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A/N: For all of those who have forgotten… J literally stands for ‘je taime,’ which is French for ‘I love you

A/N: For all of those who have forgotten… J literally stands for ‘je taime,’ which is French for ‘I love you.’ Those of you who wish to challenge me on this, I got the information directly from my French teacher. He has been calling her this since as long as he’s been in love with her. Hermione, as we all know, went to France the summer before third year and obviously taught her best friends some French. Anyway… enjoy.


Missing Scene 2


“Where’s my dad?”

Hermione raced through the crowd of people, moving people out of her way and yelling for Ginny’s father. She found Arthur Weasley talking to Fred, George, and Charlie. They were all fixing their dress robes when Hermione came crashing through.

“Arthur! The ceremony beings in ten minutes! Ginny needs you!” she yelled.

“Oh!” he exclaimed, turning from his sons. He took Hermione’s arm and allowed her to lead him through the large crowd of people. The crowd was making their way to their seats in the front of the yard.

Ginny was pacing back and forth in the tent that had been set up for her. She stared into the mirror, hopeless. Even though she knew she looked great and that Harry would think she looked beautiful, she felt completely awful. Everything was so chaotic. Too many things had gone wrong. It only seemed fitting that her father would go missing.

Hermione dragged Arthur into the tent and shoved him at Ginny. She then spun on her heel and ran at top speed to a bathroom.

Ginny threw her arms around her father. “Thank goodness! I thought you’d disappeared!”

“Darling, where would I go? Are you all right?”

“No! So many things are going wrong! I can’t believe it!”

“Ginny,” her father whispered, sitting her down. “You are going to completely worry yourself sick before the ceremony! Now, I want you to focus on what is going to happen, not what already has.”

“But, Dad!”

“Sh!” he said, taking her hands. “Ginny, everything that happened has already happened. You can’t go back and change it. What you have to do is think about now. What’s going to happen in five minutes?”

Ginny relaxed, a shadow of a smile finally daring to venture across her face. “I’m marrying Harry.”

“Perfect. Do you love him?”

“Very much.”

“Do you want to marry him?”

“More than anything.”

“Then, young lady, you’re ready.”

They both stood up and walked out of the tent, toward the front of the yard, where the ceremony was being held.

Harry and the groomsmen (all of Ginny’s brothers) were at the very front. Harry fidgeted nervously from foot to foot. He looked up at his Best Man. Ron patted him on the shoulder comfortingly. Sirius was sitting in the front, smiling encouragingly.

Hermione turned around and kissed Ginny on the cheek. “You love him. That’s all that matters.” She fixed the last few strands of hair hanging on Ginny’s face and turned to walk down the aisle.

Most of Ginny’s cousins were bridesmaids, as well as a few of her friends from Hogwarts. There were seven girls lined up, and then, the music began.

She sucked in her breath and took her father’s arm. “There’s nothing to be scared about. It’s Harry.”

But this did not comfort Ginny in the slightest. When she saw Harry at the front of the aisle, it wasn’t Harry at all. It was a knight in shining armor, someone she couldn’t believe she had fallen in love with… a man who, above all else, was a hero. Her hero.

How was she supposed to be good enough for such a hero?

Harry watched Ginny walk down the aisle toward him. He was immediately choked up. She looked absolutely beautiful, completely and utterly ethereal. How was he supposed to compare to such a woman? He had fallen in love with her so many years before that he was wholly stunned when he realized he loved her even more than he did so long ago.

Ginny looked up to see tears in Harry’s eyes. He was staring at her in that way… that way that she never found tiresome. It was still as scintillating to her at the age of twenty-one as it had when she was eleven.

Harry felt like he was swimming in a sea of love and emotion. He couldn’t hear any of the ceremony. All he could do was feel Ginny next to him, her love enfolding him in layers and layers of warmth and affection.

Before the rings could be exchanged, the vows were to be read. Ginny and Harry had mutually decided that they were going to write their own vows to each other. Ginny had since memorized hers, and stared directly into Harry’s bright green eyes as she delivered them.

“Harry James Potter,” she sighed, almost breathless with sentiment. “It wasn’t when you were famous for conquering the Dark Lord that I truly fell in love with you. It was only when I noticed that there was someone in this world possibly as heroic as my father.” She paused to look at her father and smile. “It was when I finally knew you, Harry, not Harry Potter, that I started to figure out what I was headed for. Even though you wrote me the rhymes that made me realize you were in love with me, I think my favorite will always be the one I wrote you. His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad. His hair is as dark as a blackboard. I wish he was mine, he’s really divine, the hero who conquered the Dark Lord. Harry, you are mine, and I’d never give you up for the world.”

Harry wanted to lean over and kiss her, sweep her up in his arms, and take her away. He restrained himself, wiping away his tears and straightening himself to begin his vows.

“I’ve tried to figure out for so long how I never fell in love with you before. It’s a question that takes too long to ponder, so I decided to narrow down the list of reasons as to why I love you… But then I realized that that was too long as well. There was nothing to narrow down. Now, I’m going to tell you something I think you should know.

“J stands for the joy you give me every day just to know you and be in your presence. J is the symbol of strength I get from you when I know you’re near me. J stands for everything you mean to me, everything you are. I have known you for so long and it seems I have not loved you nearly long enough. I want you in every way, every day, for the rest of my life. J stands for the simple words, ‘I love you,’ that aren’t that simple after all. J is the heart that lives inside of you, Virginia Weasley, the one I intend to keep forever.”

Ginny didn’t know how she was going to be able to stand up there after what Harry had just told her. All she wanted to do at that moment was throw herself into his arms and sob. However, she put the Weasley stubbornness into play and swallowed the lump that was forming in her throat.

Her eyes were blurred and her hearing had completely left her as her ring was slipped onto her finger. All she was aware of was the fact that Harry was touching her hand. Even after all those years, his touch on her skin gave her shivers.

Harry looked into the big brown eyes he loved to call his own. They were going to become his forever…

“And now I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Harry stared at Ginny’s full, pink lips and dove in to devour them. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close. He was completely unaware of where they were. All he knew was that Ginny Weasley was in his arms and it felt so wonderful and so natural that he lost all sense.

And then the clapping began. He pulled away from her and blinked a couple of times. He saw from the look in her eyes that he wasn’t the only one who had forgotten where he was. It was then he realized… she was no longer his Ginny Weasley. She was his Ginny Potter.

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