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Author: J & Jo  Story: Oh, Brother!  Chapter: Default
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Ginny Weasley followed a group of her classmates down the corridor to the Great Hall for dinner when a pair of hands reached s

A/N:  Yeah, we still don’t own this.  Idea and basic storyline by J, who was kind enough to let Jo have a field day with it.



Oh, Brother!


Sixth-year Ginny Weasley followed a group of her classmates down the corridor to the Great Hall for dinner when a hand reached seemingly out of nowhere and pulled her into an empty classroom. “Hey there, gorgeous,” whispered a voice in Ginny’s ear as a pair of strong arms wrapped around her from behind.  She turned to find a pair of green eyes staring intently into her own brown ones. 

“Don’t say that too loudly, Harry, somebody might hear you.  Then we would be busted,” she said in mock horror.  “I mean, really.  Imagine the uproar if the general public found out that Harry Potter was no longer single.”

“Good point, but it’s not like it isn’t common knowledge that lately I’ve often been seen in the company of one Ginny Weasley, one of the prettiest girls Hogwarts has seen in a long time,” Harry said as he tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

Ginny turned a deep shade of red and tried to think of a comeback, but failed. “I just feel like I’ve been doing something wrong ever since last week when we… well… when you and I…”

“Since we told each other how we felt?  Since we started seeing each other? Since you became my girlfriend? Since you and I became an Us?  Call it whatever you want,” Harry replied with a slow grin growing on his face.

            “I love hearing you say that, but I wish we could tell everyone else, or at least the people who matter, like Ron and Hermione.  It’s going to come out eventually, Harry.  We can’t keep sneaking around the castle like this forever and I’d rather they heard it from us,” Ginny said with a sigh. 

            “I know we won’t be able to keep this quiet for long, but as soon as people find out, we might as well paint a giant target on your back, Ginny, not to mention all the gossip it would create.  I mean, you remember what happened in fourth year when Rita Skeeter said I was dating Hermione.  I don’t want you to have to deal with hate mail or reporters who will twist your words around until you don’t even recognize them anymore.”  Harry ran his fingers through his already messy hair.  “I like things how they are now, when I have you all to myself and we don’t have to worry about telling other people to mind their own business, or Fred and George teasing us loudly, or Malfoy making snide comments, or worse.  Just think of the possibilities, Ginny.”

            “Quite honestly, I’m surprised we’ve kept it from Ron and Hermione for over a week.  And speaking of those two, where have they been all afternoon?”

            Harry made a face. “They made some excuse about having to go to the library about an hour ago.  I don’t even want to know what they’re getting up to, much less chance walking in on anything, so I was going to eat without them as a form of protest.”

            “Oh, I see.  Well, I don’t mind having you all to myself,” Ginny said with a smile as she pulled Harry out of the classroom and headed toward the Great Hall.  “But I still don’t understand why we’re keeping this from them. We don’t have a terminal illness, Harry. We are dating.  So what if everyone knows, including my family?  I think they’ll be happy for us.  I don’t understand what you’re so worried about.”

            I don’t know, Harry thought. Why am I this nervous?  What would happen if everyone knew Ginny and I were together?  I mean, how bad could it be?  Harry’s mind began to wander as he followed Ginny to dinner.


*          *          *

Suddenly, he pictured himself standing in the Burrow with Mr. Weasley.   Mr. Weasley‘s face looked quite good-humored, but his words were startling. “You know, Harry, I do have a very large collection of what Muggles refer to as “guns.”  It’s amazing, what a few spells can do to their power.  Would you like to see my “gun” collection, Harry?”

            Harry shook his head, terrified, unable to speak.  “No? Well, that’s alright,” Mr. Weasley replied, as he put an arm around Harry’s shoulders.  “You just remember my “gun” collection when you are with Ginny, or you will have a very, very close encounter with these “guns”.  I can’t guarantee your safety around those “guns,” but I’m sure that won’t be necessary.  Do you understand me, son?”

            Harry shuddered at the thought of Mr. Weasley’s unseen wrath raging upon him.  But worse yet, what would Ginny’s brothers think of Harry and Ginny’s feelings for each other?  Suddenly, his mind was filled with even more horrific thoughts than Mr. Weasley’s gun collection.

            Harry saw himself standing in a cart outside an empty Gringott’s vault.  Bill stood beside him.  Bill smirked as he recited the familiar warning. “No one can get into these vaults except a Gringott’s goblin.  If anyone tried, they would be sucked into the vault with no escape.  If I were you, Harry, I’d be very, very careful around here.  These accidents sometimes happen without warning, and they only check the vaults for thieves once every ten years.  I’d hate to see something like that happen to you, especially now that you’re seeing my darling little sister.  Although it could end up being for her own good.  I don’t ever want to see Ginny hurt, by you or anyone else.  And remember, these accidents seem to happen without warning…”  The look on Bill’s face gave Harry the chills.

            As the vault faded, an image of Charlie appeared.  Charlie stood next to Harry with an arm around his shoulder in a Romanian field.  “I think it’s great that Ginny and you finally got together, Harry.  She deserves to be treated well, and if anyone can do the job, it’s you.”  Harry gave a sigh of relief. 

But before he knew it, Charlie had his arm suddenly wrapped around Harry’s neck in a tight head lock.  Charlie guided Harry over to a group of dragons.  “Do you see these dragons, Harry?  Aren’t they beautiful?  I’m happy for you both, but if you harm one hair on her head, just one, or under any circumstances make her cry, I will have these lovely dragons make a snack of you.  You may be able to outsmart one dragon, but not 10 or 20.  Just keep that in mind, Harry.  Keep that in mind.”

Harry then found himself standing on the steps of the Ministry building in Diagon Alley, Percy at his side.  He felt slightly relieved.  He was sure that perfect, Prefect Percy wouldn’t have any homicidal tendencies.  He was, after all, a ministry official now, with a reputation to uphold.  Harry tried to concentrate on what Percy was saying, but the drone of his monotonous voice lulled Harry into a daze.  He had almost fallen asleep standing up until he heard, “Imagine the scandal an inquiry into your financial affairs might cause.  I know the people who can make it happen.  I’ve never believed myself to be a corrupt official, but the minute I hear that my little sister isn’t being treated as she should be, I can have you under suspicion and buried in paperwork for the next ten years.  And you’ll always be watching your back, Harry.  But then, maybe you should be watching your back anyway.  I know the people who can make problems like you go far, far away…”

            The Ministry building dissipated and Harry was once again at the Burrow.  He was face to face with Fred and George, who were trying very hard to look happy, but failing rather miserably.  “Harry, we want to congratulate you and Ginny.  We just heard about the two of you, and we wanted to tell you how pleased we are.” George said cordially.  Harry tried to reassure himself that the twins knew him well enough to be honestly happy for him.

            “But Harry, one thing,” George continued.  “We want you to know that if you hurt her in any way, any way at all, we will make your life a living hell.” 

“We have more tricks up our sleeves than you could possibly imagine, and we have the nerve to use each one of them to torture you for the rest of your life.  You will never be safe.  You will always be on guard,” said Fred.  “Your life will be so horrible, that you will rue the day you laid a finger on our sister.” Ominous laughter rang in Harry’s ears the two of them seemed to grow and surround him.

“Just keep that in mind.” George said with a smile that made the hair on the back of Harry’s neck stand on end.  With a whirl, he saw that he was in the Gryffindor common room. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Ron moving toward him.

            “Ron! Ron, please don’t be upset with me.”  Harry looked around at the entire House of Gryffindor staring at them, as Ron’s face contorted into a nasty sneer eerily similar to Malfoy’s.  Harry had a sinking feeling there was going to be a scene.

            “Harry!” he shouted, “How could you do this to me?  It’s my sister, for the love of everything holy!  How could you date Ginny?  You know, I thought I knew you, but I guess I was wrong.  Our friendship is over, Harry, and more than that, I will see that you never get near Ginny again.  And may you burn eternally in the hell set apart for horrible best friends!”

            “But Ron,” he stuttered as he tried to respond, “Ginny and I really care for each other.  Why can’t you be happy for us?

            “You want me to be happy for you? You thought I would be okay with the idea of you and my sister… oh, for the love of Merlin, that’s disgusting! What were you thinking, Harry?”  Ron continued to yell as the scene began to fade.  Harry’s mind reeled at the thought of losing Ron.  


*          *          *


“Harry...Harry? Are you listening to me, Harry?”  Ginny’s voice broke into his daydream.  Harry let out a sigh of relief as he returned to a much simpler reality.  His heart was racing at a thousand miles an hour as he recovered from all the horrible possibilities his new relationship could mean.  He was, after all, now in love with the only sister of six brothers.  There was bound to be some over protectiveness, but it couldn’t be that bad, could it?

            “What? Oh.  Ginny.  I was just thinking about what might happen when your family finds out.  I mean, I don’t know how receptive they will be to the idea of… well. You and me… Us.  I, uh, I just think that maybe keeping this to ourselves may be the best idea, for right now.  Maybe we should just keep things under wraps until…well…until we get engaged or something.” Harry stammered, knowing he had not worded that well.

            “What?  Harry!  You can’t be serious.” Ginny said with shock in her voice.  “Why are you scared to tell everyone?  Maybe you don’t want to be with me at all.  Is that it, Harry?  Because if you’re having second thoughts, we can end this.”  Harry was horrified when he saw a tear making its way down her cheek.

            “Oh no! Ginny, don’t cry.  Please don’t cry!  I don’t want to hurt you, and I really, really mean that.  I don’t want to hurt you and I am not having second thoughts.  Please don’t cry,” Harry pleaded with her, trying very hard not to panic.  He grabbed for her hand as they reached the doors of the Great Hall.  Students on their way to dinner filed past them with alarming speed.  “But try to keep your voice down, okay?”

            “Oh, Harry.  I’m just so afraid that this is a dream.  And when people know, then maybe it will feel less like a dream.  Do you understand?”

            “Okay, we’ll tell Ron and Hermione, but you have to promise me something.”

Ginny smiled up at him.  “Anything, Harry.”

“Promise me that you won’t leave me alone with any of your brothers ever, never ever.  I don’t want to see your dad’s gun collection.  Or meet Charlie’s dragons.”

            “Harry, what on earth are you talking about?  My dad doesn’t have a gun collection.”

            “Oh, right. Okay.  Never mind, then.  Maybe we should just tell Hermione and Ron.”

            Harry froze as he heard a familiar male voice from behind him.  “Tell us what?”


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