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Author: Cassie Lupin  Story: Two Proposals Later  Chapter: Default
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"I promise to keep you happy and safe, and to never put us in an dangerous position. I will place your and our child's life and happiness before my own and will respect all decisions you make. So, will you marry me?"

"No." The giggles filled the trains small compartment. Actually, they were more than giggles from some, they were full out laughter. James, who at the moment was a deep shade of red, pulled himself to his feet.

"Why not?" He asked Cassie, who looked like she was fighting back a fit of laughter herself.

"Well for starters your speech was just horrible. I mean, so will you marry me?" and where did you get that sappy stuff at the beginning?" James frowned and shot Cassie a look to kill.

"Be serious, Cassie." Cassie cocked her head to the side and smiled at James. An annoying habit she had when acting cute.

"You want me to act like an idiot." James took a second to be startled and confused before getting it.

"Cassie! Be, well don't tease. Why wouldn't you marry me!" "Now that just sounded wrong." Sirius managed, his laughter subduing after Cassie's joke. James flushed red again, wondering why he bothered with his friends sometimes. They didn't have to make things worse.

"Be quite Sirius." Cassie snapped. Sirius shot her a look that could kill which she shot back. The starring contest lasted bout three seconds but when Cassie turned away she looked like she'd been called every name in the book, four times. Sirius didn't look much better. "Why'd you say no?" Asked James once he'd gotten her attention back. Cassie looked startled, having forgot about the proposal.

"Well, what are you going to do once we arrive at the station?" "Go get plastered!" Suggested Sirius.

"Go get an interview at the Ministry of Magic." Romulus said in a solemn voice. "Probably go home. . . . Or with Sirius." James said, not seeing why it mattered. "Exactly." Cassie said, crossing her arms like she'd made the worlds greatest point. Everyone else looked more than slightly confused.

"Do you really hate Sirius that much?" Remus finally asked with a smile. Cassie rolled her eyes.

"Yes, but that's not why I said it. James has no idea what he's going to do in the future. No one wants to settle down with a man like that."

"Forget this." Said Sirius, standing up to take the ring away from James. "Just ask her man. Do it quickly and if she rejects, she's not good enough for you." Cassie humped. Remus shook his head.

"No she won't like rushed at all. Woe her. take out to dinner do it there, under the moon light. Romance, man."

"I say you should do this the proper way. Discus it with her and get her option." Four faces turned to looked at Romulus each with the same "Yeah, right." expression painted on. Finally Cassie looked away with a sigh.

"Maybe James should decide how he propose. . . As long as it sweat." She said the last part almost as an after thought.

"And not to long." Sirius added.

"And Romantic." Remus said.

"But proper." Romulus, of course. James looked utterly confused. Silently he sat down in-between to Cassie and Romulus who were still discussing his proposal. "What am I going to do?" He muttered in a barley audible whispered. the sound was muffled even more because he'd placed his face in his hands.

"Do what?" Yet still his friends managed to hear him, even through there quarreling. James was amazed at how far the four would go to help him, especially if it involved prying in his personal life.

"Nothing." He said, lying back onto the seat. the whole compartment went silent. He caught a glance at Cassie who looked generally concern. Then the worry lines around her mouth faded to the smile he know well.

"If it'll make you feel better I'll marry you." She joked, braking the silence. In a second everyone in the room erupted in laughter. It lasted for almost five minutes, and by that time they were at Kings Cross.

"Time to get off." Someone yelled down to them. The five stopped laughing, or at least subdued it to giggles, and got ready to get off the train.

The group got of the train in a much more somber mood. It had finally hit. They wouldn't be going back, not after this year. Cassie looked like she was fighting off tears, Remus was staring at the ground, Romulus had put down his book, and Sirius eyes had lost that ever present mischievous sparkle. James looked through the crowd to find the one person he know he couldn't leave behind.

"Lil's over there." Remus said, noticing James' desperate search. "Thanks." he said, already going over to her. Cassie smile, though it wasn't as bright as usual.

"They'll make a cute couple." Remus nodded, looking at Cassie oddly. Cassie stared back for a few seconds before loosing her patients. "What is it? Do I have something on my face?" She snapped.

"Do you have feelings for him." Remus looked and sounded dead serious. Everyone of the friends looked at Remus like he was crazy. "Because if your hurt for him not asking you to marry him again I could ask." Silence then.

"Shut up!" Cassie said through a fit of giggles. The four must have been quite a sight, laughing their heads off in the middle of platform 9 and 3/4. "Am I going to be the one you each practice the proposal on? Or does Lily get that honor as well."

"Only you." Remus said, calming down a bit. He noticed that Cassie was crying and not from laughing to hard either. "What's wrong."

"I'll miss hanging out with you guys. Even you." She smiled to Sirius. Remus frowned. "We can still hang out." He assured her.

"Yeah, just no more rules to brake." Sirius added. Cassie smiled.

"Yeah, we cam." But she didn't look or sound convinced. Suddenly, "Where's James?" "Went to see Lily." Romulus said, looking around for either of them. James had managed to drag Lily away from her friends as was taking her to the far end, alone.

"Oh! Lets go spy on them!" Cassie said, already running towards them.

"That would be silly and immature." Sirius said matter a factly. Cassie stopped dead in her tracks, Romulus dropped his book, and Remus looked like he was in shock. Sirius took one look at their faces and smiled. "Let's go!"


"What's all this about James?" Said Lily, giving James a scorning look, but her eyes deceived her. She was happy and curious, and not a bit upset.

"Well." James stated nervously. Damn, thought James, I must have it bad. He'd never been nervous in front of a girl before. Behind Lily he saw his friends watching. He hoped they weren't trying to be inconspicuous, because it wasn't working.

"Well what?" Now Lily was just sacred. What was so important that it had James, the James Potter master of quidditch and rule breaker nervous?

"Well, um." James wasn't looking at Lily, he was looking at Cassie. She was pointing to her hand. Take her hand? Was that what she meant? Cassie placed her hand over her heart and mouthed "Tell her you love her." James, in hazy confusion, grabbed Lily's chest. Lily's faces turned a bright crimson. In the background Sirius cracked up.

"JAMES! WHAT ARE YOU-" Lily didn't get any further. James had turned to watch Remus who was trying to demonstration "Kiss her." In his haste he grabbed Sirius and gave him a kiss. After a minute of disarray James did the same, to Lily.


"What are you doing!" Yelled Cassie. Remus turned a dark red.

"I was trying to get him to kiss her." Cassie's face turned a deep purple.

"I'M YOU BLOODY GIRLFRIEND! WHY COULDN'T YOU KISS ME?" At this point Sirius got over the shock and continued to go into a fit of hysterical laughter.

"Is there something you not telling us Remus?" Romulus asked in a calm voice. Remus blushed. "I'm perfectly strait." He whispered. Cassie rolled her eyes and looked over to James and Lily who were pulling apart.

"I don't care what gender you prefer, just fix that." She said, pointing to couple. Remus nodded. Waving a bit he got James attention. Then he cup his face with his hand. "Love you."


James watched Remus touch his cheek. He took his own hand back and slapped Lily. Lily didn't react for the first thirty second, a minute, and minute and a half, two minutes.

"I HATE YOU!" And she promptly backhanded James across the face. "HOW DARE YOU. . . . YOU KISS AND THAN SLAP ME!" James looked down at his shoes. That had been the stupidest move. How could he have done that? It was his nerves. He was so lost when it came to Lily. "Well! Aren't you going to answer me?"


"Sorry doesn't cut it." James was slowly turning furious. "I mean what were you thinking!" He was just so nerves. It wasn't his fault. "You, You idiot!"

"Well if you hadn't slapped me."

"I didn't slap you."

"Yes you did!"

"No I didn't! I back handed you!"

"Well thank God it was a back hand! I don't think I could stand a slap!"


"What's going over there?" Asked Cassie, trying to get a closer look. The three listen to some of the conversation. Suddenly Cassie got up and started to walk away. Remus cut here off.

"Were are you going."

"It's impossible. They're yelling at each other in a dark corner in public place. I give up." She said, trying to get past Remus.

"No. No. there's a chance. We can fix this." Remus begged, trying to stop Cassie. Romulus let out a long sigh.

"No, I think it's actually impossible." Sirius didn't make any comment, he was still laughing to hard. "No! We can fix this!"

"No! We can not fix this! This is beyond fixable!" Cassie pointed to the couple that were now attracting a crowd. Remus's eyes feel in defeat. "Maybe, we could maybe still fix it."

"BASTARD!" Lily screamed. Remus let out a sigh.

"There is still a chance."


"Okay, maybe there's not a BIG chance but still-" The crowded screamed as the two broke into a fight. "So maybe there isn't a chance." Remus said, hanging his head. Cassie patted him supportively on the back.

"It's okay, at least they're closer to a relationship." Even Sirius stopped laughing to stare at her. She shrugged. "There rolling around on the floor. If only they weren't attempting killing each other." The group was thrown back into a fit of laughter. If nothing else the proposal was comical.


"I don't understand what went wrong." James mumbled to himself for what Remus estimated at the 225 time. Cassie let out another annoyed sigh.

"I don't know. What do you think Remus. The slap, the name calling, or the punches?" James shook head.

"That's not what I meant."

"Well what DID you mean James." Cassie asked, the annoyance in her voice becoming even more obvious. James jolted away from her, his eyes flashing in angry.

"Why don't you go comfort Lily if your going to be rude?" He said cooly. A big mistake for Cassie's eyes soon took on the same firry look.

"Because I want o get you to together and let me tell you, your not making it easy! Honestly, slapping her! What are you, abusive. Can't you even act like you father!" Cassie put plenty of evince on the word act. James visibly flinched. He hated being reminded that he wasn't his father. Remus, sensing danger got ready to hold James back if he tried to hurt Cassie. this wasn't lost on James.

"You to Remus? You think I did it on purpose?" Remus stopped dead. He avoided meeting james eyes with is own. "You do, don't you!"

"Of course not. You'd never do something like that James." Remus meant it in all honestly but James didn't care, even if Remus actions had been just a reaction it didn't make up for it.

"I would never! I was just, just...."

"Nervous?" Cassie asked. James chanced a look at her. Her eyes weren't joking or sparkling like usual. her nodded slowly, nerve leaving her gaze.

"So why didn't you tell her that? Why'd you have to be so horrible." James looked to the floor. Why hadn't he? Why didn't he? Would Lily still want it? Maybe. Was it worth rejection? Lily was worth all the rejection in the world.

"Be right back." Suddenly James was on his feet and out the door. the four started after him. The silence lasted for what seemed like forever.

"So," Sirius said, braking the silent bliss. "should I get the bandages?"

"Na. I think he might do it this time." Cassie replied, all ready heading out to follow him. the three boys looked at each other.

"Well, we might have to hold back Lil." Remus said slowly.

"Yes, that's the only reason we're going to spy on our friends." Sirius said with a nod. the three were behind cassie in a matter of seconds.

By the time the three got there Cassie was watching James in Lily in amazement. "What's," Breath "going," pant "on?" Sirius managed in between breaths of air. Cassie just kept watching. James and Lily were talking then, embraced and kissed. Best of all, when they pulled apart they didn't exchange slaps. Then out of no where Cassie started giggling. Actually, it started as soft giggles and progressed to side splitting laughter.

The three exchanged glances before Romulus started speaking slowly. "Cas, what's going on? What happened?" Cassie didn't answer. She just continued laughing.

"CASSIE!" Sirius finally screamed in her ear. That got her to stop laughing, well mostly. She held up one item, like it explained everything.

"Err.. Cassie what does a Sugar Quill have to do with anything?" Romulus asked after a full five minutes of silence. Cassie smiled her cocky know-it-all smile and her eyes taunted the group. "Wouldn't you like to know?" She said, tossing them the quill and very simply walking away. The three started after her. Finally remus through the quill on top the tracks.

"Well, that made no sense once so ever." he mumbled. The other agreed and went to congratulate the new couple.


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