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Occasional Moments of Delight

AN: Cheers to Moey for beta-reading this for me! I really appreciate it. Enjoy!





Occasional Moments of Delight



Professor McGonagall checked her watch impatiently. The Halloween feast would be over soon. So much the better, she thought to herself.  October 31st was always a grand time at Hogwarts and this year was no exception. Hagrid’s engorged pumpkins dotted the hall, and live bats circled overhead creating a mysterious scene.


            Professor McGonagall didn’t really enjoy this part of the holiday. The students were more raucous than ever and she found it hard to enforce discipline when everyone was clearly enjoying themselves. She looked forward to the fun later.


            Traditionally, Dumbledore held a costume party for the teachers every Halloween, after the feast. Though she was thought of as a boring stiff among the student body, Professor McGonagall enjoyed time away from the strict schedule that dominated her life. Dumbledore’s party was an excuse to do just that.


Soon the students were filing out of the Great Hall and heading up to their dormitories for the night. Professor McGonagall said hurried goodbyes to her colleagues and rushed to her office to get into costume. She had to be punctual.


            The professor stared at her costume for a moment before putting it on, reveling in the beauty of it. She never would have thought that she would be back in a Quidditch uniform after all these years. She had been a chaser in her own days at school and loved the feel of the uniform. It felt so right, so true. Pulling on the scarlet robes, Minerva wondered how she had never thought of this costume in previous years.


            She walked out of her office, and made her way through the twisted corridors of Hogwarts, towards the Great Hall. She was glad that she had not encountered any students in her travels. It would be hard to look strict and disappointed while wearing a Quidditch uniform.


            Dumbledore was the first of her associates that she ran into. He was dressed rather magnificently, in a rumpled suit-like outfit splashed with red and gold. A yellow triangle, which appeared to be made out of cardboard, stuck out from his mouth. Strips of red and gold felt were hanging limply from his rear. When he spotted her, Dumbledore threw out his hands in a gesture that suggested his costume was of a superb variety. Professor McGonagall was not exactly sure what he was supposed to be. 


            “Hello Albus.” She said, hoping he would tell her what exactly it was that he was dressed as.


            “Minerva! Wonderful costume! I do say! What do you think of mine?” His eyes twinkled with enthusiasm.


            “It’s splendid.” She paused and he seemed to be waiting for her to say more. “Though I’m not quite sure what it is.”


            Dumbledore chuckled. “I’m Fawkes!” Professor McGonagall studied him once more, and indeed he was right. She recognized the features of his pet phoenix. “Ah, Severus has come. And I thought that he might not show up!”


            She wheeled around to see Professor Snape gliding towards them. She almost laughed outright at his costume. He wore a crude bowl-shaped figure around his waist. Minerva assumed it was a cauldron. Various items were Spell-o-taped to his body. A few plants, a bluish powder in a vial, and an orange liquid in a closed beaker. She wasn’t sure exactly what these things represented.


            Dumbledore smiled delightedly as Severus joined their little group. “Severus! A pleasure as always! May I ask, exactly what is your costume?”


            He frowned noticeably before answering. “I am the Wolfsbane Potion. This is the cauldron.” He stated obviously and indicated the bowl-shape around his waist. “And here are the ingredients.” Professor Snape said curtly, pointing to the items taped to him.


            He strode away silently, making his way towards the refreshment table. Professor McGonagall was almost ready to join him when a squeaky voice sounded behind her. “Minerva, Albus. Good costumes.” Professor Flitwick said with a nod at each of them.


            Professor McGonagall stared at him, gaping noticeably. A wild mane of tangled string covered his face, and an overcoat was wrapped around his body. However, it was about five sizes too large and draped across the floor, covering a wide area of space. Flitwick did not bother waiting for them to ask questions. “I’m a giant!” He exclaimed proudly. Minerva had to bite her lip to keep in her laughter. Halloween was the only day when Filius could fulfill his fantasy of being tall. The rudimentary costume seemed to be an attempt at looking like Hagrid. “Ah! Look at Severus!” He shouted. “Think I’ll go over there and say hello!” He drifted over to a corner of the room where Snape was staring off into space.


            Professor McGonagall sauntered over to the refreshment table as music began to blare. She was reaching for a butterbeer when someone interrupted her. “Why, hello there Minerva! Nice ter see you tonight.” She craned her neck and saw Hagrid staring down at her. It was obvious what his costume was. He was clothed in black robes, and a cardboard snout stuck out from his own nose. He even had a paper tail. Him and his bloody beasts, She thought. A dragon. “Wanna dance?” He asked, holding out a hand.


            Professor McGonagall accepted the invitation and waltzed with Hagrid to a mournful tune. They chatted as they danced. “I like yer costume, Professor.” He said, smiling a bit sheepishly.


            She grinned back at him. “Yours is nice as well. Very unique.” She replied. The truth was, she did like his costume. She had always thought it…sweet…that Hagrid cared so much for beings other than himself.

            A fast, swing song came on and Minerva found herself being twisted and turned rapidly. She was having fun. Times were getting bad in the world. It was nice to know that having fun was still possible. Hagrid proved to be an able dancer.


            As they danced, Professor McGonagall spotted other teachers enjoying themselves as much as she was. Professor Sprout, dressed as a mandrake, was laughing madly at something Dumbledore had said. Professor Sinastra, clothed in a Uranus costume was grinning at Severus who seemed to be immune to happiness.


            Soon the night wound down, but Minerva wished it would go on forever. Being carefree was not something that she had gotten used to experiencing, but on that chance occasion when it came around she found herself craving more of it. Dancing and laughing with Hagrid had been pleasurable. She wondered if there was more in her relationship with Hagrid than she thought.


            She giggled at the thought and examined the chocolate liqueur in her hand, thinking that she may have had one too many.


            After the evening had come to a close, Hagrid led her back to her office. “I had a wonderful time tonight.” He whispered, averting his eyes away from her bashfully.


            Perhaps the liqueurs were going to her head because she soon found herself gripping his hand and looking into his eyes reassuringly. “I had a lovely time too. You were a great dance partner.” He smiled, making his whole face light up. Silence filled the air around them. Hagrid fixed his dragon snout, distractedly.


            Feeling it was time to take action, Minerva kissed him on his whiskery cheek and then rushed into her office, giggling like a 13-year old who had just been on her first date.


            She drifted to sleep that night thinking of the fun she had experienced even while the world was immersed in conflict. In the times of war, there may not be carefree feelings or fun all the time, but there would be some occasional moments of them. And there would always be love.





**Moey’s suggestion for Sinastra’s costume! I had Neptune, but she is so right, it has to be Uranus! LOL



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