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The Final Letter - B. Nonymous

The Final Letter (an Epilogue)

Usual disclaimers apply - I'm just having fun.

Special thanks to Mrs. Nonymous for her fashion sense on the dress robes! And check out Audrey's drawing - Happy New Year! - that accompanies this story. It'll be obvious why I'm pointing her work out as you read this story.

A thirty-something female with long brown hair held back by a scrunchy materialized in the middle of what appeared to be a hotel suite. Several people were conducting an investigation, complete with a dead body. Special Agent Sophie Johnson knew immediately that it was an all-magical investigation. The wands wielded by all of the investigators would have been enough of a giveaway, but the empty can of Diet Coke in her hand would have never set her down in the middle of a Muggle-run crime scene.

Sophie reoriented herself after the strain of a cross-country Portkey trip. That a Bureau employee had made the eight-hop Apparation trip (crime-scene, San Francisco, Reno, Denver, Des Moines, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, her apartment in Boston) to find her at this hour suggested it was a dire emergency.

Still, she was not pleased. She recognized a junior agent she had worked with before on the West Coast. "Agent Cox, why have I been called to a crime scene that is over two-thousand miles from my own jurisdiction?"

The young agent handling the scene glanced at the messenger as if to dismiss him, then addressed Sophie. "Special Agent Johnson, I believe you may know the deceased." He looked at the body being pored over by two more agents, "Mr. Pettigrew was murdered - probably with the Killing Curse - while reading a letter. It was sent by one Sirius Black... there's a picture of you in the letter, Agent Johnson."

Sophie's jaw dropped. She had only met Sirius's recently-reformed Death Eater friend "Wormtail" less than two months ago. He had been sent to serve his sentence in America to reduce the chance of this very thing happening. She immediately determined that she was in a patient's room at the Ukiah Pensieve Therapy Center. It was a psychiatric hospital for wizards and witches, and Pettigrew's first year of his twenty-year sentence was to be spent at a psychiatric institution.

Agent Cox continued, "It was a total surprise attack - a real pro did this. He... he's still smiling - like he never felt it. I guess the letter was a pleasant one."

Sophie's curiosity took over. "Ed... may I see the letter? I'll use Levitation on it, of course..."

"Go ahead, Special Agent. Forensics already combed the letter. Just put it in an evidence bag when you're finished. The picture goes with the letter, of course."

Sophie smirked. She had been teased by her fellow Boston Field Office co-workers about "chaperoning a dance" for her Christmas vacation. The Hogwarts New Year's Ball had been a sideshow, compared with seeing Sirius again. She glanced at the picture.

It was a group-shot of six people, taken in front of four banners - one for each Hogwarts house. Sophie herself was on the left of the photograph, wearing somewhat form-fitting dress robes of deep burgundy, something she had picked up at Ragland's Rack (where Ragland's Witch Wear sold their overstocks and irregulars). Her normally well-behaved hair was up, thanks to a small amount of Sleakeasy's. In this shot she smiled, and rolled her eyes occasionally in impatience.

Next to her was Sirius Black - formerly the most wanted man in England's magical community. He did not look the part of a fugitive any more, instead opting for a classic-looking set of black silk dress robes, trimmed with bands of navy blue velvet. His eyes kept alternating between the boy on his left and Sophie. He had been cleared when Pettigrew confessed his crimes.

Sophie had been assigned to monitor Sirius during a visit he had made to America four months ago. Sometime during his one-month stay they realized that they had fallen madly for each other. They had broached the subject of how to solve their "Atlantic Ocean problem" during this last trip. She was currently considering requesting a leave of absence in order to join the latest incarnation of the American Wizarding Volunteer Brigade (or Awvees) to aid Britain in their fight against Lord Voldemort.

Next to Sirius was the most famous boy in the whole wizarding world. The legendary Harry Potter also happened to be Sirius's godson. Now that Sirius was free, he had resumed his long-neglected role of being Harry's legal guardian. Harry wore a look of surprise. His green eyes, which matched his dark green dress robes, seemed full of the sort of mischief one would expect from a sixteen-year-old boy. Sophie knew how surprising that was, given what Sirius had told her about Harry and what his life was like. She also knew, however, that a free Sirius was contributing greatly to Harry's apparent ease.

On Harry's left was the other reason for his lighthearted mood. A red-headed girl... Sophie had to grasp for the name... Ginny. The girl was mostly paying attention to Harry, glancing at the camera the rest of the time. She looked quite attractive in her charcoal gray robes, her hair pinned up and accented with a thin sprig of rosemary twisting through the updo.

A step away from Ginny was her brother, Ron. Ron was also one of Harry's best friends. He seemed awestruck to be where he was. The look on his face either indicated that sense of awe, or a more focused look of concern about his own date. His robes, slate-blue velvet trimmed in silver, ruffled ever so slightly on his tall frame.

The final person in the picture still reminded Sophie of a young, but very studious, version of herself. Hermione (her name was too unique to forget) also wore her brown hair up. Ginny had confided to Sophie that it took far more Sleakeasy's than her own to make it behave. Her thin, flowing robes of silk in soft gray and silver suited her, however, and when she wasn't jabbing Ron with her elbow to get his attention, she smiled for the camera.

After taking in the picture, Sophie read the very short letter from Sirius to his friend.

I thought I'd send you along an extended family picture from the New Year's Ball. Don't have a heart attack... it's not Lily and James in the middle. That's Harry and Ron's younger sister, Ginny. The resemblance is uncanny, though. If it weren't for her freckles and his scar and green eyes, you wouldn't really know! That's Ron and Hermione on the far left... it's your fault they're together, y'know.

And don't we just look like we stepped out of Witch Weekly's Ten Most Beautiful list?!? I tell you Peter... I know I've only been free for a few months but... yeah, she might be it. I'm writing a longer letter to her with a copy of this picture. Don't know the right words, so I took a break and sat down to send you this one. (I know, Wormtail... always second to the girl. What else is new?!?)

Anyway, just wanted to say cheers. I hope Dr. Snyder is helping out.

Sophie teared up slightly, and then waved her wand to put both letter and photograph in the evidence bag. She regained her composure quickly - it was going to be a long night of identification and notifying those who would care that Peter Pettigrew would never get a chance to finish proving that it was never too late.

And that, folks, is it for Peter. No way would Voldie let him live, of course. (I figured this out while writing chapters 9 and 10 of Mischief Managed.) But at least he died happy, which is more than I think JKR might have in store for him.

Thanks again for reading this, folks! Don't forget to see Audrey's rendition of the picture Sirius sent Peter. And check the comments section because I reply to people who leave reviews (and questions) for me there!
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