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Author: Lilac  Story: Tom's Diary  Chapter: Default
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Tom's Diary

A filk by Lilac to the tune of Diary by Bread

The Scene: GINNY is alone in her room, writing in a new - and unenchanted - diary about her first diary experience.

I found Tom's diary in my Transfig book
And found the pages were all clear.
"How strange," I thought and wrote a little note...
My words began to disappear!

But stranger still was that
this Tom wrote back to me.
But I didn't Tom know.
Was he a friend or foe?

We started corresponding for awhile;
He wrote back to me patiently.
He didn't tease me like my brother's did
'Bout how I like Ron's friend Harry.

And though I tried to find the brain of this diary.
Wouldn't you know it? Tom wouldn't show it.

And as I went off to school
I thought, "I won't get ridiculed
By my pocket friend, Tom."

But when the awful Chamber of Secrets
Was opened by Slytherin's heir
I started to discover that this Tom
Simply pretended just to care.

He was just using me to get to Harry.
But Harry saved me by killing Tom's diary!

And as I go through my life,
I will owe to him my life.
It's a debt I shall repay --
I'll save Harry's life one day.

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