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to the tune I Could Write A Book originally sung by Frank Sinatra in Pal Joey (it's also on the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack, sung by Harry Connick, Jr.)

Click here to hear a version of this song. :-)

~Dedicated to Wahlee, Angua, Pallas Athena and Zorb~

The Scene: The Great Hall during mealtime. Ron comments after hearing Hermione's attempt to help Harry understand Cho's actions on Valentine's Day (OOP, "Seen and Unforeseen", US 573).

Hey, Hermione, you should write a book
And translate all that girly Gobblydegook!
Why do girls write letters to foreign jocks,
Then get mad when their best friend squawks?

How d'they make boys want to buy perfume,
Then say our feelings would fill up one teaspoon?
How to let them know so you won't offend
When you say you like your best friend?

Instrumental -- Ron is eating during this part, I imagine. Thankfully, he swallows completely before he starts singing again....

And what means those looks she gives you odd,
Or when your failings melt her icy facade?
How to let her know so you won't offend
When you say you like your...
(Should I say I like my...?)
When I say I like my best friend?

Ron's ears turn bright red; he determinedly avoids Hermione's shocked expression and quickly resumes eating.

(NOTE: No, Ron's not to this point of realization yet in canon. *sighs* Typical boy. And yes...that *was* a semi-colon. Tee hee....)

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