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Author: Queenie  Story: Empty Shell  Chapter: Default
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Empty Shell




By four walls


These walls -- like us


All traces of life


Even a smear of blood

Would be welcome

But there is none


There was so much

I had wanted to do

And see

The jungles of Africa

The Aztec temples of Brazil

The Shinto shrines of Japan




The grey, cold sea

Surrounds us

Encases us


Where is the sky?


A blue sea,

Dotted with white sailboats

Sitting on a dock, watching time pass

Fishing for a sea bass that probably will never come

But who cares?

I've got my whole life to wait.


Running through the woods with my dog



To watch a shaft of light burst through the trees

A kind of joy on my face


The afternoon ambling away

Talking, laughing, playing

With my best mate

Worries far away


Were these things real?

Maybe they weren't

Perhaps they're just illusions

Maybe they never existed




I don't like thunder

It scares me


Mama, help me

Protect me

But Mama isn't here

Mama can't help you.

And if she could, why would she want to?


A clear day

They are burying a dead man

Finally free

Soon that will be me in the coffin

Lying with others

Like me

This is where I shall die.



I thought I'd something


To say…

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