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Author: Anione Graton  Story: Starcross'd  Chapter: Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

Chapter 2


“Now, darling, don’t forget to owl us as soon as you get to Hogwarts!”

“I promise, mum. May I go now?”

“No, Ben, dear… I just want to hold you one more time.”

Muum!” groaned the eleven-year-old. “There are people watching!”

Ron walked up to his son and clasped a hand firmly on his shoulder. “Just let your mother do this right now, and she’ll never do it to you again. She had trouble when Kaitlyn left. And son… I expect you to make the same mistakes I did, wreak the same havoc, and―”

“Ronald Arthur Weasley!” Hermione screamed, cutting him off.

“That’s not the first time she’s said your full name, Dad,” came a sweet voice from behind him. Ron spun around and saw his daughter standing there timidly, her trunk at her feet and her books for reading on the way there tucked neatly under her arm. Sometimes, he swore she emanated her mother in every way. Kaitlyn had always held a special place in Ron’s heart. Every time she smiled or batted her ―well, technically, his― eyes at him, he became weak and gave into anything she wanted. She had been able to do that even before he met her. The second Hermione had told Ron she was pregnant with Kaitlyn, Ron knew that he was different.

But if anyone would have told him that his daughter would turn out to be this beautiful at fourteen… he wouldn’t have even been able to imagine.

Ron stepped over to her and embraced her lovingly. Kaitlyn buried her face in her father’s chest. She and her mother wrote to each other often, but her father was never much of a writer. He sent packages and small notes mostly, but this was all she was going to see of him for the next few months. She inhaled deeply, taking in his comfortable scent.

“Now, Kaitlyn, I’ll tell you the same thing I’ve told you for the past three years.”

“I know, Dad, I know,” she said, rolling her eyes.

Stay away from Slytherin, they’re a bunch of blighters. Look out for Snape, because he’s a royal git. Don’t stay out past midnight, don’t sneak out past three, and remember, tickle the pear to get into the kitchen,” they recited together accurately.

“Wow, I think might need to clean that speech up a bit,” Ron said, frowning and scratching his head.

Kaitlyn looked her father in the eyes. “Don’t. It’s perfect.”

He smiled and kissed the top of her head. “I love you, Kate.”

“And I love you, Dad.”

“Hurry up! The train’s about to leave!” Hermione called.

Ron bent over and lifted up Kaitlyn’s trunk. He squeezed her hand and said, “Don’t forget… those words of wisdom come from―”

“―Many years of troublemaking. I know, Dad, I know,” she said, smiling at him mischievously.

He smiled back. “Now I know that’s my smile you inherited.”

They laughed a bit while Hermione fussed over everything, making sure Kaitlyn had completely packed everything and that she was set on everything she had to do.

“Now, Mum, Dad already gave me his speech, do I need yours as well?”

“Of course you do, after a daft rambling from a madman such as your father!”

“I heard that,” came the response from down the platform.

“Make sure you get all of your work done, pay attention in class, don’t cause trouble, write me as often as possible, and be friendly to all the new students. Remember how scared you were the first year you went,” Hermione said, pretending not to notice the way Kaitlyn was rolling her eyes at the lecture. But this time, Hermione surprised her daughter by adding something she’d never said before. “And don’t you fret over what we talked about in Flourish and Blotts… you’re only fourteen. Live your life and be happy for what you have, don’t spend all your time wishing you had something more.”

Kaitlyn’s eyes filled with tears, as they rarely did when she said goodbye to her parents those days. She wrapped her arms around her mother and sighed. “I love you, Mum.”

“Have a safe journey, Kaitlyn Marie,” Hermione whispered into her hair. “I love you.”

After pulling away painfully, giving Jeremiah a hug goodbye, and waving to her parents as she got on the train, Kaitlyn Weasley got onto the train that would take her to her destination. Her fourth year of Hogwarts.


“Weasley, Benjamin.”

Kaitlyn watched excitedly during the Sorting Ceremony as her younger brother stood in the front of the Great Hall, ready to get sorted. It was only too obvious that the hat would scream, “GRYFFINDOR!” which it did, and Ben excitedly joined her table. She winked at him and watched the last two children nervously approach the old hat.

After the Headmistress, Professor Minerva McGonagall, gave the students her yearly safety and precautions lecture, the feast began. Kaitlyn dug in all too happily. She was famished. Her mother had told her before that she’d inherited her ravening appetite from her father, but she never seemed to mind.

“Kaitlyn!” a voice broke into her thoughts. She looked up quickly to see Selma Finnigan smiling at her mischievously.

Kaitlyn’s crooked grin spread across her face when she saw her best friend with that infamous look on her face. She obviously wanted to pull a prank of some kind on a poor, unsuspecting first year. Kaitlyn nodded her head toward the Slytherin table, where frightened first years were settling in. Selma looked over her shoulder and then back at her friend, her bright brown eyes lighting up in excitement. It was all Kaitlyn could do not to laugh.

“Gryffindor first years please follow me!” came the yell of Michelle’s cousin, Perry Weasley. He was her Uncle Percy’s eldest and had made his father very proud by becoming prefect in his fifth year at Hogwarts.

Kaitlyn rolled her eyes as her friend giggled. “Oh, ha, ha, ha,” she said sardonically. “You just spend ten minutes in the same room with that sod,” she said as Selma laughed next to her. They walked slowly out of the Great Hall, straggling behind the rest of the students so they wouldn’t be part of the gigantic traffic jam. They were talking about their summers animatedly when Kaitlyn heard someone call her name.

She looked up, not realizing where she was going. She stepped straight into someone’s back and didn’t know who it was until that someone turned around.

She was staring right into the eyes of an angry Dameon Malfoy. His dark, cold eyes were piercing into her own. She stiffened her resolve immediately. No boy, especially a Malfoy, was going to stare at her like that and not expect some kind of harsh verbal lashing.

“Excuse yourself, Weasley,” he snarled in a tone that made Kaitlyn bristle.

Selma gulped, but Kaitlyn paid her no attention. “You’re quite mistaken. I didn’t excuse myself because I don’t believe I have anything to excuse myself for, Malfoy.”

Dameon faltered for a second. It was obvious to Kaitlyn that no one had ever stood up to him before because of his name. She wasn’t about to let him get away with such a thing.

“How dare you insult me, you insolent pest,” he spat in her face.

“Oh please,” she said, waving him off. “As if you even know what those words mean.”

His jaw dropped. “I-It just so happens that I do,” he said, trying to regain his haughty air.

“I reckon you learned them from Daddy,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“You better watch yourself, Weasley.”

“Or what, exactly?” Kaitlyn said, practically laughing in his face. They had accumulated a small circle of onlookers.  “What does a snobbish, self-absorbed prat like you think he’s going to do to someone who wouldn’t even speak to him if not for a subtle comeback to his outlandish and quite obscure threat?”

Dameon was astounded. His pale face had turned whiter, if that was possible, and he closed his mouth. His once cold eyes flashed something at Kaitlyn that she couldn’t quite read. Whatever it was, though, she had touched a part of him somehow and there was a feeling other than loneliness.

Once he had turned and left and the crowd dispersed, Selma slapped her friend on the back triumphantly. “I can’t believe you just outwitted a Malfoy, Kate! A Malfoy! That’s something to write home about.”

Kaitlyn couldn’t help being proud of herself, but yet, as she watched Dameon’s retreating back, she rethought those feelings. She had seen the look in the young Malfoy’s eyes. Not only were his beautiful ocean blue eyes stony and cold, but they were alone. He was lonely. Why would he be alone? Didn’t he have friends?

Selma chattered on incessantly next to her about how no other person in the entire school had ever stood up to a Malfoy that way except for her famous Uncle Harry when Draco was in school, and that was something to brag about.

But Kaitlyn saw something in that instant that made her change her mind. Dameon looked over his shoulder at her, and she saw it again. The flash in his eyes that took away the loneliness. She could have sworn it looked a lot like one thing she had a lot of.


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