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Author: Lilac  Story: Just Don't Call Me Nymphadora  Chapter: Default
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Just Don't Call Me Nymphadora
A filk by Lilac to the tune of Don't Cry For Me Argentina from Evita

~Dedicated to Katinka because it was her idea, the brilliant person that she is!~ (The Scene: Nymphadora Tonks is upstairs helping Harry pack.)

Hey! Wotcher, Harry!
Don't think I'm strange
As I try to explain how I change
With this natural-born talent... Met-a-morph-a-gus
You don't believe me?
All you see now is just one of the guard
You'll soon see me screw up my face
As though I am thinking too hard

I like to make it happen,
I like to change.
Couldn't stay all my life with brown hair
Since I'm born with this talent to change with the wind
So I chose violet
But I think that it makes
My face look rather peak
It takes just a moment or two...
Now, look - it's bubble-gum pink!

Just don't call me Nymphadora
My fool of a mother named me
Just use my surname
It's Tonks, so simple
Bet you wish you could
Hide scars and pimples

As for the Dursleys'
They search in vain
For the Lawn Competition Awards
From a letter I faked and sent through Muggle post
A grand illusion
And just the solution
We needed tonight
To get them all out of the house
Now let's get you ready to ride!

Just don't call me Nymphadora
`cause Tonks suits me so much better
Wand in your pocket?
Both buttocks on still?
Glad Mad Eye's socket
Is newly refilled....

She waves her wand and quickly packs Harry's trunk

Is that everything?
At least it's in -- I just threw it all in pell-mell
It's not very neat;
I never quite got the hang of those householdy spells!

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