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Author: Fawkes101  Story: Better than Binns  Chapter: Chapter 2: Godric Gryffindor
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A/N: Thanks to my beta-reader Night Zephyr and to all those who encouraged me to go on with this fic

A/N: Thanks to my beta-reader Night Zephyr and to all those who encouraged me to go on with this fic. From now one, as new information from OotP has been received, this fic will take place during the summer before Ronís sixth year. This means that instead of the O.W.L.s, Ronís "reward" is that Hermione will not nag him about his time management skills the entire year. Hermione, if Ron does read the book, will let Ron manage his own time. Thanks!

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is all J.K. Rowlingís brilliance.

Section I, Chapter I- Godric Gryffindor

Note to reader: The author and assistants to provide the most accurate representation of the Founders have collected all the journal entries that follow in this section.

Third day of the Second Month of the Year

Today was an extraordinary day in my life, at age eleven. Today I discovered I had the power of magic within me. George, my older brother, was with me when I discovered this. It was he who told me to be careful. I ought to recount what happened, since forgetting it would be such a loss.

Today was a cold and windy day. George made a fire in the fireplace as the house was getting very cold. Mother and Father were out about the town, trying to sell their wares and George was in charge until they returned. George made a fire that burned beautifully. He then left to take care of the animals in the barn. I was cold and went to sit by the fire. Passing the fire, my hand went too close to it and a patch of my skin was burnt.

"George!" I screamed.

He came running in, "what happened, Godric?"

"I burned my hand!"

"You did? Let me see."

I extended my arm and George gasped. For good reason, too. My arm was missing a patch of skin. There was blood dripping on the floor and George quickly grabbed a shirt to stop me from bleeding to death.

"George, what am I going to do? Mother and Father cannot see my hand like this. Youíll get in trouble for something I did." Whenever I am home with George, he takes full responsibility for what happens to me. I didnít want him to get into trouble as he was already on my parentsí bad sides.

"Iím not sure. Iím really not sure. How will you get your skin back before they come home? It will take much longer than that."

"I know. I really want it to come back. I hate having to wear this shirt around my arm all the time. And if it will take a long time to come back, this shirt shall be around my arm for who knows how long." I was extremely frustrated at this. I couldnít stand having to walk around holding a shirt to my arm.

"Sit down so the blood doesnít drip, Godric and Iíll try to think of something." I sat down as far away from the fire as I could be while still receiving some warmth. In my head I prayed that I would get my skin back.

I felt this sudden feeling of pain on my hand. I took off the shirt, thinking Iíd put too much pressure on my hand and gasped. I saw my skin had come back! There was no sign that I had burned a patch of skin off at all.

"George! My skinís come back!" He came to see it immediately.

"Well?" I extended my arm to him and he grinned. "Godric, youíve gotten your skin back! Now I donít have to get into trouble again!" He sighed with absolute relief. Then a shadow crossed his face. "But how did it come back so soon? Iím worried, Godric, it isnít normal."

"Worried? But why? Youíre not getting in trouble or anything." I was ignorant at that moment.

"Godric, you donít get it, do you? Iíve heard rumors around here about children, all around eleven, doing strange things. Things that can never happen-- like being able to grow your skin back so soon. People get scared when they hear of the unknown. Magic, they call it."


"Godric, let me continue! You may be shunned. Magic, while I suppose it can be useful, can hurt you. Be careful, Godric!"

"You mean I do have magical powers?" I was still trying to get this question answered.

"I donít know for sure, Godric. I suppose you must. How are we going to tell Mother and Father?"

"We just have to tell them. Iím sure they wonít mind. But now, what am I to do? What if I do something odd again?" I was thoroughly confused and scared.

"We have to wait, Godric. Thatís all we can do right now." He left me in the room, wondering what to do.

And now, I am in my room, half-elated, half-worried. I am excited to have these powers, but worried asÖwell, you read the account above. I wonder what will happen now. I must tell Mother and Father. I have no choice about that. Yet, how they will take it, I do not know. I will have to wait, I guess. But I hate waiting. Enough for tonight. It has been an eventful day!

~ Godric Gryffindor

"Wow!" Ron said. He was back in reality now. "So thatís why we get our letters at elevenÖ thatís when Godric discovered his power. I get it." Ron picked the book up and fell back to the past.

Tenth day of the Second Month of the Year

Iíve told my parents. They now know I have the power of magic. And their reaction? One of shock, which was expected, and one of happiness, which wasnít. They are worried for me, because of what George had told me earlier.

"Son," my father said, "control your magic."

"But father, I donít know how!"

"Learn then, dear," my mother replied. "Itís important that you do. Your life may depend on that."

Those words meant the most to me. I am glad they accepted me, but am scared because of their worrying. I donít know how to control it and I have no idea how long it will take to learn. I hope I can control it. I really do. Who knows what will happen if I donítÖ.

~ Godric Gryffindor


Note to readers: No entries were found after the ones that you have just finished reading. The next two are ten years later.

Eighth day of the Fifth Month of the Year

This week has been the most extraordinary and eye- opening one Iíve ever experienced. But let me tell it like it should be told.

Ten years ago, when I was eleven, I discovered I wasnít an ordinary boy. I was a magician, one who could do magic. This event came back to me. Earlier this week, I was wandering around the countryside. It was a sunny day, perfect weather for this time of year.

I was walking down a pathway that led to a single house. I ambled down the path to see what might be there. I was quite curious for some reason. On reaching the house, I saw two children, a boy and a girl, playing with each other. They were chasing each other around, tapping each other and yelling, "I got you!" The girl, while running, tripped over her dress and fell. The boy, who must have been her brother, ran over to her.

"Are you all right?" he asked, full of concern.

"My arm hurts. I think I scraped it," she complained, showing her arm to her brother.

"You have scraped it. And itís bleeding too. I wish it could heal."

I was standing only a few feet, yet I was not noticed. I watched as the skin on her arm healed. The look on their faces reminded me of the one on my face ten years ago.

My first thought was that magic was everywhere. I know now the signs of magic. I also know how to control it, a change from myself at eleven. Back on topic now. I realized that magic must be all across England and this seemed an amazing phenomenon to me. Yet in the following days, I saw incidents like those that happened to me. And it gave me hope.

A few days after this, I was at home, when a knock was heard. I opened it to a young man. He looked to be about my age and height.


"I am Salazaar Slytherin," he said.

"Godric Gryffindor-- what would you like sir?"

"As you may tell, I am a newcomer and have heard tales about you."

"Tales? What kind of tales?"

"That you can do magic. Others speak of it with fear in their voices. I would like to know if it is true. You see, I too can do magic and I would like to know if there are more of those like me, so to speak."

I was elated to hear that someone else could do it too; itís not something one lies about really. So I told him my story and he smiled. He then proceeded to tell me his story. I was shocked at the similarities.

"I must leave now. I hope we shall meet again, Godric." He extended his hand.

I took it, responding, "Yes, I do too. Let us continue to be friends, for one day we might need that kind of support." And so we parted in friendship.

I shall never forget this week. It has been one of the most important of my life. It is too good to be forgotten, it truly is.

~ Godric Gryffindor


Fourteenth day of the Fifth Month of the Year

A sudden thought came to my mind this morning. I, along with my dear friend Salazaar, would like to create a school for those magically gifted. I have met two women who are interested in the idea and are willing to help. What we will teach, where, and many other questions are as yet unanswered. But simply having an idea is a good start.

~ Godric Gryffindor


Note to readers: This is the end of Godric Gryffindorís early life. The next time you will meet him is at the meeting of the Founders.

Ron turned the page. There was no way he could stop reading this. It was getting good. Gryffindor and Slytherin being friends was something he could not imagine. And this book was revealing all these secrets. To him, stopping seemed pointless. The next chapter was titled:

Section I, Chapter II- Helga Hufflepuff.

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