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Author: Moey (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: The ONE Summit : The Return of the Minutes  Chapter: Chapter 2: So long, and Thanks for The ONE Fish
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A/N: This chapter is dedicated to my favorite reviewer of all time – The One Critic.  Thanks so much for the Adams comparison – I wasn’t even trying!  I had to change the title and direction of this chapter a bit – just for you. ;)

Disclaimer:  J.K. Rowling is the ONE true author.  Tolkien should apologize to me for the two chapters I’ve read so far.  :P  Finally, Mr. Adams - wherever you are I hope you remembered your towel.

The ONE Summit

The Return of the Minutes

Chapter 2:  So Long, and Thanks for The ONE Fish

Up jumped B Bennett, throwing on her Gryffindor scarf and hurrying out into the kitchen.  The empty Billywig brownie pan and spilt wine told her that the previous night had not been a bad dream after all. 

On the table was a note.  It was marked ‘The ONE Note’ and read as follows:

Zsenya and Company to B Bennett arrooooo!  For your hospitality last night we thank you greatly!  We have started out in search of breakfast, for many of our number are hung over and in desperate need of protein.  Not wishing to wake you, we have set off ahead and will await your presence no later than the witching hour at the designated site.  Be on time!

                                      So long, and thanks for The ONE Fish,

                                                          Zsenya & Co.

B Bennett left quickly, not daring to tempt fate and the will of Zsenya.  She soon caught up with the gals.

Their immediate goal was quite simple and their focus on their mission complete.  They must get to the theatre before the hordes of screaming children to get the best seats!

However, this was not going to be an easy trek, for they must pass over difficult terrain.  Over mountain, valley and river.  Under the earth and over the earth until they would finally reach the most dangerous place known to any living creature – the strip-malled baxwaters, and overdeveloped land at the edge of a large east coast city.

A Hellmouth full of the world’s most disgusting and vile creatures – GenXers. 

Zsenya warned the group.  “Be careful on the roads!  There are SUV’s and luxury vehicles around every corner!  If you don’t avoid them, we will become stux in traffic causing us to miss the previews!  Now, does everyone have a towel?  Good!”

And off they went.

To be continued in Chapter 3

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