The Sugar Quill
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My last story:

A/N: This story was probably the hardest thing I ever wrote. It took me a lot of strength to actually write it down, but there was no way that I’d forget the plot. I want to dedicate ”My last Story” to all those wonderful people I met in the last two years online. You gave me strength to go on, when I needed somebody with whom I could be just me! I want to thank  Anne and Yolanda,  for beta-reading this story. I hope you will like this story. (Actually, I’m scared that you won’t!) Like everybody does: I really appreciate feedback, so please leave me a review. Thanks!


My last story:

The rain was hammering rhythmically against the thin glass of the slightly dirty window. An old bed was standing in one of the corners, while on the other side a small table and a chair were standing. The room didn’t look as if it had been used in the last few years: not totally abandoned, but also not like it was used on a daily basis. The colour of the wall wasn’t exactly fashionable, but nobody seemed to mind. Somebody could be heard walking up the staircase to the second floor.

The door cracked open, and a small shade of light was bathing the room in a ghostly way. The footfalls of the person were slow, but steps of the person were slow but still sounded surprisingly light on the wooden floor. The breathing was irregular, stopping from time to time, only to be interrupted by a coughing fit. The woman seemed to know exactly where she wanted to go, since she never stopped walking, while she was whispering incomprehensible words all the while. There, hidden from the world, she sat in an armchair right next to the window, staring outside.

Small teardrops ran down her face, as she pressed her palm against the thin material. The deep wrinkles close to her eyes, made her look very exhausted. She was allowed to look this way though, because like she had been told just a few months ago, this was how one of the oldest witches in the world was supposed to look. Nobody had asked her then if she liked looking like that, or if she still liked being on this planet.

Another coughing fit, and this time she had to press her palm against her mouth because it seemed to rip her apart. She pressed her eyes shut, just for a second. That would surely help her.


“Granny?” Somebody was calling her, definitely worried.




“Inny, you have to come with me,” Ron Weasley, Arthur and Molly Weasley's youngest son, was urging his two-year-old sister. Obviously, he wasn’t very persuasive because the little girl started to shake her head violently, a cry threatening to escape her.


“But, I surprise for you,” the boy answered, pointing at the living room door. “Pey helped me,” he continued firmly, stamping his tiny foot on the carpet floor. At this, a boy of perhaps seven years came running into the room, fixing his youngest brother with a glare.


“Ronald Weasley, it’s Percy and Ginny and I have a surprise, do you understand that?”


“Oh let them play, Percy,” Bill muttered while he came into the room still fighting with his Prefect badge.


“But he’ll never say my name right, if nobody tells him the right way to say it,” the other boy argued, his attention wandering to the shiny badge on Bill’s chest.


“He’s three, when he’ll be older he’ll call you Percy-kinns anyway,” was the teasing answer.


“Pey-inns,“ could be heard from Ron and Ginny both giggling heartily. Bill, too burst out laughing


“See what you've done? They'll call me that all the time now.” He fixed his oldest brother with a Thank-you-very-much look, obviously furious, but too shy to actually say anything else.


“Look, I’m really sorry…” Percy still looked offended. “Okay, let me see, you can wear my Prefect badge during summer holidays. Deal?”  Percy looked delighted by that suggestion and didn’t seem to mind the name accident any longer.  


“Now, we should make Ginny look at Ron’s present or he’ll never stop whining,” Percy said turning back to…nobody, because Ginny and Ron were gone. “Where are they?” he asked alarmed by the absence of his siblings.


A soft laugh could be heard from the living room and Percy, followed shortly by Bill ran into the other room. Ginny was holding a little drawing Ron had done to her chest. “Pery has writ-en evything that I old him,” Ron announced proudly.


Ginny was carefully laying the paper on the table, before hugging her brother very tightly, giving him a short peck on his neck. “Love,” was all she said.


Ron nodded eagerly, while Percy and Bill were standing in the door, both of them grinning in a proud manner. “Aren’t they sweet?” Bill asked, not really expecting an answer from his overly correct brother, but he got an answer anyway.


“Yes, they are.”




“You can't go to Hogwarts and leave me alone,” Ginny shouted before she let the door bump close, leaving a very confused Ron in the staircase. Of course Ginny had never liked September 1st, when all of their brothers left home for school again, but never had she acted like this.


“ I have to go…and I want you to come to the station with me…Why do you have to make this so hard for me?” He was frustrated. Ever since they'd been old enough, they had dreamed about this day, how Hogwarts would be and everything…and now she did not even want to come to the train station with him…Unfair! The door opened again and Ginny was standing in front of him. Her eyes were red and she looked miserable.


“I don’t want you to go! I’ll miss you so much. Who will I dream about Hogwarts with this year?” she said, her warm brown eyes, looking incredibly sad.


“With me, Gin…I’ll write you tons of letters...” He wrapped her in a hug, a thing he had not done in a very long time.








It had been a month now, since he last wrote to her…A whole long month with only her parents around. What was the use of having a big family when you are alone for most of the year? Ginny wondered. Even Bill and Charlie had written to her more often than the brothers who were closer to her in age. It almost seemed as if they had forgotten about her existence. She was used to the fact that Fred and George barely ever wrote, and that Percy’s letters were so boring that she had to stop reading from time to time…But Ron knew how silent the Burrow could become during the year… The Ghoul didn’t help her the slightest bit…


“Ginny, dinner!” her mother called. She started to slowly make her way down to the kitchen, when Mrs. Weasley called again. “And Errol has brought some letters from the boys!” Now that was a reason for running down the stairs.


And indeed, all her brothers had written some letters for her.  Her eyes scanned them…She found Ron’s easily, and she opened it with shaking fingers.


Dear Ginny,


It’s very exciting here. Harry and I made friends with Hermione Granger the other day. I’m doing fine, how about you?




Her face fell immediately. This was the letter she had waited for a whole month?




“No, I’m not going to talk to you…GITS!” Ginny was screaming in the Weasley kitchen, to her mum’s dismay.


“Temper, Ginny,” her mother broke in, obviously hoping to calm her only daughter.


“Mum, you know about their letters for me…They were tiny.” She continued to glare at her brothers, who seemed to shrink under her intense look.


“We had so much stuff to do,” Fred tried to excuse them.


“So many pranks, you know?” George added.


“I had to keep watching out for them.” Percy tried to look confident.


“And I had to help Harry P..” Ron started to explain, when…


“I don’t care about what you did this year…You have a sister, and you all promised me to write tons of long letters, and what did I get?” Ginny placed a small box on the centre of the table… “That!” she pointed at the almost empty box…


“Where have you put my letters?” Percy asked smiling.


“Yours?! You mean those three you wrote during this year? They're in here as well! As are Ron and Fred and George’s letters!” The boys started to look ashamed… “And these…” She placed a much bigger box, which was totally filled with letters right next to the first one. “…Are Bill and Charlie's letters from this year!” Now all four looked shocked.

“Do people in Hogwarts even know that you have a sister?! Or am I totally forgotten, as soon as you walk out of this door?” She pointed at the front door, before turning around leaving the room as fast as she could.





The boys had returned from school a week ago. Not once had one of them tried to apologized to her…And although Ginny was dying to hear all their stories, to hear about Harry Potter--a blush was colouring her cheeks as she thought so-- she wasn’t willing to forgive them that easily.


She had gone to the old oak tree very early in the morning so nobody would bother her. Only her mum knew about where she went, and she'd had to promise Ginny not to tell anybody. She took out her quill and parchment trying to play the game again- the game she had played every year with her brothers. What will Hogwarts be like?


Normally, her small hand would write down the answers as fast as she could, but not this time. She looked sadly at the papers from earlier years…They were full of hopes and dreams and laughter. Why did she have to be so stubborn? She loved them…that was why! Doing this alone here was boring and probably didn't even count. Suddenly she saw four shadows behind her…she knew them, but that even Percy was there! Her heart jumped a bit. She didn’t say a word. Even if she wanted to forgive them, they had to make a good impression on her.


“Watch out for Snape,” she could hear Ron say into the silence.


“Excuse me?” Ginny asked, turning her face to them. They looked sad, and helpless. Was making peace with her that hard?


“Evil potions teacher, who hates us- mainly because of them,” Percy continued pointing at the twins.


“Hey! It’s not only because of us…” George protested.


“It’s also because Ron is Harry Potter’s best friend!” Fred finished. Ginny looked from one to the other not sure what to do…She should leave…In all their fun they had forgotten to say the one sentence that would make it count. She looked away again.


“And why aren’t you that writing down?” Ron broke in. “We need this. After all, you are leaving for Hogwarts this year with us.”


“Exactly, the best always comes last,” Fred added before sitting down next to Ginny. Even if she was still a bit angry, this had been a rather sweet thing to say, she decided.


“We missed you-“ George sat down on her other side putting his arm around her shoulder.


“And love you-“ Ron added ruefully.


“We are very sorry that we gave you the feeling that we don’t need or want you with us,” Fred added once more, and Ginny felt that he meant it. They were being honest with her.


“And we promise to be the best brothers ever!” Percy finished, looking at her in a manner he’d normally call childish.


“Yeah, because I’d believe that,” Ginny said, probably scaring the life out of them. But after all, she was a Weasley, and teasing them wasn’t too hard. She got up from her spot shoving Ron and Percy aside…She started to walk away slowly, hearing their protests. She turned a bit, seeing that they were seated in a circle, looking as if they had just lost a game against Slytherin. She stopped and came back, biting her lip in order not to laugh. 


“I just wanted to add…” She tried to look very serious. “I love you all too, you gits!” And with that Ginny was in the middle of her brothers hugging her… “You know I’m a living thing…I need AIR to survive.” She laughed for the first time this summer.



Mrs. Weasley watched her children with relief. She really didn’t like when they were fighting. Even if it took a lot of hints from her, in the end the boys had found Ginny by themselves, and she'd never broken her promise at all…  




Ginny was standing in front of the Sorting Hat. What would she give to be sorted already? She wanted to be in Gryffindor so badly that it hurt. But what if she belonged into Hufflepuff or Slytherin? The only house Ginny was sure that she had no chance of getting into was Ravenclaw. She wasn’t stupid, but she was in no way that intelligent. She had stopped listening after a boy called Colin Creevey was sorted into Gryffindor. She needed that luck as well.


“Ginny Weasley!” Professor McGonagall shouted into the cheers for some girl who had just been sorted into Slytherin. Ginny stepped forward, her whole body shaking. She looked at her brothers who were all smiling at her encouragingly- well, all but Ron, who wasn’t even in Hogwarts for all she had heard. She had no idea what happened to him or Harry but it worried her that they weren’t around. She just hoped that nothing had happened to them… 


She felt the hat settle over her eyes. Oh another Weasley! I know exactly what to do with you…Gryffindor…oh wait, you have another side in you… very different from your relatives…You could do well in Slytherin!


Not Slytherin, Ginny’s inside was screaming. She could not even imagine what those Slytherin gits would do to her if they got close enough. Or what her brothers would say, or what Harry Potter would say. Not Slytherin, she begged while making a silent note that she had to tell this to her diary when this was over.


Are you sure? The hat asked, as if he'd had that talk already… You could do great things there…


NO, not Slytherin PLEASE…Anything but Slytherin…even Hufflepuff would be fine…well not great but better than Slytherin!


Well then…the hat finished. “Gryffindor!” And Ginny could hear the cheers from her house.




So why did you try to get rid of me Ginny? His tone was so different from the one she was used to. She shivered, knowing that he was dangerous. Not only because he could have told Harry about her feelings- no he was far, far more dangerous than that. She wasn’t totally sure how he made her do those things but she was very sure that she was responsible for them and that scared her.


You are scared, aren’t you? He always seemed to know what she was feeling, even if she didn’t write one word in the diary. He didn’t need her writing anymore…he had been in her head for a long time now. Still she tried to deny her fear, answering Tom Riddle that she was as fine as she could be.


You are lying and you know it! It could have been so easy for you…you could have left me with Harry…but you were a fool…Do you really think Harry Potter will ever thank you for taking me away from him? Ginny shivered, something told her that he was right. Nobody would be happy about for what she had done during the last year. Not her brothers, not her few friends… and surely not Harry. He’ll hate you Ginny… and you know that…Hate you for bringing him and his friends in danger…hate you for your crush…hate you for being there! Tom was right… cruel but always so right.




“Why are you still fighting?” he asked her, no longer imprisoned in that damn diary. He leaned down to her unconscious body. She could feel his breathing on her skin…unable to escape him. “You could be free now. You could be part of something big…”


I will not free YOU…And I know I’ll be part of something big! her insides shouted desperately. She wanted to live, wanted to see more of the world. Whatever he told her, she wasn’t willing to give up here, in a chamber. Not as long as there was still hope…hope that somebody would save her. She heard Tom’s cruel laughter filling the air…and then she felt the presence of another person close by…Harry was here…




She was dancing in his arms, enjoying the stories he was telling her. She had promised herself to make the best of this ball, and he was not even that bad as a dancer… A pain shot through her body as he stepped on her foot again…


“I’m sorry, Ginny,” he apologized, stepping back, while laughing a bit ruefully. Well, okay he wasn’t the best dancer, but at least he had asked her in a sweet way. Even if she had been second choice, after Hermione had told him that she had already a date. He whirled her around another time, making it impossible to focus on anybody. She liked the idea of being so carefree. The music stopped, and they left the dance floor.


“Would you like anything to drink?” Neville asked her as soon as they had reached their table.


“Yes, please. A pumpkin juice would be great,” she added, smiling politely up at him before he left for their drinks.


“Ginny?” an unknown girl asked her.




“Hello, I’m Hannah Abbott,” the girl introduced herself. “I saw that you're here with Neville,” Ginny saw a blush creeping up the girl’s face and she had a very good idea why that was. “I just wanted to ask you…well…ehm…” Suddenly the girl didn’t seem to know how to continue.

Ginny smiled at her, feeling sympathy towards this girl. If nothing else, her crush on Harry had taught her that speaking about feelings was never easy. She motioned for Hannah to sit down next to her.


“Who are you here with?” Ginny asked carefully.


“Justin.“ She pointed at another Hufflepuff and Ginny nodded.


“I'm glad that I’m here with Neville,” Ginny said, seeing the girl’s smile falter a bit. “He’s a very good friend of mine.” She hoped that Hannah understood what she was implying and judging by Hannah’s expression she had. 




The war was still going on as Ginny had finished school. Most of her brothers were active fighters and so were many of her older friends from school. In what was maybe a childish way, Ginny had always imagined that with Harry Potter leaving Hogwarts, the war would be over as well…but it was not to be. So Ginny had to decide what to do with her future. To fight and save what was left of the wizarding world, or to pretend that everything was fine and live her life as normally as possible.


But there had been too many deaths already and Ginny feared more horrible news every day. In her heart she had always known that she would have to fight. She was sitting in the headquarters of the Order of Phoenix, waiting for the head to arrive. He was the one who would decide where Ginny would work. The door cracked open, and Remus Lupin entered, his hair more grey than Ginny could remember.


“Good morning, Professor,“ Ginny greeted the older man, unsure what else to call him.


“Miss Weasley.” He nodded at her. “We aren’t at school any longer. You can call me Mr. Lupin, or of course Remus, like your whole family does.” He smiled warmly and Ginny felt more comfortable.


“Then you have to call me Ginny! … I’m here to offer my services to the Order.” He stopped smiling at that, looking very old all of sudden…and very tired.


“Are you sure?” he asked, his voice hopeless, and far away. She nodded yes. “This is very dangerous, Ginny. I want you to understand, that every day people are dying on our side. I want you to think about it carefully, because I know that hearing this news won’t delight your family. your family won’t be delighted by hearing this news. And I don’t want you to go into this without being aware of the consequences.”


“I've thought about this more than once,” she answered trying hard to sound unemotional. “But I need to do this. Voldemort has already taken Charlie away from me…I don’t want to lose another brother because of him… without even trying to fight him,” she continued her voice shaking slightly.


“You can't go into this because you want revenge!” Remus protested, sounding alarmed. “You’d not only get yourself into life-threatening danger, but also whoever was around you.” Ginny sighed. She knew he was going to say that.


“I'm not offering my help because of revenge…I'm offering my help because I want to do something, because I’d go insane otherwise.” Even to herself, she sounded very confident. 


“Well Ginny, I can’t say that I’m surprised…I’m also not happy about this…but I understand your reasons…I’ll put you under Harry’s order. He’ll teach you everything you need to know.”




“If that would had been a real attack, you’d be dead by now!” Harry yelled, not leaving a doubt how furious he was. “You ought to be more careful! One wrong step, and you won’t live to see another day!” Nothing betrayed the fact that he was talking to Ginny Weasley, his best friend’s little sister. His voice was cold and full of hatred against the Death Eaters, or was it against herself?


Ginny was lying on the ground covered with mud. Her head was aching from the spell Harry had used to make the fight realistic. She was swearing under her breath, promising Harry that he’d pay for this.


“Get up!” he said pointing his wand at her again. “Now!” She wanted to stay on the ground; every one of her own bones hurt horribly.


“Crucio!” she heard and then the pain was too much. This wasn’t a training program anymore, this was the road to hell. Her eyes were tearing up, and she clutched her arms over her stomach protecting herself as much as possible. “Are you going to give up?” he yelled, pointing his wand away from her. Was that the reason for his cruelty? Had her family interfered here, to make sure that she’d leave? Whatever reason Harry had to hurt her, she’d fight…she wouldn't give up.


“Never!” she answered, and the pain returned. “Are you giving up now?”






Ginny looked into the mirror in her small room. She was only twenty, but her eyes looked older. She had seen too much already. Her finger touched the small scar on her chin, barely visible anymore. Her soul had more scars already…it didn’t matter.. Too many nameless people died…too many on the good side…it wasn’t fair… She belonged to the best now, and it should fill her with pride, but every victory felt more shallow. What was there to fight for, if there wasn’t anything left, when people who loved and were loved in return died senselessly? When nobody would be waiting for her once the final battle was fought? Her heart ached for something to keep the nightmares away.

The door opened,… He was pale when he entered… It was the third time since she had become a soldier that he'd appeared in her room unasked. She knew what that meant… She knew it all too well.


The first time he had come, her heart had stopped beating a second, from the pain; Neville was dead. He had died as a real hero killing Wormtail in a battle that nobody else could have won. Hannah hadn’t taken it well. She had sworn revenge, and it had scared Ginny because she knew that Hannah would fight till the end just as Ginny herself had sworn.


The next time Harry had visited, it had been Lee Jordan…Standing too close to a Death Eater Harry had said, before he had left. Harry never stayed. He always coldly told her the news.


This time he was paler, his eyes red from crying…She didn’t want to hear it. Not Ron, not Dad, not Hermione…please God no…not anybody from my family… She feared his words. He stood in front of her, searching her eyes.


“Professor Dumbledore,” was all he got out, before he sunk to his knees, crying like a child. 


“But he didn’t…” Ginny whispered. He didn't fight anymore fought anymore…how could he…


“He just died… just like that…Can you believe it?” he whispered. They had been prepared to lose people in the battles. They could blame somebody for those deaths…but who was to blame if somebody died naturally? She could feel tears running down her face… and before she knew what she was doing, she was on the floor next to Harry, hugging him tightly to her. They sat there for a long time, without speaking a word, only holding onto each other… It hurt less in his arms…




Dreaming away the war had always helped…But today there was no longer any dreaming…Today they had to fight for their right to live. They were all there: friends, family and even people she had learned to hate during her childhood, like Draco Malfoy, who were now on her side. Over the years she had learned to control her feelings…here they were all equal and they had only one enemy, nothing could change that…


She glanced at Harry; he looked so worried and something in her ached. She wished that she could only tell him once…Tell him everything…could she be denied this?  They were friends now… why should she stay silent? She looked at Ron and Hermione holding onto each other as if there was no tomorrow.


But what, if there was no tomorrow?  She had to tell him; even if he didn’t feel the same, he needed to know it… needed to know that he was loved.


“Harry?” He looked at her, and for a small second his eyes were alive again.


“Yes?” He glanced away to the other side of the field.


“Can we talk for a second? Just a second…” Suddenly she felt unsure… He must have seen how important this was for her, because he nodded leading her into the small tent.    


“What is it?” His voice was urgent and sounded rushed.


“I need to tell you something before it’s too late…” she whispered. But before she could continue, he hushed her with his finger.


“It’s never too late Gin.” She gazed into his eyes feeling her knees go just a bit weaker. “Don’t start to say goodbye… We’ll have a lifetime,” he insisted.


“But what if we don’t…”

“Promise me, that you’ll grow old,” he continued, although Death Eaters could already be heard. Ginny wanted, needed to tell him…


“ I … but Harry I lo-“


“Promise me…I know everything I need to know…” he begged, holding onto her .


“ I LOVE-“


“Promise me!” Harry shouted.


“I promise,” she finally said. Once more he looked into her eyes before he turned and left…


“I LOVE YOU!” she cried, leaving the tent in tears.




 “If we knew when friends around us

Closely press to say goodbye

Which among the lips that kiss us

First would 'neath the daisies lie

We would clasp our arms around them

Looking on them through our tears

Tender words of loving kindness

We would whisper in their ears.“


A stone was all that was left of them. All those people willing to save their families and friends and there was only a stone marking their bravery. It ached. The memory of the last hours of the battle was too horrible; the cries of pain in her head too fresh… She got down on her knees, slowly rocking herself. She had survived, but how high was the price she would pay for it?


“Ginny?”  She didn’t move. Only when his hand touched her back, she tensed a bit.


“I’ll be along… Just a few more minutes,” she answered, her eyes never leaving the cold stone in front of her. This was all past now…She could move on if she wanted… She just needed to… It’s only a memory, he had told her after he had rescued her in the chamber. She had promised herself to protect him one day…to pay back her debt … but she hadn't been able to… She sighed, while lifting herself from the ground... Ginny walked up to her family, looking back once more … Somebody stood next to her hugging her tightly from behind, making her smile a bit…


Thank you Hannah…Thank you for protecting my love… I’ll never forget you!


And when a light breeze started to  move the leaves, it seemed as if Ginny could hear Hannah’s voice softly answering, Don’t waste any time, life is too short… Hannah was right.





     “Hey,” Harry whispered against her neck, making her shiver. “It’s time to get up.” He mused turning with her in his arms.


“And, why is that?” Ginny giggled, feeling so very much alive so close to him.


“Because today is the first day of our new life.” His lips travelled slowly over her face, leaving her with the desire for more.


“I love you Ginny Potter,” he continued. “Besides your family is already waiting for us.”


“Who cares?” she snuggled closer, letting her fingers roam over his muscular back. “And they know that we’ll be late anyway…So why should we be the first couple that arrives on time after their wedding night?” she asked, before kissing him fully on his lips, feeling his whole body react…


“I love you,” she whispered breathlessly against his chest.




She knew that she was a lousy liar. He’d know within five minutes, but she wanted to wait a bit longer. Her face was probably glowing with happiness but that didn’t stop her from staying quiet… Their first…She bit her lip impatiently waiting…


“Harry, just guess…it’s really not that hard,” Ginny said her eyes dancing. 


“Ginny, I can spend an hour guessing, or you just tell me and we can start to celebrate an hour earlier,” he answered getting up from his seat. He was so close now that she could have easily touched him. Her hand reached for his, placing it at her belly.


“Now?” she asked trying to look meaningful, and Harry’s eyes widened, questioning.


“You mean?” he asked and Ginny nodded. “We are going to have a baby?” When she nodded again, he picked her up whirling her around. “I’m going to become a daddy!” he said in a sing-song voice before he put Ginny down again, leaning to her flat stomach. “Hey, little one… I’m your daddy!” He shoved her shirt up slightly, kissing her belly lightly. “I’m your daddy…I’ll always be there for you,” Harry continued while he gazed into Ginny’s eyes.  When he was eye-level again, she could see tears shimmering in his eyes… Tears of joy.




“She won’t stop crying on her own, will she?” Harry asked sleepily. It was the third night in a row that their three-month-old daughter hasn’t let them sleep.


“Has Jonathan ever stopped on his own?” Ginny answered before she turned around ready to leave their bed, but Harry stopped her.


“Let me,” he kissed her palm before he went to their second child. Ginny leaned back, listening to his voice talking to Hannah in whispers. It was a relief to see that life had turned out normal for them. They could watch their children grow up in peace without fearing that some evil wizard would try to kill them….  Her hand wandered over the used blanket on Harry’s side of the bed… Peace at last…


“Ginny, Harry?!” called a voice from the fireplace. Ginny sat up, her heart pounding. It was in the middle of the night; what was wrong?


“Yes?” she leaned forward, looking into Ron’s worried eyes.


 “Mum’s…Please come over as fast as you can…” Ron answered.


“What’s wrong with her?”


“Please, she wants to see all four of you for at least one more time… And hurry!” His face vanished and Ginny started to shiver violently. She felt strong arms around her, holding her tightly.


“Everything will be all right,” Harry whispered into her ear. And although she knew that he was wrong, it calmed her. He was with her…




“Jonathan you’ll do great,” she told him over and over again.


“I know, Mum,” the boy answered hugging Ginny. “Don’t cry Hannah, soon you’ll be old enough to come with me…”


“When?” the girl asked. “When’ll I be old enough?” Ginny had to suppress a giggle. Her daughter was reminding her so much on herself when she was little.


“In three years,” Harry answered her, smiling patiently.


“But I can make myself this small,” Hannah answered curling herself into a ball. “You could tell them that I’m… a cat?” she looked hopefully, but Jonathan only shook shock his head. “Who am I going to play with?”


“You can always play with Danielle,” he suggested, while he looked at the big clock…only two more minutes.


“But Aunt Hermione, always wants her to study for two hours in the afternoon…Who am I supposed to play with then?” Ginny thought her daughter was using a good tactic, even if it would never work, but Jonathan waved his hand.


“Uncle Ron, Remus or Sirius…and of course Fred and George would love to teach you tricks… Before you’ll know it, I’ll be back,” he finished hugging all of them once more.


“I’ll miss you,” he said waving like mad from his compartment.


The train started to leave the station, and Hannah, ran after the train till it was way too fast for her little feet.


“She'll be next,” Ginny said, looking slightly sad.


“I know,” Harry sighed deeply. “They grow up so fast.”




“What are we going to do with a totally empty house?” Harry asked kissing Ginny deeply. "Hannah had seemed delighted about leaving for Hogwarts."


“Oh, I’m sure that we’ll be bored beyond end,” she answered, trying to look serious. He nodded agreement, before he tickled her mercilessly. “Stop it!” Ginny screamed trying to free herself. “I really thought we were more grown up than that!” She finally got up, and ran out of the room.


“Oh? Since when?” Harry was running after her.


“Since we have two children that are both at Hogwarts?” Harry had finally caught her, holding her tightly.


“Are we too old for this as well?” His lips were caressing a sensitive spot right under her earlobe. “Or for that?” He kept on teasing her.


“Hmmm…” Ginny sighed, unfocused. “What was your question?”




“You are so beautiful,” Ginny whispered in awe when she looked at her twenty – eight year old daughter.


“Oh Mother I'm not the first in the family to get married,” Hannah answered, while she fought with her hair.


“No, but my first daughter,” Ginny stepped closer, trying to help with her daughter’s hair, but the young woman shook her head showing her mother in the direction of the door.


“I love you Mum, but please go to Dad. He needs you more than I do!” And with that Ginny Potter found herself in front of a closed door.


“Ginny?” she whirled around looking in the eyes of her husband. She smiled, encouraging him to speak. “Do you really think that he's the right man for her? Maybe she's too young?”


“He's perfect for her…and you know that. Just look into her eyes whenever somebody mentions him.”


“But he IS a Malfoy!”


“So? We've been friends with Draco since…” Ginny bit her lip, unwilling to remember back to those days. “The point is, the name Malfoy doesn’t automatically mean evil anymore!”


“Okay, you're right, but she's still too young!” He reached for the doorknob.


“What do you think you're doing?”


“I’m telling my daughter that she can’t get married. Not till she's older!”


“You most certainly will NOT!… besides, it's a bit late anyway…and…” She stepped closer, hugging him tightly. “I was three years younger when we got married and I never regretted that we got married so soon.” Her lips travelled over his earlobe making him sigh.


“You didn't?” His smile was almost boyish, making her forget his true age. For her, he’d always be the young boy she'd fallen in love with.


“Do you even have to ask?”




“How long do you think will this take?” Ron asked impatiently, walking through the room.


“As long as it took the other times,” Ginny answered, laughing.


“Yes Ron, somebody could think that this is the first birth in the small Weasley clan,” Fred added twinkling.


“Right! Small,” Ginny looked over the countless faces of her now grown-up nieces and nephews and their children. “Dad would have to enchant the car a lot to get all of us in!”


“And people always thought that the seven of us are too many!” Bill said, laughing heartily.


Suddenly the door opened, and a very happy Jonathan ran out of the room.


“It’s a girl,” he called, before he hugged both of his parents tightly. “Now you're grandparents!”





“Can you please turn off the radio, Harry? I still need to work through these papers! this papers!” she yelled, throwing the third version of her report into the basket. The words wouldn’t flow like they were supposed to. Why did she have to write this stupid report anyway? The radio was still on, and she heard some song that she definitely would not call music. “Harry darling, please!” The music played on. She got up, swearing under her breath. If he wouldn’t do it, then she would.


“I asked you to turn off the radio!”


“I want to hear the news. It's in two minutes…then I’ll turn it off.” Ginny sighed. He could have said that earlier, saving her time.




“And now, the news…” The voice of the newsreader was nasty, making her shudder. "There was an attack in London today on two very prominent members of the wizarding world. Mr and Mrs Ronald Weasley, both instrumental in the defeat of Voldemort and his Death Eaters over eighty years ago were found unconscious in their home. A spokesman from the Department of Magical Law Enforcement attributes the attack to Muggle thieves at this time, but the investigation continues. Mr and Mrs Weasley are currently in St Mungo's, and their situation is uncertain…"


“Oh my God!” Ginny couldn’t believe it. Her whole body was shaking. She glanced at Harry who looked as horrible as she felt. She hurried over to the fireplace, ready to contact Ron and Hermione’s third child, but…


"Aunt Ginny, Uncle Harry!” It was Danielle’s pale face.


“Is what they said on the news true? How are your parents doing?” Ginny had tons of questions, but she held herself back, somehow not ready to hear the answers.


“Yes, it is…” A sob escaped the normally so cool-headed woman… “Mum and Dad… They got there too late…” Ginny’s view got suddenly blurry. She felt as if somebody had just kicked her. The last thing she heard was Harry calling her name, before she fainted.





“Why can't you ever listen?!” His voice was angry. “I told you that I don’t want to be disturbed…Just leave me alone!”


“Oh no, I'm not going to let you run away from our problems…Not again! Ever since…” She bit her lip. They never talked about Ron and Hermione’s deaths . . .death.… They had become very good at avoiding this particular topic. “We need to talk!” she ended, unable to bring the subject up on her own.


“If you want Gin, you can talk for the rest of your life…But don’t expect me to listen!” He slammed the door to their living room. Ginny’s heart beat heavily. She didn’t want him to leave…didn’t want to see him drunk every time he returned from the pub at night. This wasn’t her world.


“Harry!” She followed, finally catching him at the garden gate.


“What?!” His eyes were cold. Colder than they had been during the war. Something inside her broke.


“If you walk out now… “ She feared her next words, but even more she feared his answer. “Don't bother coming back ever again!”


He looked… maybe it was surprised? But no... No, he looked calm… Harry nodded, before turning around and leaving.


“I mean it!” He kept walking…




Ginny blamed everything on them. The war, the deaths…and worst of all, because it made it her fault as well, her fight with Harry. It had been too much for her dad, and as much as she wished things were otherwise, she couldn’t change anything about it. Her dad was gone, and nobody assured that his last years on earth were filled with happiness.


Of course, he had reached an amazing age, and of course he had told her that he had been happy to live his life and that he wouldn’t change a thing, but Ginny couldn’t shove the feeling of guilt aside …not that easily.  Maybe she and Harry could have pretended that everything was fine, maybe her brothers shouldn’t have bothered him with all their problems… She was left with only maybes, nothing for sure.


 She looked at the empty seat next to her… She still missed him…He had been visiting her dad as well…Arthur had told her so, but when she had returned, Harry had already left.

Of course, she had her children, but they had their own lives, and she valued their independence too much to call them over every few minutes… She would manage…her eyes closed, when she felt tears threatening to fall…Tears that had been sealed away too long…


Someone knocked on the door, startling her for a second. “Can I come in?” Her heart jumped a bit.


“Yes!” The door opened, and there he was.


“Hello.” He sounded ashamed, sorry…and somehow lonely… Just like she was…”I'm here to…” His eyes were fixed on the picture that stood on the mantelpiece… A picture of better times. “Ron and Hermione look happy in that…everybody looks happy…” His voice failed him. She couldn’t say anything; it was too fascinating to watch him from her spot. “Do you think we could…” He stopped. “No, of course not. You wouldn’t want to.” His hand brushed through his snowy white hair…


“What? I’m too old for this game, Harry… Just say whatever it has you have to say.” Ginny knew how urgent this must sound…


“I wondered… Do you think we could be happy again? Like we were then?” She could tell that he was holding his breath. She shook her head.


“I don’t know,” Ginny reached for his hand, never losing eye contact. “But we could always try.”




“Granny?” Somebody was calling her, definitely worried. She couldn’t answer… Not now…there was no energy left…. Life had taken too much.


“Granny?” she knew that voice, but whose was it? To be totally honest, she had stopped counting the generations by now.


Too many to remember, she had answered the reporters. They had laughed, believing that this was a hilarious joke, but it had not been one. She couldn’t remember all those details anymore. Of course, they were all loved, but their names…that was too much to ask…


The woman was standing next to her. She looked so very scared. Those eyes…her son's eyes, her first grandchild, her husband… She forced herself to speak.


“I’m here…” Her body was shaking from the coughs that made her body seize up with cramps. A name…she remembered a name now. “ Angelina…" Yes, that was the woman’s name. "I want to tell you all something, before it’s too late, all right?”


“Don’t talk like this…don’t start to say goodbye!” A smile escaped her. She knew those words too well. He had once…


“Your grandfather said the same thing many, many years ago…But times are changing.” She stopped trying to soak in enough air. “I love you all so much.” Angelina’s sobs were desperate, filling the room. Her hand reached for the younger woman’s face wiping away her tears. “I want you to know that my life was happy. I filled it with happiness that nobody could have taken away from me. I had all I could have wished for…but please, Angelina. You have to let me go now.” It was barely a whisper.


“I will.” It sounded unsure…but it didn’t matter anymore. Her eyes closed peaceful, not fearing her last journey…








“Ginny?” It felt different…so totally different from what she had ever experienced. There was love, and peace surrounding her. She didn’t want to move, or open her eyes…just lie here forever…


“Ginny,” the voice was persisting, making her sigh in disbelief. Who was trying to disturb her now?


Slowly she let her eyes drift open, looking into a familiar green.


“Harry, what it…Harry?” She felt fully awake all of sudden… “Look at you… You look so good!” Her hand reached for his face, planning to caress him, when…”Oh, my hand…did you see my hand?” She was surprised… at least… No sign of age anymore…it looked so young…Harry laughed lightly, holding up a mirror. She looked so young again…


“Where am I?” she asked somehow confused, but at the same time, very safe.


“Home, Ginny,” he said kissing her lightly. “You are finally home!” 


“What home?” she asked, unbelieving. There was silence for a second, but than she heard familiar voices chatting happily away. “Is that?” Harry nodded, helping her up from the couch. Now she realized, where she was: The Burrow!


“Come,” Harry reached for her hand leading her into the kitchen. “They've been waiting for you! I've been waiting for you.” He smiled again, making her melt inside. How she had missed him all those years!


He opened the door, letting her go in first. They were all sitting there: her parents, Charlie, Ron, Hermione…all her brothers… Neville and Hannah…They were all there… She turned around hugging Harry tightly. “What?”


“I told you, you're home now,” He leaned down kissing her deeply, making up for everything she ever had to miss during the years without him.



The End


A/N II: I really love those characters, so believe me when I say: It was very hard to do what I did. The poem I used for the memorial stone is called “What if”, the author is unknown.



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