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Let It Snow!

To the tune of one of the most romantic Christmas songs ever by the same name

[A/N: This is based on events from Arabella's wonderful story Not As A Last Resort, featuring Ron and Hermione. You really need to read that one first to understand this song parody. The original idea was NightZephyr's, but I asked if I could do it, and she said yes. Now, if NZ had done this, you would have had a wonderfully written song parody. But are stuck with my version, which is really rather silly, but it's all in good fun! Enjoy, and please review!]

THE SCENE: Hagrid's cabin. Ron and Hermione are warming their toes by the fire.

HERMIONE (thinking to herself):

Oh, a mixed blessing was this blizzard

For we two, a Witch and Wizard

With the fireplace all aglow

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


You gave the last beer of butter

Now my heart is all a flutter

And the treacle fudge is melting slow

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Much Later...

Wow! -- we finally kissed tonight!

(After I got you off of the floor)

In your strong arms it feels so right

All the night long I'll be warm

After a Completely Innocent Night, The Next Morning...

Well, the morning is slowly dawning

But to be near you I'm longing

They hear voices outside the cabin.

HERMIONE (gasping to Ron):

Is that Harry now at the door?

On the floor! On the floor! On the floor!

Ron (who is now on the floor) and Hermione quickly close their eyes, pretending to be asleep as Harry enters Hagrid's cabin.

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