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Author: Ciircee and Poppy P  Story: The Yule Bra  Chapter: Ch 2: The Adventure of the Yule Bra and the Bra Seer
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Dedications: On Circe’s side…to Poppy P who showed me this idea when I was at a terribly low point in life.  Thanks for this and for the dancing man.  You were a friend when I really needed friends.  To Jane, for coming up with the idea that became chapter two; dude, you are brilliant.  Finally, a thank you to Taradiane; her Christmas card was unintentionally perfect. 

Poppy:  Wow!  I can’t believe the wonderful response to ch 1.  Thanks you guys!  And kudos to our reviewer googligoo who pointed out that the “You threw off my groove!” bit in chapter one was from Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove”.  (I just love Disney movies!)  Like Circee said in her dedication, chapter 2 would not have been possible w/out Jane.  Huggles to her!  One more chapter of our silliness coming right up!



The Yule Bra

Chapter II


The Adventure of the Yule Bra and the Bra-Seer


It came from Madam Malkin’s, black, shiny, and twinkling with sequins.  It twisted its way through her dreams; light leaping joyfully between the glittering flecks it was encrusted with.  It was not happy, however.  It was dark; dark with a dangerous yearning.


In her sleep, Sybil Trelawney shivered. 




Yes, Holi?


I am…unfulfilled.


Oh, Holi…no. Not again, please.  It hurts you so.


I can’t help it Ford.  I have to try.  Help me?


For you, anything.  Even this.


She gasped awake, the dream lingering in the summer heat.  For a moment Sybil started around her tower room, the haze of incense blinding her as she tried to remember where she was and what her dream had meant.


“I have to warn them!” she gasped as her surrounding reasserted themselves and she realized what her dream meant.  “I must!  The Sight demands it!”  She took only a moment to throw her shawl over her shoulder and add a few more bangles to her wrist before she flew out of her room as only one possessed of the Inner-Eye and a Vision can.


“Sir Cadogan!” she gasped to the portrait on the landing.  “Dumbledore!  Is he in his office?”


The noble night looked up from where he lay on the painted hills.  “Nay, lady.  The good man is taking lunch with the others of your worthy profession.”


“Thank you!” she called behind her as she raced for the Great Hall. 


“It is my honor, fair lady!”


It took several long minutes to work her way down to the Great Hall and she paused in the entrance hall for several more to make sure that her face wasn’t shiny-red from exertion.  Then, feeling the full weight of her gift, she strode to the doors and threw them open.  “I have seen it!” she cried out to the professors sitting at the lone, long table in the center of the room.


Nobody looked up from their fish, save Dumbledore.  “Sybil!  So very glad you could join us,” he smiled.


Sybil opened her mouth in shock, trying to speak around her sudden wordlessness.  “I…” she managed after a moment.  “I have seen great danger, Headmaster!”


“You too, eh?” Hagrid strode in behind her and took a seat at the table and tossed back a glass of water in one gulp.  “I need summat stronger,” he said loudly and a mug of mead appeared on the table.  “Keep ‘em comin’.”


Minerva looked startled.  “Hagrid?  What’s happened?”


Sybil glared daggers at the other woman.  “I have seen it,” she stated loudly and clearly.  “I have seen it in the tea leaves,” she decided suddenly.  “A portent of doom and despair and destruction!”


“I’ve seen it in the tree leaves, me,” Hagrid called out, pouring a second mug of mead down his throat.  “In the Forest, Professor Dumbledore, sir.  I’m not goin’ back in there, either.”


Snape, who had ignored all of them until Hagrid’s third mead, suddenly shot to his feet.  “What’s in the forest?” he was ridged and the hand on his own mead was white-knuckled tight.


“Dunno,” Hagrid said, shrugging.  “But everything in there’s scared o’ it.  Aragog, the Centaurs…had three unicorns show up on th’ doorstep last night ‘n more this morning.  Dangerous things, moving out there.”


Dumbledore moved quickly away from her, Sybil noted, and directly to Hagrid’s gigantic side.  “Can you tell us more, Hagrid?” he asked.  Sybil glared.


“No’ much, Professor.  Summat black and kinda glimmer-y like moving in the trees.  Din’ see it long ‘fore it dropped down on me.  Soft it was, wrapped round my head for a bit, choking me off.  When I came to, it was squeezin’ me round the middle.  Hurts to breathe now.”


Madam Pomfrey scurried over from her seat.  “Let’s check you out!  Dear, those look like burns at your neck!  And you have cracked ribs, Hagrid.”


Hagrid nodded.  “Thought I might.  Whatever tha’ thing is out there, it’s small and it’s fast an’ it’s dangerous.  I’m not goin’ out there while it’s loose.  Nearly killed Fang, that thing—hit ‘em with summat.  He’s sleepin’ on my bed, if you want a look at him, Matron.”


Madam Pomfrey hurried out as the other Professors gathered around Hagrid, pressing him for details.  Sybil huffed.  “I have heard its voice,” she shouted over the din.  “I know this creature on the astral plane.”


Minerva snorted.


With a glare, Trelawney continued.  “Headmaster, I might be able to find this creature using my gift of the Eye and the Sight.”


“Hagrid,” Minerva said loudly, “Don’t you think it’s your duty to stop this madness?”  Sybil had the distinct impression that the Transfiguration’s Professor was not talking about the dark creature in the forest.


“No, I don’, Professor,” Hagrid said around a mouthful of chips.  “I’m not goin’ back.  Tha’ thing has got Aragog and his mess o’ kids runnin’ scared.”  He paused and shifted a look over to Professor Sprout.  “Uh…nobody go into the greenhouse sheds without me with ‘em.”


Frustrated, Sybil stomped her foot.  “I will go after this creature!” she’d show Minerva.  “The Cards have all pointed to my facing this dark menace.  I must go!”  She turned, bowing slightly to Dumbledore.  “I will be on my way…the hour of my destiny approaches!”


Dumbledore smiled benignly.  “If you feel you must, Sybil, than you must.”


“One cannot thwart destiny, no matter how one might try,” she said mistily. 


“One may also not smack sense into certain people, as much as they might wish to try,” Minerva muttered behind her. 


Sybil tensed but ignored her.  ‘She’s just jealous,’ she sniffed to herself before speaking, still holding onto her soft, reverent tone.  “I take my leave of you all, my dears.  May I soon be back amongst you once this shadow fled our home.”


“Not if you’re back,” somebody mumbled, but since Sybil couldn’t tell if it were Severus or Minerva she didn’t bother to glare, lest she capture an innocent party in her gaze.


“Goodbye my dear friends, for I must prepare myself,” she said sharply and turning on her heel she stalked towards her tower to mediate on her destiny and clear her mind, ignoring the sounds of a betting pool being started in her wake.


* * *


Some called the Forbidden Forest ‘the Dark Forest’ and Sybil understood why it was; there were dark creatures that dwelled beneath the large, light-blocking trees.  She stood long at the edge, reconsidering going and wondering if she shouldn’t maybe take Hagrid’s crossbow if she did go in.  In the end, Minerva’s pointed questions, called from the great oak doors, had pushed her past her hesitation.


Now she wandered dark paths that felt of evil to her enhanced senses.  She scanned the trees, mindful of Hagrid’s story, as she walked…humming a song about streams and pools being wet and cool to keep herself company. 


“Lady!” a shape reared out of the shadows.


“Don’t you touch me!”  Sybil screamed before she realized what confronted her.  “Oh, I mean…I saw you coming to aid me, Centaur.”


The half-man looked quizzically at her, “No, Lady.  There’s something back there,” he jerked his head from the direction he had come.  “I decided to take Hagrid up on his offer of sleeping in the school dungeons.”


Sybil rubbed her eyes and stared hard at the creature before her.  It remained a Centaur.  “Oh.”


“You speak too much, Bane,” another Centaur nearly ran into the first.  “Venus is flashing bright and shall turn her face against you if you continue to speak thus.


“Dry up, Ronan, you don’t want to stay here either.”


“My good   Sirs   er…beasts,” Professor Trelawney interrupted them.  “I seek this creature for my Sight revealed it to be my destiny to destroy it.  What might you tell me of it?”


Ronan looked frightened.  “We do not speak of it!”


“It attacks by light, Lady,” said Bane, rolling his eyes.  “Blinding flashes from all directions it aims at your eyes.  It leaps, wrapping itself tightly to your body, wriggling and tightening even as you push it away.”


“It attacked the community of Aragog,” Ronan volunteered with a sour look at his kinsman.  “It tangled their legs, blinding their eyes with light and with blows.  It stuck not to their webs!  It cares not which species you are or your goals.  It leaps from the back of a hard monster that will knock down all in its path.”


Bane nodded.  “Harm not the flying shadow, for the blue beast will destroy you.”


“And don’t let the shadow reach your chest, whatever you may do!”


Sybil nodded.  “And what of Venus, my stargazers?”


Something rustled in the bushes and both Centaurs started.  “Venus?  It’s a planet,” Ronan said as the two galloped from the path, racing for the Hogwart’s grounds.


“That wasn’t helpful,” Sybil grumbled as she continued walking.  “Why couldn’t they have told me more about the influences of Venus on this creature?  Honestly.”


She continued deeper into the forest, stopped once by unicorns that trembled and sweated with fear, horns lowered like weapons.  She hadn’t been able to question them, of course, but she’d noted the way they scanned the treetops and startled at every loud rustle in the undergrowth.  They’d also dodged her reassuring pats, staring hard at her shoulder until she realized that her robes had slipped down to reveal the strap of her bra.  They had eased once it had been covered. 


“Poor creatures,” she whispered to herself as she walked.  “They thought I was but a girl until a symbol of full womanhood was shown to them.  I shall have to do my best that I don’t frighten any more of the fair woodland creatures,” she decided.


A second later she was screaming.  “DRAGON!  HELP!   Hagrid!  Minerva!  Somebody!  DRAGON!  Before her, in a green clearing full of light, lay a large, black monstrosity; “The Vision didn’t mention dragons!” Sybil wailed.


Alarmed by her screams, perhaps, the dragon pulled its head away from the bushes to stare at her.  It snorted a jet of flame and Sybil screamed again before she realized that the smoke from the short-lived jet hung in the air, forming a picture.  The shape of the smoked showed a dragon, presumably the one before her, and a large deer.    Slowly the dragon before her opened its mouth and issued another jet of flame.  The picture formed in this smoked showed the dragon with half the deer in its mouth.


“Oh,” Sybil said, studying the picture.  “You’ve just eaten.”


The dragon’s head moved sinuously up and down in a nod.


“I see.  I…maybe you can help me,” she said.  It was a long shot; after all, what would a dragon know about stars and planets?


The black dragon unfurled its wings and flapped them once in a sort of shrugging manner.


Good enough, Sybil decided.  “I’m looking for a dark creature that roams this forest.  It’s attacked a community of Acromantulas and the Centaurs are fleeing before it.  Do you know this thing?”


The dragon recoiled, the great eyes darting to the treetops and the forest floor in obvious terror.  It trampled in a quick circle, scanning and shaking. 


“You know it?” Sybil cried excitedly.  “Tell me what you can!”


With wary eyes the dragon issued more flame and smoke.  Pictures formed; a napping dragon, a disturbance of the ground that roused it, a dark shape flying through the air and landing on the dragon, binding its wings.  The dragon was breathing fire.


Sybil clapped her hands.  “It came to you and you fought it!  You have vanquished my foe and I…” she trailed off as the black dragon made more pictures.


A hobbled dragon, as the black thing wrapped itself around the dragon’s legs;  a dragon laid low as it’s middle was squeezed so hard that fire couldn’t issue forth; the dark shape leaving when the dragon had been about to pass out.


With dread, the Professor interpreted what she’d been shown, “You were helpless against it and it let you go?  But what was it?  Did you perceive it clearly?”


The dragon raised its great head and nodded once more, slowly.  Flame came forth and Sybil stared, stunned, as a picture appeared.


“But that…” she breathed.  “That’s just a bra!  I’m wearing one right now!”  She tugged her robe down to show the dragon the strap.  “Brassieres don’t…wait!” 


The dragon had taken flight.  It roared loudly and the sound was not anger, it seemed.  Sybil watched it fly out of sight in the direction of the castle.  She hoped the others could deal with a marauding dragon; her destiny lay elsewhere.


“And if what everybody is saying is true,” she whispered to herself, “then it is a grim, grim destiny I face.  Oh, what my Gifts demand of me!”  She laid the back of her hand to her forehead and swooned for a moment, leaning against a tree.


After several moments of swooning, Sybil pushed off into the forest once again.  Twilight was approaching and the hour of her triumph, or her death, drew near.  She knew it was so for the Inner-Eye didn’t lie and twilight had a harmonious resonance with destiny.


“Creature?” she called out as twilight dimmed into near-darkness.  “Show yourself!  Your destiny is come for you!”  Her pronouncement would have been classier if she hadn’t tripped on an upraised root.   She cursed in irritation.  “Lumos,” she raised her wand.


What the light revealed made her scream long and hard and then she passed out cold.


* * *

“Sybil?”  Professor Flitwick was standing over her, wand still against her chest.  “Sybil?”


“Filius?” she breathed, sitting up.  She was at the edge of the forest.  “How?  How did I arrive here?”  The last thing she remembered had been the dazzle of light and the horrible shine of the unknown creature.


Dumbledore stood peering into the trees, but turned at her question.  “How indeed, my dear Professor.  What can you tell us of your journey?”


“I walked deep into the forest, guided by the cries for help on the astral level,” she whispered, trying her best to inject strength into her weary, frail voice.


Somebody, sounding suspiciously like Vector, snorted. 


“I encountered Centaurs beset by a shadow…I brought down the wrath of Venus upon the creature and it fled deeper into the forest as the Centaurs ran for the safety of the open school lawns.”


“Yup, Ronan and Bane said they’d had a talk wi’ somebody strange,” Hagrid confirmed loudly.  There were several surprised looks and Sybil glared at all of them for a moment before she continued.


“I chased the shadow, aided by unicorns for they sensed my good and innocent nature,”


This time, she was certain, it was Filius snorting.  But as he soon began coughing, she forgave him, knowing he hadn’t meant to sound so…derisive.


“Four hours I traveled, seeking the shadow.  It could not hide from my Gaze and I tracked it to a clearing where a dragon lay wounded.


Minerva sighed loudly, “You healed it, I presume?”


“Yes,” Sybil snapped.  “It was wounded.”  She took a deep, cleansing breath and meditated on Minerva’s jealousy until she was calm.  “I drove the shadow away from it at great peril, for it was holding down the dragon’s wings and legs, preventing it from releasing fire.  I could have been scorched, but my Sight revealed that I would not be harmed.”


“Ah, yes,” Dumbledore nodded sagely.


Sybil beamed.  “Indeed, Headmaster.  I kept after the shadow and confronted it in a lair of gleaming silver.  It was a long, tiring battle, but finally it sounded a final cry and the light from its scaled body dimmed and I was victorious.  I…” she frowned.  “I am unsure of how I made my way here.”


Severus coughed loudly, suddenly.  It sounded vaguely like Lockhart, and Sybil glared at him. 


“My body must not have been as tired as my astral self and carried me here,” she theorized.


Minerva coughed suddenly but Sybil didn’t bother to listen to see if it sounded like ‘Lockhart’ or not.




“I’m sure it’s as you say, Sybil,” Dumbledore said soothingly.  “Perhaps a nightcap for all of us?”


The idea was greeted with a chorus of agreement and Sybil allowed Madam Pomfrey to help her to her feet.


Professor Hugglebum, the Muggle Studies Professor frowned, looking back into the forest.  “I could have sworn that a turquoise Ford Anglia with a black satin bra over its rear-view mirror ejected her out of the backseat and then drove back into the trees.”


Sybil decided to faint dramatically as a spate of coughing and sneezing, sounding oddly like ‘you did’ broke out amongst the other Professors.  In her swoon, she dreamed.




I couldn’t, Ford.  I just couldn’t.  I would have clashed with those horrible bangles.


She was probably your last chance to be fulfilled, Holi.


I know.  I…I just couldn’t leave you, Ford.  I’d rather hang on your mirror for a thousand years than leave you.


You’re welcome to stay for two thousand years, if you like.  I am glad you’re with me.


Oh, Ford…

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