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Author: Abigail (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: A Sister's Thoughts  Chapter: default
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Disclaimer: I’m tired of writing disclaimers, because as you all know, I don’t own Harry Potter, or the characters related to

Disclaimer: I’m tired of writing disclaimers, because as you all know, I don’t own Harry Potter, or the characters related to it.

Author’s Note: This is not exactly a sequel, but a follow up to “Matters of The Heart”(does that make any sense?) and a prologue to “Boys and Girls”. It’s from Ginny’s POV of course. Just some “Ginny” thoughts. It’s kind of short, but anyways… enjoyJ

Prologue to “Boys and Girls”

                  By Abigail

A Sister’s Thoughts

By Abigail

“That’s okay, Harry, you let me have your sister and I’ll let you have mine."

Virginia Weasley rolled over in her bed, trying hard not to think about that sentence. She fixed her eyes on the ceiling and tried to fix her thoughts on it too, but it was impossible. Her thoughts jumped to Harry sooner or later.

What had Ron meant by that? Had he meant what she thought she meant? Or was he just playing a sick joke on her? Maybe he knew she was listening…

But why then had Harry laughed? Yes, it must’ve been a joke.

Prats. Both of them.

But Harry seemed really nice; he didn’t seem capable of doing such a thing to her. Maybe he did like her. Still, probably he didn’t.

Ginny closed her eyes painfully. This had ruined her whole plan. Her whole Forget about Harry Potter plan. She had even written down the reasons why she should forget about him. It was a huge list, which include things like 1. He likes Cho Chang. 2. He’s best friends with your brother. 3. He’s famous. 4. He is a year older than you (about eight months older than you, actually). 5. He doesn’t like you.

The last one was the most painful one to remember. He didn’t like her. It was clear. After all, why would he? She was poor, she was way too shy, she wasn’t even pretty, for that matter. Cho Chang was pretty. Damn her!

She shook her head, trying her best to lure those thoughts away. Her mother had told her she was pretty. Hermione had told her once. Colin had told her about ten times, and Neville had when he asked her to the ball. Even Percy had done it, one day he was helping her with her homework.

But they didn’t count. Not until Harry told her such a thing.

But why was she so fixed on Harry Potter? Was she really in love? The fact was, she didn’t know. And until she knew how he felt for sure, she didn’t want to know.

“That’s okay, Harry, you let me have your sister and I’ll let you have mine.”

And Ron would let him have his. Ron would let him have Ginny. Unless he was talking about another girl, who wasn’t really his sister. No. He wasn’t. Ginny knew perfectly well he had meant her.

“So that you know, I don’t like Cho anymore.”


“No. I like somebody else.”

Maybe Harry had meant her. After all, he was acting weird around her all the time.

“No. I like Ginny.”

This sentence came into her mind before she could stop it. Harry had never said that. Harry would never say that. Would he?

Well, it could be. Probably Harry was starting to forget about Cho, and was starting to like her. Only Harry knew for sure. And only Harry could say it for sure. But Ginny couldn’t wait for that. Because she felt the same. And love sometimes can’t wait.

Don’t hyperventilate, don’t hyperventilate.

Ginny smiled widely.

Yes. Harry Potter liked her. Harry Potter liked Ginny Weasley. He liked her. And Ginny Weasley liked him back.

“Ginny!” she suddenly heard Ron’s voice by the staircases.

“Coming,” she muttered to herself as she got up, a little startled, but still smiling happily.

Fin. It follows in “Boys and Girls”.

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