e.  the stories by Thing1, Hermione Queen of the Witches by Arabella, and of course, the Uberfic.

FAQ - Acronym for Frequently Asked Questions. The SQ has it's own FAQ question pages that answers the questions frequently asked of the webmistresses.

FBAWTFT - Acronym for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  - Acronym for  The site which is the origin of many Harry Potter fanfiction stories.  Houses a gigantic stock of fanfiction (approximately 93% of which contains pornography, obscene violence, very unpolished writing, extremely out of canon ideas (see OOC), and/or ideals that go against the S.P.E.W., but still houses enough quality fanfiction that it is a staple in the everyday lives of most fanfiction readers.)

FFS - Acronym for Full Frontal Snogging, or, according to Georgia Nicholson in Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging "Kissing with all the trimmings, lip to lip, open mouths, tongues... everything."  (See "Snogging.")

Fiction Alley - A fanfiction archive, which is selective, but is also without ship restrictions. Also a place to review, and post messages.

Fidge - Edible fan fiction: "It's so good you can taste it!"  Coined by Cap'nGin and company, AKA as Team Fidge.

FITD -  Acronym for Farmer in the Dell.  The theory that Ron likes Hermione, Hermione likes Harry, and that Harry likes no one or someone outside the trio. (By this theory, Ron would be the dog, Hermione the cat, and Harry the mouse, and thus far Cho would be the Cheese. Hi-ho-the-dairyo...)

Flame - A nasty, rude, and inflammatory review for a fic, usually left anonymously by a mean person.  Flame sometimes refers to any unkind remark made on the Message Boards.

Fluff-O-Meter - A measure of romance content in a fic, invented by Poppy P. Scale of the Fluff-O-Meter ranges from "er?"  (being low) to "AWWWWWWWWW" (being high).

FotR - Acronym for Fellowship of the Ring, first in LotR trilogy.  (See "LotR", "TTT", "RotK.")

FREAX - Sugar Quill spelling of "Freaks". 
Like CRAX, KEWL, SMAX, SUX, and ROX, it must be written in capitals only.


G/H - A Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter romance.

GoF - Acronym for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Good Ship R/H - A symbolic "ship" that supports Ron and Hermione's relationship. The Good Ship R/H is run by a crew of Sugar Quill All-Stars, led by Cap'n Kathy. (See "Shipper", "R/H".)

Goodwill Ambassador - BBennett, member of the SQ crew, who spreads love, happiness and the true interpretation of canon to the other islands of fanfic.  BBennett is assisted in this endless task by the Junior Goodwill Ambassador Michelle Ravel (see "HaiKween").

Goomh -  Acronym for Get out of my head.  A phrase used in chat when two people (See "Twin") say the same thing at the same time.

Guest Map - The SQ Guest maps shows us where all the Quillers from around the globe live.  'Twas BBennett's idea and Dr. Aicha carried it out.


HaiKween - The title given to Michelle Ravel for being an absolute genius at writing haikus.  (See "Junior Goodwill Ambassador.")

Harry Potter Anonymous - A former thread on the "old" Sugar Quill for fans of Harry Potter who needed some place to turn when talking about their obsession.  A support group for SQers.

Head Boy and Girl - Presently Dr. Cornelius and Hallie.  Prerequisites include: Flute and Viola playing, perfect pitch, moderating skills.

Headmistresses -
Sugar Quill founders, Arabella and Zsenya, without whom the magic never would have happened, and whom are therefore responsible for the therapy should anything ever happen to this website.

HGTG -  Acronym for Hero Gets the Girl.  (Sometimes referred to as "Harry Gets The Girl.")  A theory a few confused souls hold, which stems from the belief that since Harry is the supposed 'hero' of the books, he should automatically be paired with Hermione, the obvious heroine. Branching from this theory is the mindset that Harry and Hermione eventually belong together because Harry is a great wizard (See "Super Harry") and Hermione is the smartest witch of her time. (See BBennett's A Certain Point of View.)

High EM - Used to describe a person whose computer is constantly crashing. Said person usually sees ghosts.

Hoser - 1. (n) A term coined on the SCTV skit The Great White North. 2. A certain person whose misguided devotion to his/her hometown sports team is affecting their mental health.

HP4GU - Acronym for Harry Potter for Grownups, another HP message board.


IMHO - Acronym for In My Humble Opinion.  A term generally used in chat or on the message boards by people who are not humble.  

IMNSHO - Acronym for In My Not So Humble Opinion.  Generally used in chat or on the message boards by people who are not humble and aren't afraid to say so.

IMO - Acronym for In My Opinion.  Generally used to cover one's posterior when voicing an opinion.

International Quidditch Superstar - A title given to Vapid due to his constant impersonation of Rapid Swiftfoot (see Charlie's Witches). It is believed the title was granted by Z as part of a therapy regimen aimed at curing Vapid of his fear of hurtling through the air at speeds in excess of 100 mph.

Invision Board - The home of the new SQ message boards.  We like it there.  It has KEWL icons.  (Though we did like the old background...)


"Jerry" - Short for Jerry Springer.  An adjective to describe a fic whose plot might also be suitable for the Jerry Springer Show.

The Joke Lord - Title given to DennisCh for his outstanding contribution to TAHPCWNS (See "TAHPCWNS".)


Karma Sutra - Proof that Remus Lupin was a virgin before he met Katie in the context of Thing 1's fanfiction.

KBTT - Acronym for the Kathy/B. Bennett Therapy Theory, which postulates that Harry's woes will lead him to become not a suave superhero as an adult, but a chain-smoking basketcase. This theory is described more fully in B. Bennett's story, Chain-smoking Harry.

KEWL - A phrase used to describe something that is truly rad and ROX. 


Lex Luthor - 1. Synonym for Evil, Very Bad, Arch-Nemesis Super-Villain of Superman. 2.  Lex also happens to be a really hot bald twenty-something year old on the Warner Brothers series, Smallville. 3.  Focus of GP's rather unGryffindor-like crush.  4. Source of at least 87 arguments between Magoo and GinnyPotter. 

Lightening Bolt - Shape of Harry Potter's scar as confirmed by a chat trivia session and the fine folks at Warner Brothers.  According to J. K. Rowling the scar is "razor sharp, just off-centre."

Live Journal -  An online journal or diary where people pour out their souls, take those personality test things and whine.  Live journals seem to send people on endless quests for a code.  It sounds like a conspiracy to me.  (See "Blog")

Lockhart-ish - To be full of one's self, or in want of attention.  ex.  "Is it Lockhart-ish of me to start a thread on one of my own stories?"

Loincloth - The official Sugar Quill uniform of Weasley men. (This is a post-Summit revelation. See "Summit", "Billywigs.")

LOL - Universal acronym for Laughing Out Loud; frequently used after something funny has been said.

LotR - Acronym for Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien's famous novel about hobbits, adventures, and dead sexy elves.  Oh! They had to destroy this ring, too...  Just go read it!  (See "FotR", "TTT", and "RotK.")


Magical Hair Police - A division of the Ministry of Magic Enforcement Arm: Good Grooming Division. We assume ourselves to be above the law because, let's face it, "It doesn't matter what you think, it's how you look". Oath of office to become a member of the Magical Hair Police requires that you do not argue with the Chief Superintendent (Thing1) when she tells you that Remus Lupin's hair is short with longish-bangs, which he is always brushing out of his eyes.

Mary Sue and Gary Stu (Harry Stu) - A term referring to characters who bear no flaws. Term is generally not used in a positive light.  (See "
Who is "Mary Sue"?)
Messenger Binge and Purge - A disorder wherein Yahoo! Messenger allows messages from a certain member to be built up and then released on the page in one massive string. (See also, "Yahoo! Messenger", "Satan".)

Minutes - A written summary of Summit antics. (See "Summit".)

MiSQA - Grammatically incorrect Acronym for Males in Sugar Quill
Anonymous, a thread that just never goes away.  Ever.

Mizzen Mast - The pole on the Good Ship R/H where you can often find one of the crew strung by their toes shouting ARGH!.  Victim most often the First Mate for the offense of 'Late Minutes.'  (See "Good Ship R/H", "ARGH!".)

MWPP - Acronym for Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs.  AKA Remus, Peter (grr), Sirius, and James.  Often used to describe fan fiction featuring these characters.


Nothing.  We have no N's.  Nix.  Isn't that sad?  


OBHWF - Acronym for One Big Happy Weasley Family.  This theory holds that eventually Ron will marry Hermione, Harry will marry Ginny, George will marry Alicia, Percy will marry Penny etc. and everyone will be part of one big happy Weasley family.  This theory is seen as too sugarquilly sweet by some, but we like it.

OC - Acronym for an Original Character found in a piece of fan fiction.  Several famous OCs include Gwen from HQoW (That's Hermione Queen of Witches) by Arabella, Mick O'Malley from AtE, or Alexandra Lennox, from Yolanda's Letting Go.

Old Man Pants -  This is where Arabella lives.  Named for the colour of her house, the colour of choice for old men's pants.

OOC - Acronym for Out of Character.  A term often used to describe fan fiction which contradicts the world and beloved  characters of Harry Potter as shown in canon.  (See "Canon.")

OotP Acronym for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, book five in the HP series by JKR; near as mythical as the bird in its title. 

Out - From the phrase "To be out of the cupboard" To be completely open about one's HP obsession, even at one's place of work, school, and/or home.


Pi - 1.  3.14159256 (and so on) the symbol denoting the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Highly respected number at the Sugar Quill which alleviates the presence of disturbing conversation. Also Dr. Cornelius's favourite number. 2. The 16th letter of the Greek alphabet

PML - Acronym for P*** Myself Laughing.  A term the Queens started.

PoA - Acronym for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Pond - Affectionate term for the Atlantic Ocean separating the kindred HP spirits of the USA and the UK. Currently under Satan's possession, hence the distorting of English Head Girl's voice. (See "Satan", "Head Boy and Girl".)

POV - An acronym for Point of View.

Procrastination - Stalling in activities that one is obligated to do.  i.e. Producing Summit Minutes, adding to "Stories in Progress". (See "Summit", "Minutes".)

Professors - The dedicated group of Sugar Quill beta readers who try to ensure that all fanfiction posted at the Sugarquill is truly Quill-worthy. (see "Quill-worthy".)

PS or SS - Acronym for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.


QoHG - 1. Queens of H/G (See "G/H", "SS H/G").  Titles held by Paula and Imogen.  2. Yahoo Group operated by the QoHG, which later came to spawn the Gryffindor Tower website.

Quillyness - That certain something that the Sugar Quill has that other fan fic sites only hope to achieve.  Coined by river.

Quill-worthy - Something worthy of being posted at the Sugarquill.


REWL - 1. A derivation of KEWL; used to describe one or more awesome SQers ('I REWL!" or "We REWL!").  Also used to describe a favorite object, place or idea ('H/G REWLS!" or "'PoA REWLS!').  Coined by angelphish and Caitlyn.  2.  What the Queens of Harry and Ginny do; however since the Queens must adhere to proper use of spelling and grammar, they always spell it RULE.

R/H - A Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger romance.

RMS R/S - Vessel that supports a Remus/Sirius relationship. Also known as "The One True Way." (See "Shipper".)

ROTFLMBO - Acronym for Rolling on the Floor, Laughing my Booty Off.  Frequently expressed as "ROTFLMAO."  Use your imagination.

RotK - Acronym for Return of the King, third in the LotR trilogy.  (See "LotR", "FotR", and "TTT.")

ROX - Term reserved for REALLY cool things.  Like FREAX, KEWL, and SMAX, SUX, it must be written in capitals only.


Satan - Pond related distortion causing 15 year old British girls named Hallie to sound like the Keeper of the Underworld during YM voice chats. (See "Pond".)

Shipper - Short for "relationshipper".  A person who defends a certain relationship (often with great passion). The most prominent shipper positions at Sugar Quill are, of course R/H, H/G, and R/S. We have heard tell of other, darker incomprehensible shipper positions such as H/H and H/D, and even, inexplicably, Ha/D. (See "R/H", "G/H", "RMS R/S".)

Shipper Soundtrack - Compilation of songs suggested by Sugar Quill members to describe R/H, R/S and H/G relationships (See "R/H", "G/H", "RMS R/S", "Good Ship R/H", "SS H/G", and "Shipper.")

Siriusly - A synonym for "Seriously".

SlashA fic that features gay/bi protagonists. Slash is a fan term for a genre of stories featuring characters in relationships with people of the gender opposite of what has been established in canon that attracts them; typically about characters established as hetrosexual in canon who are written as homosexual or bisexual in derivative fiction. The term is rumoured to have originated in the Star Trek fandom in reference to the / between Kirk/Spock.  (See "RMS R/S.")

SMAX -  A slap up the head, often administered by Moey.  Like CRAX, FREAX, KEWL, SUX, and ROX, it must be written in capitals only.

Snogging -  A kewler word for kissing. (See "FFS.")

Soup Witch - Durayan, an Alpha at the WWR.  She makes soup for Remus, because he looks sick and in need of some lovin'.  (See WWR)

S.P.E.W. - Acronym for Sugar Quill's Purpose of Existence on the Web.  A comprehensive explanation of principles on which the Sugar Quill was founded.

SQ3 - The new and improved Sugar Quill. (Who knew it was even possible?)

Sugar Quill Auxiliary - The Sugar Quill's Live Journal community, where Quillers... do just about the same thing they do at the quill message boards.  Started by amaterasu.

SQer - A resident of the Sugar Quill.

SQuERT - Acronym for Sugar Quill Emergency Response Team,  the people who support and lead the SQNN.

SQHQ -  The Sugar Quill Headquarters. This is a moving and unplottable location.

SQNN - Acronym for "Sugar Quill News Network."  The support and updates offered during times of crisis, when people from all over the world share their experiences and update one another on the latest occurrences.

SQUKNY - Acronym for Sugar Quill Urban Kewlness New York.  This refers to the infamous Summit in New York City where SQers met to see the movie premiere of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

SS H/G - "Ship" supporting Harry and Ginny's relationship. (See "Shipper", "G/H".)

Sugarkewl - All of the really wonderful people at the Sugar Quill.

Summit - Meeting between Sugar Quillers.  Not to be confused with summat.  That's that word Hagrid says.

Super Harry - The belief that Harry is gifted with super magical powers.

SUX - Term reserved for REALLY not cool things.  Like FREAX, KEWL, REWL, ROX, and SMAX it must be written in capitals only.


TAHPCWNS - Acronym for Things A Harry Potter Character Would Never Say.  Seemingly unending threads of silliness in which characters across the HP spectrum are saying crazy things. (See "The Joke Lord".)

Thread - A thread is a topic on the Message Boards.  For example, the famous "Things A Harry Potter Character Would Never Say" is a thread.

Tiara on Full Blast - A phrase introduced by Paula to point out when someone is particularly nitpicky or feeling very vocal about their opinion. i.e. "Someone has their tiara on full blast!"

TOS - Acronym for Terms of Service.  The rules, regulations and policies set for a website.

TTT - Acronym for The Two Towers, second in the LotR trilogy.  (See "LotR", "FotR", and "RotK.")

Twin - Term referring to two SQers who share a brain. (see "SQer".)  i.e. Zsenya and Moey or Jane and Alphie.


UberFic - 1. Controversial phrase for a very, very large and /or popular story  2. Word used to describe the fic After the End by Zsenya and Arabella.


W.A.I.L. - Acronym for Weasley Adoration and Idolatry League, which was created by Winky and Dobby.  A Section of Sugar Quill in which SQers can freely obsess over the Weasley family and read anecdotes about their favourite Weasleys.

Wear the Quill Proudly - To sport the symbolic Sugar Quill tattoo with pride, and be willing to show it when asked.

Weasley - Defies description.

Weasley-Red - What your face looks like when you blush. Ex." The cute Weasley in the loincloth smiled at me and made my face go Weasley-Red." 

Werewolf Registry - Website founded by Thing1, Durayan, and Alphie to express love and adoration for Remus Lupin.

Word that Cap'n Kathy hates - I wish I could tell you what it is, but I can't.  Cap'n Kathy hates it and so do I.


Yahoo Messenger - 1.  A frequently used form of communication between SQers. 2. The origin of Satan. (See "Satan", "SQers".)


Z - A short form for Zsenya, who is one of our amazing and magical co-headmistresses of the Sugar Quill: claims insanity.  Canadian/British pronunciation, " Zed".  (See Deputy Headmistress")

Sugar Quill Glossary ©Sugar Quill, 2001

The Sugar Quill was created by Zsenya and Arabella. For questions, please send us an Owl!

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