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Author: Ransom (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: The Harry Potter Alphabet  Chapter: Default
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The Harry Potter Alphabet

All characters and situations below are from the mind of J.K Rowling. A special nod to Edward Gorey is also in order.



The Harry Potter Alphabet


A is for Aragog, falsely accused

B is for Bagman, a man born to lose

C is for Chaser, one good with a Quaffle

D is for Dudley and that toffee debacle

E is for Errol, that tired old owl

F is for Fleur: made Hermione scowl

G is for Gilderoy’s memory charms

H is for Harry who could not be harmed

I for “Imperio!” a curse most forbidden

J is for Jorkins, forgetfulness-ridden

K is for Krum, the Bulgarian Seeker

L is for Lupin: Part-time furry creature

M for Marauders, and their mischievous map

N is for Neville: Herbology? It’s a snap!

O is for Olympe Maxime: Hagrid loves her

P is for Percy one of six Weasley brothers

Q is for Quidditch, a fine wizard’s game

R is for Riddle of dubious fame

S is for Slytherin, a man of ambition

T for Trelawney’s outrageous predictions

U’s the umbrella which hides Hagrid’s wand

V is for Voldemort  of whose name none are fond

W is for Weasleys, their heads look aflame

X remains silent in Beauxbatons’ name

Y is the yeti whose tale Lockhart nicked

Z is for Zonko’s with their toys and their tricks

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