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Author: Lilac  Story: Yule Ball  Chapter: default
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Yule Ball

A filk by Lilac to the tune of La Bamba by Los Lobos

Dedicated to Angua...keep fighting the good fight!

The Scene: The Yule Ball, of course

Let's all go dance at the Yule Ball!
Let's all hold hands at the Yule Ball!

But we champs four need to start all the dancing.

HARRY (shaking his head, thinking bitterly to himself):
Can't believe I am dancing
With Parvati Patil, but please, no romancing!
Some may think she's entrancing, but she's not Cho,
Who told me "no" -- she's got a beau.

I wish that I could face Voldy,
Or better yet, a Dementor
Than be here tonight. (Parvati leaves to go dance with a Beauxbaton boy)
I'm in deep dung with Pavarti, that's right.

Yule Ball, Yule Ball,
No fun at all.
Yule Ball, Yule Ball, please end!

Let's just escape this dumb Yule Ball!
I'm in the mood for a real brawl --
An argument with that Hermy-oh-ninny,
Dressing up for the en'my
With silky smooth hair, done up with a flair.

Some guy with a Spanish guitar is playing a pretty cool solo while following Harry and Ron up to the Common Room.

RON (to Hermione in the Common Room):
Why did you go with that "Vicky"?

You know his name isn't "Vicky"!
Victor before you did ask gentlemanly.
Don't you know what you should do?
The first to ask me had better be you--
Before anyone else! You stupid git!
I'm no last resort, don't you get it?

HARRY (while climbing the stairs to bed, leaving them to it):
Yule Ball, Yule ball,
More like "you'll brawl"...
She "got" it all...
To bed I'll crawl...

Harry stops on the steps and turns back around when he hears a whole mariachi band playing a happy tune in the Common Room. Harry shrugs, too tired to care, and resumes his trip up to bed

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