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Author: C.C.G.P  Story: Teenage Wizard  Chapter: Default
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Think about this is terms of a music video, a bit like the real one by Wheatus. A bit. The sections in brackets [ ] are the directions for the video.

[Scene One: Griffindor versus Ravenclaw]

Her name is Cho Chang [Close-up of Cho on her broom.]

I have a dream about her

My heart goes twang [Harry misses the Snitch because he is staring at Cho]

[Scene Two: Harry wandering around the corridors with Ron]

I've got Potions in half and hour

Oh, how she rocks [Harry falls over and finds himself staring at Cho's feet]

In Dobby's snitch socks

But she doesn't know who I am [Ron helps Harry up, muttering, "Scar... famous... fancies her... honestly..."]

And she doesn't give a damn about it

[Scene Three: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred and George on a stage. Head banging. Harry is the lead guitar. Hermione has black eyeshadow on, and her hair is streaked with blue. Fred is playing the drums with plastic fish (told you it was a bit like Wheatus!)]

I'm just a teenage wizard baby

I'm not a Muggle - Neville maybe

Ginny is sweet but Cho's the lady for me.

[Fred and George harmonize:] Oo-oo-oo-oo!

[Scene Four: The gang are still singing, but this time in the common room. Fred has swopped one of his plastic fish for a large canary that may or may not be Neville]

Her boyfriend is dead

He took her to the Yule Ball

It's gone to my head

Are these even my feelings at all?

Ron thinks I'm mad [Ron nods]

And Ginny ain't bad [Ron stops nodding and looks shocked]

But Cho doesn't know who I am

And she doesn't give a damn about it


[Scene Five: Harry and Ron are sitting in the bottom of the stands by the Quidditch pitch, heads in hands]

Ron needs some gold [Ron wanders off, apparently in search of the twins]

So he's gone and I am lonely

Lo and behold

Cho's walking over to me [You really need to know the direction here?]

This isn't right [Harry looks surprised, looks behind him to check there's no one else there, the whole deal]

She's got Quidditch tonight

How did she get out of that?

Why hasn't Davies squashed her flat?

[Cho starts singing, or at least miming:] I've got tickets to England's match next Sunday

Wood's playing there, he's going crazy

I think you're sweet

So watch it, baby, with me. [She reaches out hand, Harry takes it and stands up and suddenly -]

[Scene Six: Back in the common room. The gang are still doing the singing, but Harry is in front of them slow dancing with Cho. They both look very happy (aw!). George has taken over the lead guitar and nicked Harry's very cool sunglasses]

Wizard, baby!

She doesn't know what she's missing

Teenage wizard

She doesn't know what she's missing

[One final chord from the Weasleys, and the band drop their heads down. The lights go down, and all you can see is Harry and Cho dancing in a little spotlight...]

Disclaimer: No H/G shippers were harmed in the making of this fanfic. We ourselves are H/G shippers, and we are sorry. Really. To show how sorry we are, we would like to offer an alternative to "Oh, how she rocks in Dobby's snitch socks." The Queens of H/G are quite welcome to sing "Ginny, she rocks, she nicks people's socks" instead. Fine by us.



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