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Author: Moey (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: The ONE Summit : The Return of the Minutes  Chapter: Chapter 1: The Expected Party
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A/N: These minutes are dedicated to Elanor Gamgee.  The ONE true captain.

Disclaimer:  J.K. Rowling is the ONE true author.  I can’t bring myself to make apologies to Tolkien.

The ONE Summit

The Return of the Minutes

Chapter 1:  The Expected Party

In a small portion of Harry Potter cyberspace there could be found a beautiful site.  A website like no other.  It wasn’t a large, unwieldy portion of the internet filled with off-canon characters and illicit pairings, but a nice, warm, and cozy section of the World Wide Web, where J.K. Rowling’s characters were celebrated and cherished.  It was The Sugar Quill.

In a quiet nook at the Quill there lived a girl named B Bennett.  She loved the Quill.  It had warm scarlet and gold colors and an easy to view font.  It wasn’t cluttered or confusing. 

You see, B Bennett was a quiet girl that never went looking for adventure.  But one day she found that the ONE Adventure had come looking for her…

Knock!  Knock!

B Bennett answered her door, wondering to herself who could be calling on her at such a late hour.

“Good evening!” she said, and she meant it.  She had opened the door to find a tall blonde dressed in a flowing green gown. 

“Do you wish me good evening, or do you mean it’s a good evening, or that it’s an evening that one should be good on?” the blonde girl in the flowing green gown asked.

Erm, all of them?”  B Bennett replied. 

The blonde girl, who introduced herself as Dr. Aicha stepped inside.  “I have come because I am in need of someone to share in the ONE Adventure with me.”

“Adventure?  I should think that you are looking in the wrong place,” said B Bennett.  “No one here is likely to want an adventure.  This is The Sugar Quill.  We Quillers don’t go looking for any adventure.  Nasty business, adventure, if you ask me.”

“What a shame,” Dr. Aicha replied, “for I was certain that I could find a Quiller that would share in this ONE Adventure with me.  To think that I have been good-eveninged by B Bennett of The Sugar Quill as if I was just some random Harry Potter fan or an H/H-er!”

“Well, again I wish you good evening.  I am not looking for any adventure.  Goodbye!” At that, B Bennett promptly shut her door.  She was, however, not quick enough, for Dr. Aicha had swept inside and was already seated at the table pulling out her plans for the ONE Adventure.

Dr. Aicha’s plans consisted of several bottles of wine and seven large goblets. 

“Hmmm,” said B Bennett, eyeing the wine, “perhaps I might be willing to try a little bit of the ONE Adventure.”

Just then there was another knock at the door.  B Bennett had just sat down to try some of the ‘ONE Adventure’ when she had to get up again to answer it.  This time a tall girl with long red hair was standing in her doorway.  She was wearing a long, white, billowing robe with her wand tucked in her belt.  Atop her head she wore a large, jewel encrusted crown. 

“Arabella, at your service,” the girl said, bowing slightly when B Bennett opened the door.  Arabella then looked past B Bennett and saw Dr. Aicha.  “Aha, I see they’ve begun to arrive already!”  At that she stepped past B Bennett into the room and made herself at home next to Dr. Aicha who was busy pouring wine into the goblets.

“What?” B Bennett asked.  “Who has begun to arrive already?” 

But her question remained unanswered, for another knock came to the door. B Bennett looked longingly at her goblet of wine then turned to answer the door.

B Bennett had to take a step back after opening the door this third time.  A girl stood before her with long blonde hair, hair so long that it would put an elf to shame for it hung nearly a foot past her behind.  But her hair was not what startled B Bennett, for hair is not something to be startled about.  (Unless it is of the crisp red pelt variety.)  What startled B Bennett was the gigantic broadsword that the girl was carrying - one-handed as if it weighed nothing at all.  “Good evening!” B Bennett said, not taking her eyes off of the broadsword.

“Good evening to you as well!” said the girl.  “I am Jedi Boadicea and I have come for the ONE Adventure!”  She sheathed her broadsword and swept past B Bennett in a whirlwind of skirts and hair to join the party at the table.  Not only was there wine in the goblets, but food had also made an appearance.  B Bennett was now a very hungry Quiller and only wished this ONE Adventure nonsense would cease so that she could eat some supper. 

Knock!  Knock!


But it didn’t seem that she would ever get to sit down at her own table.  She opened the door with a quick “Good evening!” and immediately invited the next guest inside to partake of the food and wine.

“If it’s all the same to you, a little beer would suit me better,” said the Dread Pirate Moey as she limped past on her peg leg.  Behind Moey was another girl, curly haired and forlorn looking who glanced back over her shoulder at the moon.  She let out a small “Arrooo!” before introducing herself as Zsenya, headmistress.

B Bennett sighed and looked out her door to the left and then turned and looked to her right.  Up and down the street there was not another man, woman, nor beastie in sight.  Perhaps Moey and Zsenya were the last and no one else would be joining them.  But it wasn’t meant to be, for no sooner had she shut her door did a knock come. 

It was the ONE knock.

It was the knock of Elanor Gamgee. 

“I suppose you’ve all started without me?” Elanor cried.  “I should think that you would wait to begin the ONE Adventure until I arrived!  Why is it that none of you love me?  I’m cute and perky, and hobbit-like without the unsightly feet!”

To be continued in Chapter 2: The ONE Fish

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