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Author: Lilac  Story: Mother's Love  Chapter: Default
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Mother's Love

A filk by Lilac to the tune of Landslide by Stevie Nicks (click here for a midi version so you can sing along)

A/N: This was partly inspired by and loosely based upon Zsenya's A Mother's Spell, a beautiful story that I highly recommend to everyone. I also have to give credit to Grey Wolf and his theories on Harry Potter for Grownups. Yes, I freely admit that I let others do the hard work of thinking/creating, then I just write filks about it. ;)

~Dedicated to all the "Divine Mamas" at the Sugar Quill (you know who you are),
as well as all mothers everywhere.~


The Scene: Godric's Hollow, in fifteen-month-old Harry's bedroom. LILY is performing a spell that will protect Harry should she die saving his life. As she is doing so, she is pondering the unsure future for her son, knowing that he will not have it easy. LILY also shows the true meaning of courage during this scene by being willing to do what needs to be done in the face of fear.

I take my love and point my wand
And I give this love that knows no bounds.
I can see my reflection in my young son's eyes.
May this love-charm him surround.

Oh, will my child know his mother's love?
Can this child within my arms rise above?
Will his days be full of hurtful strife?
Can he handle the challenge of his life?
Mmhmmm, I don't know...
Mmhmmm, I hope so...

Well, I'm so afraid of dying,
But I know it'll save your life.
And if it saves you,
You will save others, too...
Perhaps all wizard-kind.
Yes, you'll save wizard-kind.

She is now rocking a subdued Harry while humming during this guitar interlude

Though I am afraid of dying,
It's what I am willing to do.
My love's never ending,
Time I am spending
Is precious here with you.
Yes, my darling one, we two.

So, here's my love, little one,
For the mountains you must climb if I'm not around.
I can see my reflection in your bright green eyes...
May this keep you safe and sound.

And, if you see my reflection in your bright green eyes...
Know I'm always with you now.

One more thing...a big public thank-you to all those who have ever reviewed my silly little filks: snich, Lourdes, Ozma, B. Nonymous, katie, Middle Earth Link Guy, Crookshanks, Ravengurl, Tayloire, A.L. de Sauveterre, Harpinred, Larzdinn, zvjezz, Night Zephyr, Ara Kane, GinnyDragon54, Catherine, GroovyGirl, Amberdulen, Truly, tickle the squid, Mary Jo, Miss_Hermione_Granger, ivy, "me", GinnyPotter10, farie, Meggers, Xandie, Fawkes 101, Sundance, Stella of the Stars, loonie, Rapier, and Croupier. I really appreciate your reviews and look forward to your comments in the future!
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