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Author: ChessQueen  Story: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Version 2  Chapter: Ch.1 The Rising
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Ch.1 The Rising 

The darkening corridors of the Tower of London whisked by as Apahas Denew ran upward. He spiraled and spiraled on upward. The tower was evil feeling to most, but he didn’t feel it. He only grieved his arrival at the top of the stone landing. His Master would be there ready to announce the new mission and punish him for his past failures. Apahas shuddered uncontrollably as he finally reached the landing. There were three tall doors leading off of the corridor. He leaned against the wall to catch his breath. He dreaded what was beyond one of the wooden doors.

A ray of moonlight cast across his grim face. His features were set in stone: gray, lifeless, fearful. He looked to one door from which a small stream of light emitted from the space at the bottom. He pushed off the wall and walked slowly toward it. Apahas  placed his hand by the door ready to knock but suddenly stopped. He stood staring for a moment.

“Get in here now! Get in here Denew!” Came a high-pitched hiss from the other side.

He shuddered. “Yes, master.” 

He walked in slowly, taking in a large throne  of gold and a crackling fire in the hearth at the north end of the room. The throne was turned so as he couldn’t see who sat in it.  

“Did you kill him?” Asked the hissing voice from the throne.

“N…n…no… sir,” he stuttered in fear. 

“Why?” the hissing voice asked sharply.

“He knew… He knew I was coming sir. Someone told him. But I did not completely fail. I killed his family.” 

“Did they sssscream?”

“Of course! It was chilling to hear. The daughter was absolutely terrified. I heard when the Ministry told him he went insane. They had to take him to St. Mungo’s, Sir,” Apahas replied, feeling relieved and believing his master was proud of him. 

“Good, very good,” the hiss replied, “But you still failed and there was no excuse for it! You left too many clues that would lead them to me! You’re a disgrace! Wormtail!” The hiss yelled for his servant, who was looming in the shadows beside the fireplace hearth. 

Apahas hadn’t seen him when he came in. They had long been enemies. They had met at Hogwarts during the foulest of times. Apahas hadn’t a clue why he had picked a Gryffindor to comply to his every whim over the pure blood of a Slytherin. 

“Yes... Master?” Wormtail replied. 

“He hassss failed me. Please turn me to face him!” the hissing voice commanded. 

Apahas looked around, terrified as the chair began to turn  with the help of Wormtail. He grabbed for the door and tugged, but it was locked. “Oh, God, no!” he  shrieked, terrified. He pulled out his wand a desperately yelled, “Alohomora,” but it was to no avail. He turned back to face the chair, pushing at the door with his back. He immediately regretted this move. He stared horrified at two red slits of eyes and two green fangs. Each were set upon scaly skin that was pulled tightly across the creature’s skull. A soft whistling billowed from two slits of a nose as Voldemort exhaled. He wore a grin of delight as his right hand reached for his wand and lifted it out. He aimed it straight at Apaha’s  heart. “No, Sir! Please don’t!” Apahas screamed. 

Voldemort stared at him quietly and dropped his wand. “Get out of my sssssight,” he hissed as the wooden door slammed open. Apahas sighed in relief and quickly ran down the stairs. Voldemort looked out the window toward the entrance to the tower. Three minutes later Apahas ran out and stopped in the courtyard. Five figures emerged from the bushes and walked up to Apahas, who was shaking.  

Voldemort raised his wand and aimed it out the window, “Avada Kedavra!”  he  thundered, just as the men all embraced a shaking Apahas. “That ssssshould teach others not to betray me,” he hissed as the six figures fell motionless to the ground.  


Harry Potter bolted upright in his bed and shuddered. His scar throbbed violently as he rubbed it. Voldemort was gaining power and there was no one to stop him. He killed all who got in his way. Harry wiped the sweat off his face and looked out the window toward what he believed to be London. Times were dark, very dark. People were dying. Harry felt sick as memories of Cedric’s death flooded to the front of his mind. He needed to tell someone about his dream. He needed to desperately. But who?

Ron would ask thousands of questions and Harry couldn’t bare to relive the dream. Hermione would immediately panic and nag him about the fact that he should tell Dumbledore. The Dursleys’  wouldn’t care. After all, they thought he was a freak. Fred and George would just make fun of him. What was he to do? “Sirius,” he finally concluded. He had been helpful before, but the only problem was he would write to Dumbledore. Harry put his hands on his cheek. Everyone was away doing something for Dumbledore. Hagrid, Sirius, Mrs. Weasley even. Defeated Harry just decided the only person was Sirius. He really didn’t want anyone to worry about him when they should be focusing their energies elsewhere. Harry said to himself. He reached under his bed and pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill. 

Dear Sirius,

Hello, it’s me, Harry. I had a dream tonight about an Apahas Denew. I was wondering who he is? In my dream Voldemort killed him. It was terrible. He also killed five other people and called Apahas a traitor. He is gaining power, isn’t he? Please tell me. 


Harry stared at it. It looked okay, but he hadn’t explained the dream. He didn’t want to relive it, so he had to keep out the details. Knowing Sirius he would probably see through the whole simple letter. He would know there was more to it and be worried. He would probably Dumbledore too, but Harry had to chance it.

Harry quickly went over to Hedwig’s cage and opened it. Hedwig hooted appreciatively and flew to Harry’s bed. Harry tied the letter to her leg and said, “Take this to Remus, OK? Be very careful.” 

Harry opened the window and watched Hedwig fly out into the night sky. He stood there a few minutes before a lapping of wings above his head startled him. He immediately moved away from the window and watched as four owls swooped into his room and perched themselves upon his bed. Harry recognized one as Pig, Ron’s feisty little owl. He also recognized two others as belonging to the school, the fourth was from Hermione. He grabbed up the package from Hermione first. It was heavy and wrapped in Happy Birthday paper. He opened it to find a book on Quidditch, the favorite sport of the Wizarding World. *wizarding world should not be capitalized* Harry opened it and watched as players zoomed back and forth on the page. He then picked up a note, which had fallen from the book. 

Dear Harry, 

Hello, it’s Hermione. I got your present in Bulgaria when I went to visit Viktor. He was an absolute monster. He never once got my name right and his parents hated me because I supported Ireland at the Quidditch  World Cup last year. Honestly, can you believe that! Viktor was terrible. All he cared about was what his parents thought and of course avoiding the public. I must have spent half the time running from reporter after reporter. It turns out he already had a girlfriend, Janice. was absolutely mean. She constantly made fun of me. She said Viktor was only nice to me so I could tutor him! Isn’t that terrible? Oh, sorry! Enough about me; its *it’s – it is* your birthday! I hope its *it’s – it is* been great! Happy Birthday Harry! Please reply to me. I hope I’ll be at the Weasley’s but Ron is still being a hot head! Honestly, he returns all my letters unopened. 



Harry looked at the letter amazed. Viktor Krum was complete jerk. Poor Hermione. Ron was overreacting. He just didn’t get it. Hermione must be devastated. He acts like he doesn’t care about her. It takes Ron forever to get things through his thick skull. Especially when he was mad. 

Harry turned and picked up the package from Ron. He opened it to find boxes of chocolate frogs. Some were empty! Harry laughed at the thought of Ron stuffing his face as he wrapped Harry’s gift. Harry picked up a letter sticking out of an empty box. 


Do you know what Hermione had the nerve to do? She sent me seven letters with Viktor Krum’s bloody owl. The envelopes were all Bulgarian red too! Really I don’t know what knid of stunt she’s pulling Why does she insist on being with Krum? I’ve started an I hate Icky Vicky club practically! Harry can you knock some sense into her. Tell her if she still likes Viktor then she isn’t welcome at the Burrow. Oops, sorry Harry! I just had to get that out! Happy Birthday Harry! I can’t wait until you come to visit the Burrow!  


Harry groaned. He was going to be stuck in the middle of their row. Harry knew Ron liked Hermione and he knew Hermione liked Ron. Why couldn’t they reach that conclusion? “Stubborn idiots,” he muttered jealously. They would be the perfect couple when they finally figured out each other’s feelings. He, on the other hand, dreaded that day. He would just be the third person with no special bond. “Great, just great,” Harry muttered chewing on a chocolate frog. Harry turned to grab an extremely heavy package from Hagrid.  

Hullo Harry, 

Can’t tell you were I am. It’s business but I made you some nice rock cakes for you birthday, Harry. Hope you like them. Happy Birthday!


Harry groaned and tossed the rock cakes onto the bed. How can Hagrid eat these? Harry reached for the final owl and untied his school letter from its leg. He immediately looked at his supply list. 

Students will need to purchase: 

Magical History

By Bethany P.

Advanced Potions Volume 5  

By Elizabeth Tallon 

Standard Book of Spells Grade 5  

By Miranda Goshawk  

The Dark Arts: Secrets to Defending Yourself 

By Kayla Barber 

Standard Potions Materials 

Harry threw the supply list on his bed and quickly opened the board beneath his bed. He then shoved all the stuff under it and went to bed. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Ron and the Weasleys were going to pick him up by Floo Powder. He was snoring within ten minutes.  



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