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Author: Absolutely Corking  Story: Shut Up and Kiss Me  Chapter: Default
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, etc (though I wish I did!), and I mean no offence whatsoever to the corking Ms J.K. Rowling, and I am extremely grateful to her because if she hadn't written Harry Potter in the first place, then I would have been very bored and also wouldn't have been able to write my pointless fanfic! Enjoy this short, again, pointless Ron/ Hermione fluff. Rated PG for some swearing and romance. 

The title is based on a song, as it also appears in the story, and I did not write that song either. The song is called Shut Up and Kiss Me (surprise surprise) and it's by Paul McDermott and Fiona Rae…I don't know if anybody has ever heard of them before…but anyway, I like the song and I thought it might make a bit of an interesting fanfiction, so here we go! 


Harry Potter had discovered a very important thing about the wizarding world.

It was sure as hell a lot easier than the Muggle world.

"Hermione, why in the name of hell are we doing this?" Ron voiced the exact opinion of Harry's thoughts.

"Because, Ronald, it's the proper Muggle way of doing things, and this holiday is meant to be somewhat educational to your pathetic little brain!"

"Okay, Professor."

"What did you just call me?"

"Um, nothing!"




Fred Weasley entered the kitchen, followed, of course, by his identical, identically evil twin, George. He seems a tad upset about something, thought Harry.

"You seem a tad upset about something," said Ron.

"How very bloody observant of you, dear brother."

"WE'RE SICK OF THE TWO OF YOU FIGHTING!" yelled George. "You've been doing it all summer!"

Join the unfortunate club, thought Harry.

"Especially when you really like each other more than mates deep down," pointed out Fred.

"Oh, for God's sake!" Hermione's hands slipped on the cake bowl in which she, Ron, and Harry had been mixing gooey brown stuff, apparently called cake mix, all morning. Thankfully, there were only remnants of chocolate vanilla icing in the bowl as it contacted with the floor with an almighty CRACK!, and then splattered all over it in a beautiful mosaic pattern.

"Very creative, Hermione," Harry commented as he tipped his head to one side to size it up.

"OOH! OUT! ALL OF YOU!" Hermione screamed as she stormed out into the hall to fetch the broom from her hall cupboard. Harry shared a look with the twins and they all trooped out before their eardrums suffered the wrath of an angry Hermione anymore.


When Hermione trudged back into the kitchen, she found Ron standing nervously by the sink, surrounded by the mosaic pattern of the bowl, chocolate and vanilla icing drops all up the legs of his Muggle jeans.

"What are you doing here?" Hermione really wasn't in the mood for any more insults. She hoped, with the broken bowl, nobody would remember what the twins had said.

Because what scared her was the fact that it was true.

It had been for a long time now, and every day Ron had spent at her house, she had felt it growing steadily stronger. Hermione had tried frantically to crush the overwhelming emotions in her heart, but it just wasn't working. She sighed out loud and turned her attention back to Ron. If only he felt the same.

If only she felt the same. Ron had been feeling exactly what the twins had said out loud and put into words. He had tried to ignore it, but since he had been staying at Hermione's house this summer, he had decided he really had to do something about it. He had looked for every opportunity to be alone with her, but Harry was usually around, or her parents, or the twins, who were staying with them, for some absurd reason. Anyway, now he was alone with her and he was going to say it. Even if she wasn't in the best of moods. Even if they weren't friends anymore after this. This crushing feeling in his chest was just getting too hard to bear.

He grinned sheepishly.

"I thought you'd like some help, and I thought I should be the one to do it because I was insulting you earlier. Here's my way of saying sorry."

Hermione felt herself stiffen. "So, you were the one who was landed with the horrid task of staying with me, were you?"

Ron's smile disappeared and was placed with a look of concern. "Hermione, I didn't-"

"Whatever." She cut him short and handed him a dustpan. "Hold the handle, use the brush to sweep up the bits of china."

He nodded meekly and did as he was told.

Silence stretched between them and it soon became deafening.

"I'll put on the radio," said Hermione hurriedly as she scrambled up, a red tinge on her cheeks. She twisted and twiddled the knob and soon the faint strains of music were heard. Ron turned away from her and tried to gather his courage. I've got to tell her. She turned it up and the faint buzzing formed into words.

Suddenly, they both froze as they heard it. 

Shut up and kiss me now

Kiss me now kiss me now

All of my vision has blurred into one

Just shut up just shut up

Just shut up and kiss me now 

Ron rotated slowly on the spot. Hermione felt herself turn as red as his fiery hair. They both swallowed in the same instant as they faced one another. Ron felt his insides flop as he looked into her brown eyes and the same happened to her. They both realised in that same instant (yes, the same one in which they swallowed), just how stupid they were being and just how much they liked - no, loved - one another.  

Shut up and kiss me now

Kiss me now kiss me now

All of my vision has blurred into one 

At this, Hermione felt her eyes cloud and her vision blur as her eyes filled with tears she struggled to hold back.

Just shut up just shut up

Just shut up and kiss me 

Ron gulped and felt himself fall deeper into the spell that had nothing to do with practical magic winding itself around them. 

Just shut up just shut up

Just shut up and kiss me

Shut up just shut up  

Hermione felt one tear slide silently down her cheek.

Ron saw one tear slide silently down her cheek. He swore (for once, Hermione didn't mind), and crossed the room, enveloping her in a huge hug. They looked up at each other, and both turned red. Ron took a deep breath as Hermione opened her mouth to talk. He put a finger to her lips. 

Just shut up - 

Ron looked into her eyes, then closed his and leaned forward, replacing his finger with his lips and pushing his lips against hers. They both hardly heard the last strings of the music that had changed their lives forever. 

and kiss me now.

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