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Author: Abigail (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Boys And Girls  Chapter: Chapter 2: Photographs and Feelings
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Author’s Note: This chapter is from Ginny’s POV



Author’s Note: This chapter is from Ginny’s POV. It’s the first time I write from Ginny’s perspective, so try and don’t be too harsh on you reviews. I tried my best! I hope you like it. Thanks again Elanor, because you keep giving me lots of help, and I really appreciate that. Thanks to all of those who have reviewed so far. Keep those reviews coming! It’s good to know what people think about your work.



By Abigail


Chapter Two

Photographs and Feelings




It was a good thing to watch. Ron and Hermione hugging each other. Ginny had never seen such thing before. She stared at them delightedly while she heard Fred and George whispering excitedly.


She looked around her, and spotted Harry. He was looking strangely at her. She locked her eyes onto his green pair, and smiled.


He smiled back. But, wait. Was Harry going pink? Again?


That was something new too, she thought as she fixed her eyes back on her brother, grinning to herself. Harry going red because of her. Wow.


It had been weird to get used to the fact that Harry actually seemed to like her. She had had all night to think about that, since she had heard what Ron said, only yesterday. And she liked the idea. The boy who lived. She wondered vaguely if Harry would ever ask her out. The girl of the boy who lived. She certainly liked the idea.


Now Ron and Hermione’s hug was over, and Ron had gone awfully red. Could he be any more obvious?


Hermione approached her and smiled. “Hi, Gin.” She hugged her too, and Ginny was glad to know that the hug she had just given to Ron was way longer.


After the whole greeting session was over, Mrs. Weasley commanded Ron to carry Hermione’s truck upstairs and into Ginny’s room. Hermione took some plastic bag with what seemed to be photographs in it, and Ron, with Harry’s help, did as he had been told.


Ginny and Hermione sat down on the living room, and Mr. and Mrs. Granger and Ginny’s parents went to have a chat in the kitchen.


Soon, Ron and Harry were downstairs again, and sitting next to them.


“It’s so good to be here, really.” It seemed though Hermione couldn’t help smiling.


They all nodded in agreement and Hermione spoke again, in quite high tone. “Oh!” she said, grabbing the plastic bag and taking some photographs out. “I wanted to show you this.”


Ginny, who was the one closest to Hermione, took a look at the first one and managed, just in time, to strangle a squeak coming from her mouth.


There was Viktor Krum, waving at her, with his arm over Hermione’s shoulder, who seemed a bit embarrassed and was looking at him with quizzical eyes.


This could ruin everything. In fact, this would ruin everything.


Ginny tried to tell Hermione about it by giving her a meaningful look, but Hermione didn’t pay any attention to her.


The Hermione in the picture surely realized she was in danger, because she kept trying to push Krum out of the picture, but Krum was way stronger, and before Ginny could stop it, Ron had taken a look at it and was staring at Hermione wide eyed.


Ginny looked from one to the other, fearing to be between them. Her life could be in danger right now.


“You…” Ron said, pointing at the picture, and clearly trying his best to look calm. “You… so, you went to Bulgaria, huh?” he managed in a muffled voice.


Hermione nodded. “I thought I had told you. I wrote to you and told you.”


“Not that I know of.” Ron was going red again.


“But I told someone about it,” Hermione said, looking away.


“That would be me…” Harry raised his hand slightly, and they all turned to look at him.


“And me,” Ginny said shyly.


 Ron took a deep breath. “Oh, then go ahead, Hermione. Tell everyone but me.” He was fuming now.


Hermione shrank into her seat. “No, Ron, honestly, I swear I thought…”


“Go on, have **have** you written to Aidan Lynch yet? I could help you do that!” He half-yelled, and Hermione gave him a stern look.


“And besides, what do you mind!” she replied, standing up, “I thought I had made it perfectly clear I was going because of Bulgaria, not because of Viktor!”


Here they go again.


“What’s that suppose to mean?!”


“Oh, please, don’t even start, Ronald Weasley!” The voice had come from somewhere near the kitchen.


They turned to look and found Mrs. Weasley staring back at them.


“Mum!” replied Ron.


Ginny turned to look at her exasperated brother, and almost screamed in shock as she realized he was looking horrible. The red shirt matched horribly with his red, blushing self, his freckles and his flaming red hair. Poor him. She should’ve known he was going to blush. If she had been a little more thoughtful, she would’ve picked a blue shirt. Blue matched beige perfectly fine as well.


Harry looked like he was about to laugh at how Ron looked too.


Mrs. Weasley was giving Ron an angry and dangerous look, and Ron looked at Hermione, his expression softening.


“It’s okay, I don’t care if you went to Bulgaria. I mean it. Just tell me next time, please?”


Hermione looked scandalized. But slowly, very slowly, she nodded.


Suddenly, Ginny could breathe again. So Ron almost blew it. Hermione almost blew it. But they were fine now, that was all that mattered. Now she could go back to thinking about Harry.


Mrs. Weasley disappeared into the kitchen again, muttering, “Honestly.”


There was a tense uncomfortable silence, but Ginny hardly noticed it. She was staring at Harry, and Harry… Harry was staring back. She found herself wishing he wouldn’t stare at her so much. Oh, like you don’t stare at him all the time!



She wished they were alone. She wished she had an excuse to talk to him fluently, and discover more about him. Even if she already knew all there was to know about Harry, it would be nice to hear it from him, not from Ron, or from the newspapers. It would be nice to hear Harry talking directly to her.


She felt the urge to kick both Ron and Hermione out of the way and sit next to him, but realized that was stupid. She could simply stand up, and walk a bit, and sit next to him, rest her head on his shoulder, kiss him on the cheek, at least. Hug him. Everything has to start with a hug after all. That was what her mother had told her last year. Don’t rush things Ginny. A hug is a good thing to start with.


But she couldn’t do all those things. Just thinking about it gave her chills. The thought of being so close to him. To feel his arms around her. To feel him breathing on her neck.


She tried to stand up, but her legs weren’t obeying her brain.


After a while of trying hard, she managed to stand up, but didn’t pluck up the courage to take the next step.


“I’ll be upstairs if you need me,” she said, and the three of them nodded.


Was Ginny’s imagination or was Harry really… oh… he was standing up too.


Ginny’s heart was pounding on her ribs, and her stomach gave a funny lurch.


And to her horror and delight, Harry pronounced the most beautiful words she had ever heard, “I’ll join you.”


She gulped and looked at him, amazed.


Hermione and Ron looked at them, Ron grinning suspiciously. But Ginny didn’t care. She was going to be upstairs, with him. Alone.


With famous and gorgeous Harry Potter. She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t. Her whole body had frozen, even her insides, she couldn’t move or speak. But she could smile, and Harry surely took it as an ‘Okay’, because he walked up to where she was and nudged her to follow.


Move, you idiot, move!


Finally, her legs responded, and she walked upstairs, side by side with Harry.



To be continued…


Want to know what happens next? Well, you’ll be glad to know that next chapter is from Harry’s POV.










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